Animals & Men - Don't Misbehave In The New Age / Machines (1979)

Don't know much about this band except I saw them 2 years ago opening for Monochrome Set and I really loved their set (not monochrome at all). So I had a look to this band I had obviously missed in 1979 and found that they issued only a fist of singles. This is the first one and honestly it has aged quite well and could be released now without too much incongruity. So here it is. A mention to the way Susan Wells sings (or talks). They had reformed some years ago (the reason I saw them). I don't know if they'll release more new stuff but their 2013 To Live And Die In The West Country EP is a real gem everyone should have a listen to, specially their cover of the Charley Patton classic "Oh Death".


Georges Brassens - Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète / La non-demande en mariage (1966)

Most of you dear visitors, are non French (I am, at least my parents gave me life in France, French and so they were too). You may wonder which singers or musicians or bands from this country I consider equal to all the ones I post on this blog and who are, for the most of them, from US, UK, Canada or NL. There's Alain Kan, Jean-Claude Vannier, Christophe (all previously posted on this blog), and, earlier in the last century there was the famous 3B trio (Barbara, Brel and Brassens). This is the latter I post here, with 2 of my fave songs, from him and among the 100 songs every style, every period. A recent TV program on Brassens (it was actually yesterday) made me realize how much this man, apparently so old-fashioned and out of my focus when I was a teenager, only vibing for rock, has left a big print in me. So I re-up this fake single that could have been one of the most moving ever issued. More below. Catch it here.

If some may ask me who are the greatest French composers/singers of the XXth century, I would not be very original and cite what we call the 3B (Barbara, Brel and Brassens). Some may think I could add Ferré (Léo) but honestly I've never really shared the enthusiasm of many (except for some masterpieces) for him. Of course my affection and admiration also go to Christophe, Alain Z Kan, Jean-Claude Vannier or Alain Bashung, but there's something in the 3B that make them reach some universal and trans-temporal status. Here a post around Georges Brassens, a sort of national cross between Woody Guthrie and Bod Dylan but this comparison is more theorical than real cos' Brassens is a mix between a libertarian-anarchist French tradition and a more reactionary right-wing vision of society, primary concerned by individual freedom and less by societal progress. In 1966, he's 45 and maybe a sort of paternal and populist figure of anti-authority, more appreciated by middle-aged French people than by youngsters who are more in Léo Ferré and other real anarcho-revolutionarist singers. But on the song quality side, he's on the top of his art, and more specifically with these 2 songs, in no way linked to any political preoccupation but only to death ("Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète") and love ("La non-demande en mariage"), subjects finally more relevant to everyone now than the anti-bourgeoisie incantations which often were expressed with formulations rapidly out-of "fashion". Yes, these 2 songs are among my favorites any style, any period. Of course, understanding the lyrics would help to see why since Brassens was maybe the best song lyricist of the history, not far to be the equal of our greatest French poets (although they are songs lyrics and can't be appreciated as poems). Someone (thanx to him) did the job here and I encourage every non-French speaking visitor interested by this post to read the text whilst listening to the song. On the B-side, the song is again a masterpiece needing to have the lyrics under the eyes, and on the same site, the translation has been made there. Both songs were on the 11th Brassens' LP, called IX because the LP format was changed from 25 cm to 30 cm in the beginning of the sixties and previous LPs were re-released with more songs on them. For the cover sleeve (this is a fake single although "La non-demande en mariage" was released as the A-side of 3 track-single in 1966, but without "Supplique" on it), I chose a painting called "La plage de Sète", from a painter called François Knopf (site here), not really my painting style but I really dig this one (complete format here) and found it relevant. So now, it's up to you (only 10% of this blog's visitors are French, so I don't know if the 90 other % may be interested by such a national singer). PS. The version of "La non-demande en mariage" below is live whereas in the rar file (and therefore this fake single) it's the studio one.


Alex Harvey - The Soldier On The Wall LP (1983)

Feel guilty not to have re-up this one before but there is still some important missing stuff so it won't be the last time I'll feel guilty. All about this posthumous Alex Harvey LP below. Catch it here.

OK, it's hard to deny that this posthumous LP from the great Alex Harvey is a disappointing affair and I even hesitated to post it, but felt it was relevant to the "forgotten songs" option of this blog since some of the songs in it are worth to be saved and not punished to belong to a weak album. Difficult to say who is responsible for the weakness of the project. The production is rather bad, the band's not the best Alex was backed by (don't know if they are the Electric Cowboys Alex was touring with in 1982) and the songs sometimes not reaching the level of quality according to the Alex standards. One indication of the problem of inspiration facing Alex is that the best song of the whole is the one that is driven from the Roman Wall Blues album, released 15 years before, the eponym "Roman Wall Blues" song. But I wonder if the main responsability of the deception are not the keyboards, mainly the moog and other awful synth sounds that destroy some of the best ideas. Terrible years where this kind of sound could be considered as a credible enbellishment of the sound. Makes me throw up listening to that now (and made me at the times). It's difficult to know how much Alex was involved in this LP, death taking him by surprise whilst waiting for the ferry in Zeebrugge, in Belgium. He was 47. Since my 47s, I always feel a candidate for sudden death and it modified my way of seeing life. So, it's a little hommage to this great man I do here in proposing this last LP under a nicer sleeve cover than the ones used for the vinyl and the CD versions, both mediocre. I did my best to imagine something he would have liked but I know it's a subjective ambition.

Roman Wall Blues. Over the heather the wet wind blows Lice in my tunic, a cold in my nose The rain comes falling out of the sky I'm a soldier on the wall and I don't know why The mist is lying on a hard grey stone My woman is gone, and I'm sleepin' all alone There's somebody else hangin' 'round her place I don't like him, I don't like his face! I saw a Christian worshipping a fish There would be no kissin' If he had his wish She gave me a ring, I gambled it away And I want my woman, and I want my pay When I'm old, and I only got one eye There'll be no more soldiering, just lookin' at the sky I'm a soldier on the wall, I'm a soldier on the wall, A soldier on the wall, and I don't know why! Over the heather the wet wind blows Lice in my tunic, and a cold in my nose The rain comes falling out of the sky I'm a soldier on the wall and I don't know why The mist keeps lying on a hard grey stone My woman is gone, and I'm sleepin' all alone There's somebody else hangin' 'round her place I don't like him, I don't like his face!



Bastards - The Digital Singles (1988-90)

Someone asked me to re-up the Bastards singles. Hitherto I only posted them individually but as I often do, I compiled all the songs on one fake LP with a personal cover sleeve. Not sure everyone will find it tasty but I felt it this way so I assume it. I added 3 songs featuring on various songs compilations (the 2 Treehouse Scumbait collective singles and the Glitterhouse Endangered Species 6 x 7" box). I improved the sound of the last ones compared to the previously posted one (it was ripped from my own vinyl). Not perfect but better. Except Neighbor, all were non LP tracks so it's a necessary possession for any Bastards and Janitor Joe fan. Happy that this blog can post some dirty music as this one cos' it's really a part of my preference I like to share. Catch it here.


Adolf Satan - s/t LP (2004)

Happy someone asked for re-up this one. Larry Lifeless is really the sort of living legend that few know the existence of but that in the future will surely have a larger following than most of current mainstream awful music celebrities. He's now the frontman in the reformed Kislug but this LP is quite something, I assure everyone visiting this post. Catch it here.

This is one of the most sickened record by one of the most sickened guy of rock 'n' roll (actually sludge but it's the only true rock 'n' roll presently). Larry Lifeless was the singer (vociferator) of UpsideDownCross (as you can see on his sweat) with a certain J Mascis on drums. It was in the beginning of the 90's and this band played one of the most putrid and infectious sludge that can be imagined. They released 2 seminal records and disbanded. About 15 years later, Larry's here again with members of another of the most pestilential band in the world: Anal Cunt. And together, they played something that can be hardly described, and for some, still more hardly listened to. But I like it, very much. I must be sick (actually I am). To understand what all this about, the simpler is to read the song titles ("Here Comes The Cum", "In The Rain With No Cocaine" ou Polio Juice"). A muddy and desolated way to see human condition. I don't share this kind of living, but I feel there's here something that makes art great. Exploring the extremes and coming back with an artistic equivalent. That's what these 4 guys do and only for that they must not be forgotten. Not to say that what they play is exactly songs, but no matter after all. It is to note that Steve Austin (Mr Today Is The Day) helped to mix the "thing". Can't say if the band name must be interpreted as a denonciation or an apology of Hitler, but more probably only as a provocation to hurt all the puritans bulldogs and their bullshit. Enjoy (if you can) this piece of...(choose the word you want).

Adolf Satan's dead now and Larry Lifeless reformed in 2007 the band in which he was in the eighties: Kilslug. It's more than good. They're touring since then and if you're in the US, don't miss them and check their myspace here.



Patto - Monkey's Bum (1973)

A self-requested re-up. Actually, there was a long time I wanted to improve the sound of this overlooked gem that was refused by Muff Winwood, the then boss of Island. Couldn't reach the standards of an officially released LP but it's much better (for me) than the version (bootlegged) released on various labels to this day, and that I had posted initially. Such a misery nobody has ever released the master of this album. There's surely a reason but I don't know which one. Meanwhile, you can catch this slightly better one here to have a taste of what great album it could have been. I changed the previous cover sleeve I had done (rather ugly) for this much better one. After all, this blog is better and better as I'm getting old. And I forgot to say to fuck off to the shitload that wrote the first comment but this omission is now repaired.

Like Jack Bruce's Jet Set Jewel (here), this album is one of these great LPs refused by their label, here not by RSO but by Island, a label that benefits from a good reputation but which was able to reject such a great record on the simple basis that progressive was out (but the music here is certainly not progressive, they must had glue in their ears) and because Ollie Halsall quitted the band during the sessions (it's true the guitarist was an important piece of the puzzle but Mike Patto shows here that he was competent enough to take the band in charge, composing all alone 4 songs) and they did not want to release an album without a tour featuring the guitarist that played on it. Many say that this album was rather good with some excellent songs on it. I consider it is great and as a whole, would have been the best thing Patto would have released. On the songs recorded after Ollie Halsall left, Mel Collins played sax and it's a perfect alchemy with Mike Patto voice. Unfortunately, contrary to Jet Set Jewel, no official release with the original studio sound has been done (shame on Island) and all we got is a rather crappy sound, but songs are so good I listen to it quite often actually, one of the rare albums I accept to hear in these conditions. There were 2 unofficial versions, one on Audio Archives and one on Akarma (I included the back cover in the rar file so you can have the song titles) but both are bad either. I decided to do another sleeve since the 2 of these releases are rather arbitrary. I illustrated the title, which is not really about the butt of monkeys but about a chess strategy, the reason why I took this chess game showing I hope, the famous Monkey's Bum disposition (although it's a strategy, so no fixed image can illustrate it). In hommage of this great band, don't hesitate to dl it, hoping someone at Island one day will have the courage to release it in respectful form. "Pick Up The Phone", an unusual Patto song, has a superb Kinks flavour (Preservation era) and would have deserved to be a hit.


Melvins - With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands / Four Letter Woman / Anal Satan 7" (1990)

Back from a very weak Melvins concert, I re-up this EP from their golden era period. I improved the sound so even if you caught when it was initially posted, you should take it again (I don't earn any money from you dl so it's totally desinterested). Catch it here.

Here's one of 3 rather weird singles released by the band in 1990 (Love Canal/Someday and Your Blessened being the 2 others, soon on this blog in good ripping version) and never re-released, to my knowledge on albums, either compilations, and not even on CD. Weird because released on various lo-fi labels (here Sympathy for the Devil) and often consisting of covers. For this one, here what can be found on wikipedia (when I saw a text was on wikipedia about this single, I began to consider wikipedia was a respectful dictionnary, much better than the traditional paper one in my youth where the Melvins would have even not been included)."With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands is a single by the Melvins from 1990. The title track was a cover of a song by Malfunkshun. Originally Sub Pop was to release the single but would not pay the price the label and the band had both agreed to prior to the recording. The band added an additional track, "Anal Satan", to the B-side where a Jonathan and a Bruce are both denoted as "such a prick" before releasing the single through Sympathy for the Record Industry. There are several different coloured vinyl versions of this 3 track 7". Clear, yellow, red, blue, lavender, pink, grey, solid red swirled and the stock standard black, also two label variations exist where a possibly later pressing uses labels without titles, showing the Sympathy For The Record Industry logo which is pressed on black vinyl. There is also a white sleeve version with standard yellow labels, limited to 30 pressings which was supposedly given out to band members etc". I have always loved this Melvins cover of "With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands" (without having heard the Malfunkshun original one I must say, you can hear it here and it's very good too). It's true it fits perfectly with their style (and they could do it today as well). The 2 songs backside are not uninteresting either, written by the band, even if written is not the perfect word for "Anal Satan" (listen to it and you'll see why). Note that I ripped these ones myself and took them cause they are in much better sound quality restitution than the ones I found on the net.


Family - Live at the Playhouse Theatre (1971)

Happy to re-up this one after request although it's not the best of the band. More details below. Catch it here.

Captured in December 1971, 2 months after the release of their Fearless LP (and during the tour supporting the album, and supported by America, flyer below), the band here is strangely in an inbetween soundland. There's still traces of their Anyway period, but no more the raw and rude approach of songs, and there's not yet the tighter and more compact approach of their future Burlesque period. John Wetton is on the bass and it's a welcome addition. But too often the band weakens its music with the classic impro overindulgence of this era. Released under the name of Family Live on Mystic records in 2000 with a rather ugly cover sleeve (mine is not first class but quite better anyway), this concert recorded by the BBC is an interesting testimony of the band state of mind at this period. Below too, some videos of the band in the second part of 1971.


Television Personalities - Back To Vietnam Live at Thames Poly 1984 fake 7" (1984)

Re-up this fake EP allowing to provide this live song. More about it below. Strangely, the picture of Kim Phuc, the little girl burned on the picture had recently her contemporary equivalent with the little boy Alan, found dead on a Turkish beach last week. Catch it here.

I make no mystery that Television Personalities is one of my fave bands since they released their first single, more than 30 years ago. I sometimes lost my interest for them (more precisely for Dan Treacy, because it's the only permanent member of the band), but never too long actually. The today fake single is a poignant testimony of the band playing live some months after the release of their wonderful The Painted World LP. They play here a fantastic version of the last track of the album, "Back To Vietnam", and on it Television Personalities sound a little like the Fall with emotion (since this is what is the most lacking in the Mark E. Smith's world). It's about war and Dan Treacy treats this theme with the same innocence and authenticity than inter-lovers relations, a candid approach that few else than him can assume without sounding flat. This track is extracted from a double-vinyl LP released in a single-CD version in 1992 and compiling some songs played at this place between September 1984 and July 1985 by bands invited by Leigh Goorney, who was briefly the Social secretary of this place. On the album (entitled Communicate), one can find Mark Perry, Jesus and Mary Chain and even Sonic Youth, but the sound is crappy most of the time and precluded me to post the whole LP here. One of the rare exceptions to this bad sound quality is by chance this long "Back To Vietnam" version (more than 11 min and not 1 less than genius). Since there was no other track by the band, I decided to create a one-song fake 7". I am conscious that the Vietnam pictures I used for the sleeve could be considered as indecent for a rock band, but reading the lyrics below (only parts of it since he changes them a lot on stage), you'll see it's not inappropriate. Moreover, if most of you know the classic one shot in front of the children running, the other one, shot in the back of the children is much less known. This is a modest way to perpetuate the souvenir of this terrible scene and to say once again, in our troubled times, that war is not a choice anymore (as it was during World War II), only a crime. Remember the great band was Television Personalities on stage at this time.

Back To Vietnam. They'll send him back Send him back Send him back Back to Vietnam They're bringing back conscription They're going to give everyone over seventeen a gun And the housewhife in the kitchen All she can think of Is what to give her husband for tea But he won't be back Do we have to go through it all again? It's all the same: Vietnam, Korea First World War, Argentina, Falkland Islands Another war, what is it for? Now he's in a home For Vietnam refugees He's frightened He's in an institution He's in a wheelchair War is the last creative act I thought we might of learned some lesson Richard Nixon on Channel Eleven I heard it first Happy birthday, happy Christmas Guns go bang bang


Television Personalities - She's Never Read My Poems EP (1992)

I re-post again cos' the link was not included in the previous one. It's done now. This one was forgotten in the series of official singles and EPs that I compiled then on the Decades fake album. So the omission is corrected. Catch it here.

Six months after The Strangely Beautiful EP this one opens 1992 in a strangely weird manner. The A-side and eponymous song is not far from taking its influence in the Happy Mondays (they were at the top of their unexplainable success) and it was quite a disappointment. The other songs are also suspended in the middle of nowhere with a not usual style (except the voice) for TVP. The last one (before a long version of the title track) is a plaintive accoustic ballad sung with a strange crooner voice... not really noteworthy. Lyrics are too quite low profile. Only an interlude in the TVP career but a weak TVP EP will always be more interesting than the best EPs from most of other bands. So enjoy it cos' it's not easy to find it now (when will Fire reissued all these EPs?).



Television Personalities - The Prettiest Girl In The World 7" EP (1987/1994)

Last for tonight. Catch it here.

Now, I'm gonna post some missing records of the 1989-1999 era. This one, released in November 1994 on the Dan Treacy label Overground, compiles 4 songs recorded in 1987 and finally should have been released 7 years earlier. Instead it was only a single, said to be released in Germany only (but I found one in France and bought it), and featuring "The Prettiest Girl In The World" (should have been a hit) and "If That's What Love Is" (a wonderful song) on the B-side. "Apples and Oranges" (who can be more legitimous to cover a Syd Barrett song than Dan Treacy and who could do it better than him? Nobody of course) had been issued on a Tribute to Syd Barrett LP, and "Miracles Take Longer" (the weakest of the whole) on an album for the National Campaign For The Homeless. So it was an opportunity to gather on a single record these 4 songs and offer to UK fans an affordable EP. Wrapped in a splendid cover sleeve, it was, and still is, a perfect pop object.

Television Personalities - A Sense Of Belonging / Baby's Turning Blue 7" (reissue 1994)

The 1994 reissue with an unissued B-side. Catch it here.

The reason this single was reissued on the Dan Treacy label in January 1994 (10 months before the reissue of "Prettiest Girl In The World") is not clear since "A Sense of Belonging" had been released in UK on Rough Trade (in 1983, and on FS there) and not only in Germany as "Prettiest Girl". It's true it's one of Treacy's masterpiece, although the title and cover sleeves (of the first single and of this reissue) are misleading, the song being not about battered or abused children but against war (with a desillusioned and bitter opinion about the fact to manifest). This reissued single deserves to be posted because the B-side is different from the first version, with an acoustic demo recorded in 1987. Not a gem but anything by Dan Treacy is of interest for some of us.