Creedence Clearwater Revival - Epics (1968-71)

A reup of a compilation I'm rather proud of and consisting of the long tracks CCR spread in their albums during their short but intense career. Nothing rare but a proof this band was much more than a hit machine. Get it again here.

Creedence Clearwater Revival was my first fave band. It was in 1970, I was 12 yrs old, and Pendulum was the first LP I bought with my own money (without knowing it, my parents gave me each month just the money that I needed to buy an LP). But if I loved the CCR hits, my preference was for what I call here their epics, I mean long songs with instrumental bridges in which they had the time to create a climax. And it was generally a dark and heavy climax. I feel that more than Black Sabbath, these epics are responsible for making me so much appreciate instrumental doom. Since compilations all focus on singles or classics of the band but not (except Chooglin' but omitting a lot) on epics, I decided to constitute my ideal CCR compilation with all their epics gathered. My favorite is the incredible version of the Marvin Gaye standard "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" but "Pagan Baby" or "Effigy", and the central bridge of "Ramble Tamble" are prime cuts. Since the atmosphere of these tracks are often religious, macabre et obituary, I created a relevant cover sleeve from pictures (not mine) taken in Louisiana. Although from San Francisco, the band often referred to this land. Another thing that makes them something like sludge ancestors.



Alternative TV - My Baby's Laughing 7" (1987)

I read in a book about procrastination ("The art of procrastination" by John Perry) that to avoid procrastination on early morning, one solution is to make your alarm wake you up with the most happy song you ever heard. I had to think a long time before finding a happy song in my memory, and among them one that would not drive me to kill myself when playing, and finally the best I could find was this one by Mark Perry (more a solo song than a true ATV one actually). So, over the last 7 says, I got it as alarm music. Don't know if it works since I took some days off. But as soon as tomorrow, I will know. A good opportunity to reup it. Get it here.

This 7" is from the second reformation of ATV, a version of the band that lived from 1985 to 1987, the first one being after The Good Missionaries, in 1981 for The Ancient Rebels LP. After 2 strong EPs and an excellent LP (Peep Show, highly recommended), the band (Mark Perry, Allison Phillips and Steve Cannell), released this 7" with the great "My Baby's Laughing (Empty Summer Dream)") on A-side, a song featuring in the LP but with an atmosphere so different from the gloomy mood of the album, that honestly it would have been a better idea to put it out on a single only. I really don't understand why Mark Perry is not considered as a true genius (often ATV is conversely considered as a second rate punk band) and this song says it all. This happy refrain is one that few other than him may have conceived. The B-side featured 2 acoustic songs, not easy to find I think, since they are on none of the various compilations released about the band. They're both fine and, in complete opposition with the A-side, are filled with loneliness and sadness, the usual content of Mark Perry's lyrics, but nobody will throw a stone to him for that I suppose, everyone knows it can help crossing some river of life in our own existence sometimes. So, the only thing to say, whoever is now Mark (that I had the chance to interview some 10 years ago, during 3 long hours in a hotel bedroom where he was sick and had to cancel his show) is thanx. 



Television Personalities - A Decade Of Singles & EPs (1989-99)

I take some days off tomorrow and before I go, it would be a shame I don't re-up any TVP album or single. I chose this one among the 27 (!!!) I posted, first because I think it's the better compilation you'll ever hear in your life, second because you won't find anywhere else all the A and B-sides of the singles and EPs released by the band between 1989 and 1999, and last because it's, among all the fake cover sleeves I did for this blog, my favorite. So, what can I say except you would do harm to yourself not to listen to such a collection of gems. Hope Dan Treacy's health, mental and physical, is not too bad by now. He's such a seminal artist. Enjoy it here. And thanks again to M to be so helpful and easy to use.

This is surely the best Xmas present I could offer to my visitors. A compilation of all the singles and EPs (I only removed the covers released because they seem quite irrevelant here) released on various labels by Dan Treacy under Television Personalities name, mostly a duo with Jowe Head during this period. Of course I posted all these singles and EPs separately over this year, but I know many of you will appreciate to have them all gathered in chronological order. The individual posts will be there for hard-on fans (like me) who love to have the songs in their original release context (moreover with the cover sleeve). Talking about the cover sleeve, I must say I'm very proud of the one I did for this compilation. Based on a picture from this great and important American photographer called Lewis Hine, who did so much for the child's work to be forbidden in the USA, I can't imagine a more fitting wrapping for these songs that seem to be written by a child's mind-in-man's body with an incredible ability to express intimate suffering and lost feeling. With Morrissey (but Morrissey is totally adult and childhood seems to have deserted him), I think Dan Treacy provided one of the most moving lyrical universe in rock music. This 41 song collection shows how public and critics have been blinded during the 90's, omitting to treat  this genius how he would have deserved it, letting him progressively drown in dope and despair. So, I dedicate these last days of the year to him, who gave me so much work on this blog, but also so much emotions. I don't post any streaming, all the songs can be heard on the individual posts.

Melanie - Alternative Photograph LP (1976)

A reup. Hurry up dling it before rs removes all my files. rs had done it. I re-up again on M. A personal reworking of this mythic album, using bonus tracks and long versions scandalously omitted from the official relase (such as "Groundhog Day"). Not to miss. Get it here.

At the onset of 1976, after 4 years Melanie had progressively faded away from public view with uneven albums (I'll post some of them later since there are some good songs in them but they don't stand the test of time on the whole), Atlantic records bosses were enthusiastic when listening to her new songs. They offer her very confortable conditions of recording and everything seemed OK for a great comeback. It will not be the case. Many Melanie fans, and Melanie herself, did not really understand why such a failure to reinstall her in the center of the singer-composer circle, next to Joni Mitchell (not a fave of mine, but she always inspired a high level respect from almost everyone), when a Kate Bush would reach glory status a year or so after with a similar way to approach music. Maybe too much too soon. But another reason of this faillure is, to my eyes, that she did not have the Director's cut for the choice of songs finally included in the album (she had composed and recorded enough for a double LP); Surprisingly, she told me that she didn't really care at the time which songs would be selected, neither which version of the songs, cos' she recorded some in more than one. The most spectacular (and shameful) one example of this great waste of insight, is "Groundhog Day", played in a long and wonderful version with a long intrumental development that announced the Kate Bush" Hounds of Love LP, omitted in favour of the short and more mainstream one. Sure that this long version would have changed the look that the public and the press would have thrown on her (even if the press was very positive, many writing that this album was one of the best of the year). When talking to her 4 years ago, it was clear that her final choice of songs would not have been the one featuring on the vinyl format, but I don't know which songs she would have liked to see on it (maybe all, with a double LP package actually). So, I decided to make my own pict... oops Photograph myself, selecting songs among the double CD released in 2005 under the name of Double Exposure. I tried my best to make the songs coexist with the best internal consistency, with a first (fake) side consisting in tracks with the more classy atmospheres and a second side more folk orientated. The second side opens and closes with 2 versions of "Secret of the Darkness", a good idea I think. From the official Photograph, I removed some songs that I consider weak (my subjective opinion) such as "If I Needed You", "Raindance", "Friends & Co" and "Poem" and took the alternate version of "Cyclone" (devoid of some musical scories or the end of the seventies) and of "Secret of the Darkness". I also omitted "Nickel Song", a bad idea to include an old hit in an album of renewal. And of course there is the 10 min version of "Groundhog Day". From the songs not included in the official version at the time, I took the superbs "Jukebox Magazine", "Unfinished Business" and "Remember Good", an enigm why nobody at Atlantic understood that these songs were essential to put in the LP. From the official version are the excellent cover of the Boxtops's "The Letter" and the moving cabaret jazz flavored "I'm So Blue" (the song in streaming below). And of course "Save Me", for the pleasure to cry a little whilst listening to music. What else to say? If you have the album, nothing interesting for you except if, like me, you thought that the track selection could have been much better. Here's mine, do yourself one too. And try to buy Double Exposure to have the best sound quality if you like what you hear. .

I'm So Blue. I'm so blue, what happened to me shouldn't happen to the worst of you. What can I do to prevent you from going thru what I've been going thru? Momma told me this man would leave me eventually. I couldn't see the trees from the forest or how does that saying go. I'm so blue, since you're gone, well to tell you the truth I feel I can't go on. Where love has gone, there's the emptiest feeling in all of this world. I'm a lonely girl, I'm so blue. There are no warning words that we'll listen to, nothing can do to prevent you from going thru what I've been going thru. I'm so blue...I'm so blue...I'm so blue

I've grown fat I've grown a beard I've grown alone Seems no one comes to stay in my loneliness Sometimes love and sometimes none I'm out of luck but I'm not done Today is Groundhog Day Take me to a party take me to a room Where there ain't no corner For me to run into I think I'm gonna have to touch everyone in the place A game of hearts playing face to face How long a line to a space Where I look at mine You know I'm gonna have to touch everyone in their place Feel every part tasting every taste How much more running in place will it take to find It's Groundhog Day I've grown fat I've grown a beard I've grown alone It must be a year Today it's Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day Oh take me to a party Take me to a party I think I hear the music playing, ooh Take me out of my room I gotta get to a party Take me, take me to a party Take me out I think I gotta get out of my place I hear the music playing


Elvis Costello - Live Salle Victoire Montpellier (1984)

Requested yesterday by a visitor, re-up today. Since I will take some days off soon, I can't promise I'll be in situation to answer so quickly but don't hesitate to ask for a re-up. The good thing (that rs deleted my files and that I re-up on M) is that it gave me the oportunity to remix the tape (with Mp3DoctorPro2) and in the case of this totally unissued live capture, you'll hear the sound has been much improved. So get it here.

Almost a month I didn't post anything, and I don't really come back but post a live recording made by my blogther Rough Mix in 1984. If you're Costello addicts, you'll be infinitely happy to listen to this live set in a rather better quality than the bootleg of it you can find on the net (for example here). Rough is currently transforming stuff from tapes to MP3 and I promise some unusual things later on. Meanwhile, I let the keyboard to my ole time friend. dk

This time, a rather particular recording... This Elvis Costello's show and his Attractions, which I attended myself, was recorded with a K7 device on February 1984 in Montpellier (France),and the result is more than adequate in my opinion. In this debut of year 1984 Costello began an European tour and decided to grind some new songs from a forthcoming album. Recently arrived in this provincial town which musical history is more anchored around Mediterrannean latin culture than in smoked pubs along banks of the Thames,this was one of the best concert I've seen here, an oasis in this desert music programming. Since the beginning of the 80s, Elvis Costello was digging in his musical Jazz and Pop roots ,such as in Imperial Bedroom, to improve his repertoire. Trust and Almost blue had been bitter failures for him and his faithful pal Steve Nieve .The memory of this event persisted again few months later ,when I bought in June, his new album Goodbye Cruel World. Because what surprised me was when I discovered the picture on the sleeve (see below), showing two trees on a small mound, with Costello's gang perched on it. These trees are famous here, they are called the Saint Aunes twin cypress, which can be seen along the A9 motorway, few miles before Montpellier city, as well as on the first images of the Agnes Varda's film Sans toi, ni loi. It should be noted that the concert took place at the Victory Hall and not at the Palais des Sports (which does not exist elsewhere). The setlist can be found here. Rough Mix


Eno - Seven Deadly Finns / Later On 7" (1974)

Since all my files were deleted by rs it's not easy to choose which ones to re-up first except when you ask but few of you ask, so here an Eno post because his recent declarations about Gaza were courageous. I upgraded a little bit the orginal sound that was from my own rip. It's better now. Get it here (tell me if everything's OK with M, personally it's a real pleasure to use). PS. Below a video from Eno at Dutch TV singing (mimicking) this song.

Here's the first of some posts about Brian Eno, when he was only named Eno and he was the sophisticated glamster archetypal specimen. We have been some to believe we had our British Todd Rundgren, the genius we were waiting for, but 2 years later he was going in one of the most musical nonsense of the century (at least to my ears), I mean ambiant muzak. So, here is his first solo single, released some months after the Here Come The Warm Jets LP (only some months after he quited Roxy Music) still an album in my top 100 all periods, but there's a long time I didn't write a Top 100 list I must say. Not that the song on this single is one of his best, but it's a real forgotten one, not even included as bonus track on the reissues of HCTWJ. Moreover, it's in good sound quality since it was taken from the Eno Box II - Vocals. The B-side was an outtake from the Fripp/Eno Pussyfooting LP (see comment below),an album that can be considered as the ancestor of drone (if you're in Nadja it should be a shock to hear that it was already done in 1973, although not with the same achievement). Personally, I've never been able to listen to it, although I'm quite used to experimental and extreme music. But this one always bored me. Yesterday I was not able to include this B-side in the rar file but a visitor (see comments below) gave the link to do it (in a vinyl rip) so now the single is complete. Some more from this period... later on.

Oh oh the french girls with the string of pearls Think it’s such a fucking shame That the local boys with their country joys Never make them daisy chains hey’re swapping disappointing incidents While at the docks another ship pulls in And suddenly the door breaks down (ooh la la) It’s the seven deadly finns Oh oh oh soldiers and sailors Have all been here before Gigolos and governments Have stumbled through that door Because they need all those french girls with all their kiss curls And powder in their guns And the seven finns with their deadly grins Tend to measure beauty in tuns The first is a freak with a masochistic streak And the second is a kitten up a tree The third is a flirt with an awful print skirt And the fourth is pretending to be me The fifth wears a mac and never turns his back The sixth never shows his eyes But the seventh deadly finn is so tall and slim He shoulda never been with those guys Although variety’s the spice of life A steady rhythm is the source Simplicity’s the crucial thing Systemically of course (work it all out like norbert wiener)So if those french girls say to you ’would you like your ashes piped ? ’ You’ll have to take their word for it It’s the only thing to take


Mott The Hoople - AC/DC [completed LP] (1971)

Asked by Greg (hello Greg), re-up by... me actually. A great lost album I reconstructed from various sources. Would have been a winner for sure. Here to get it (and viva M, a great place to upload stuff and shares it). Below the texts of the older posts.

I re-post this album that could have been because there were 2 tracks recorded in April 1971 (the first version of "Momma's Little Jewel" and the Dylanesque "(There's an) Ill Wind Blowing") that were omitted from the previous version. I added them in appropriate place of the playlist (although I guess) and encourage you to dl this version to have more than 40 min of rare testimony of what a hell of an album this would have been. Below what I said in the previous post.

After the musically weak and commercially failed Wildlife (released in March 1971), Mott The Hoople recorded several songs in studio sessions planned in April, May and August for purposed singles and further album. They were back to their heavy sound although they did some (unsuccessful) attempts to record more commercial songs. They tried to produce themselves, but in September, they called back the great and weird Guy Stevens for helping them on the production of what will become their Brain Capers LP (released in November 1971). Few songs recorded during these spring and summer sessions will feature in this late LP and even "The Journey" will be re-recorded. The putative album was designed to be called AC/DC but the explicit sexual content made them abandon this idea. An Australian band would, some years later, make this name one of the most famous on the planet. Listening to the 10 songs recorded during this time period (only 8 are on the album cos the 2 others would be A-sides of released singles I'll post later, are quite unusual for the band and certainly not appropriate in such an LP), it's clear the band is begining to adopt the singular approach of rock that will lead them to celebrity. But the most important is how loud and heavy they could be. This mix between old time rock 'n' roll, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and heavyness, is what makes this music rather eternal. So, if you agree, imagine this album is the 4th MTH one and enjoy it this way. I hesitated quite a long time before chosing the order of the songs and their place on each side, but I think I finally ended on a good one, with songs opening and closing each side where they should be. The cover sleeve was the inner cover of Brain Capers.



Alternative TV - Is there still life in Southend fake EP (1978)

Tonight re-up is this 4 song-epic fake EP from ATV (you know it's one of my fave band if you are a usual visitor), recorded live in Southend and featuring a stunning version of "Nasty Little Lonely", one of the most singular track of Mark Perry since it has its roots in late british blues à la Free. Moreover I love the cover sleeve I did for it. Enjoy it if you didn't catch it before here
PS. It really seems that M is a winner. Easy to use, fast and reliable, hope it will last. 

This blog is 3 years old now and I feel some old post are becoming forgotten posts. So I decided to update some old posts I think deserve to be reminded to new visitors who would have not imagined to click on the link of the band. Today this fake live EP from Alternative TV recorded during the summer of 1978, just after the release of their masterpiece LP The Image Has Cracked and surely the best live testimony of the band ever released. The 4 songs are played with intensity that I never found again in the band and Mark Perry shows how a great live singer he was. It's heavy, noisy, emotive, it's far above what the punk movement could offer at the time. Don't miss it. 
Below what I wrote in the initial post. 
Actually, this is not a true EP, but 4 songs played in Southend (UK) during the tour Alternative TV did with Here & Now. Alternative TV has always been my f.... (yes fave) band issued from the punk movement, the only movement I personally participated to as an active element. I talk about the first punk wave, not the punk's-not-dead one some years later. And I talk about the English scene, since in France it was mostly a joke, and the US one only an other way to be rock'n' roll. Mark Perry can be considered as one of the true brain of England punk, not only via his Sniffin' Glue fanzine but via Alternative TV, a band summarizing all the utopia of punk, a way to be creative whatever the ability to play, a movement based on the genius of energy. All this was short-lived and Mark Perry knew that it would turn sour very early, as soon as their first single "How Much Longer" (in fact the second one but no matter), in which he was bitterly ironic on the uniformity of punk codes and uniforms. After releasing what I consider to be the most important punk album (The Image Has Cracked), he toured with Here & Now, a "hippie" band, just to show that he did not want to follow the discriminative views of most of punks in these times (and I must admit I adopted some of these discriminative views myself for some years). Several songs from this tour were recorded and released in a LP called Live 1978 on Overground records, and edited by Steve Albini, who has a certain affection for ATV (the other way to write the name of the band). In this album, the quality of the recording was uneven. The recording of the show played at Southend was far the best of the whole, and I think the 4 songs from this set would have benefited to be edited separately. This is what I do here, with a self-made cover, so don't try to buy it on the web, this is fake. If you like these songs, buy the Live 1978 LP instead. Honestly, the version of "Nasty Little Lonely" that can be heard here, is the best I heard from them. The beginning is not without similarity with Free and then it's Black Sabbath gone punk. Not the archetype of the straight forward punk band as old hippies were trying to convince everybody the movement was. The other great moment is "Still Life", opened by Mark Perry asking what I chose for the title of this virtual EP ("Is there still life in Southend?"). "Viva La Rock'n' Roll" has always been one of the peaks of the ATV achievement, even if this version does not reach the altitude of the studio one. "Fellow Sufferer" is more difficult and anticipate the next musical step of Mark Perry, the Good Missionaries. I talk too much.The best is to let you enjoy it.



JFG and friends - Golden Oldies (2002-2010)

Tonight, the second re-up. A compilation of covers by the great jfg. Don't miss this gem (here) there's full of aural treasures in it. Could have been a joke, it's a winner. After a one year staying in Berlin, he's back in France and in music action. Buy his stuff on bandcamp (here), there's not a filler in it. Text of the first post below.

If you're a regular visitor of FS, you know how I dig JFG, one of the rare singer-songwriter of the last decade to make me feel the way I felt about Dan Treacy, Mark Perry, Peter Perrett or Nikki Sudden in the 80's. Unfortunately, he (hitherto) did not meet any moment of glory and sure living in France did not help. Now he's relocated in Berlin and he just opened a record store called Foxhole (weserstrasse 179 Neukölln, see picture below) and I hope he'll find in this town a better place to live than in this rotting country. Kevin Coyne and Nikki Sudden did, no reason jfg doesn't. Here is a compilation of covers he did in the first decade of the century with various line-ups. He always succeeds in making others songs his. A treasure in which everyone can grab sound pearls. Good luck to him for the future. His bandcamp page here (his last EP is a masterpiece). Previous posts there. Below, in streaming, a personal subjective selection covering the various styles of the LP.


Alain Kan/Gazoline - Sally / Electric injection (single) - 1977

Since rs has deleted my account (3 years after mf did the same) and treated as illegal all my dl, I had the choice to give up or to go on for the 3rd time. Since I'm in a fighting mood, I decided to (try to) go on. So, this time I'll use M, the new sharing partner derived from MU, closed with the judiciary agitation that everyone remembers. I don't know whether it's a good choice or not but time will tell (if I still have time, at my age, it's an uncertain friend). So, I begin the 3rd life of Forgotten Songs with the real first post, the one about Alain Kan's punk band called Gazoline. This was actually more a AK with a backing band that a real band but after all, everything was written in August 2009 almost 5 years ago (God!!! 5 years...) below. Try the new link at the end of the post and tell me if it works. If it's OK, I'll try to re-up all the material posted in the last 5 years again but it will take some time so be patient or ask for the ones you are the most impatient to get.

Alain Kan is one of the greatest French singer, performer and lyricist of the XXth century. An hybrid between Oscar Wilde, Antonin Artaud, David Bowie (but not faking) and Marlene Dietrich. He went so far in the verbal crudity for describing the perverse nature of human relation in our mercantile societies where everything is in sale, asses included, that it seems quite impossible to imagine any English or American singer be courageous enough to sing them. Two of these LPs (he released 4 between 1975 and 1986) were withdrawn because of the scandalous content of these texts. When punk exploded, and although he was 33 years old, he jumped in what he considered the only issue for rock. He formed Gazoline but this band was short-lived. They released 2 singles. Both are very different. Here is the first one. Not the best known since it is not the punk style per se of the second one that most of writers talk about when they refer to Gazoline. For me this is the best and maybe some of the best songs Alain Kan created. The atmospher is quite difficult to describe but honestly if you feel some difficulty to breathe in listening to "Sally", you'll probably stop on "Electric Injection" since this piece of music is like an electric fog in which you dissolve. And if you understand the words, impossible not to feel physically oppressed. Of course this single flopped and 2 years later, on this What ever happened to Alain Z Kan, he took again the riff of "Sally" to compose the fabulous "Devine qui vient dîner" ("Guess who comes for dinner") in which he invites Adolph Hitler for dinner and the reason why the album had problems with censure. It is quite a shitty attitude that the 3-CD box released 2 years ago did not included these 2 singles. Maybe some legal rights problem but I would like to be sure. It is said that one album was recorded with Fred Chichin (who later will form the Rita Mitsouko) but this information, found in wikipedia, is apocryphe. The marvellous Marie France is the gorgeous lady on the recto and verso of the cover. She also performed on stage with Alain Kan. Some pictures are in the file. I won't say enjoy here, but finally aural pain can be enjoyed.

More Alain Kan in the near future on this blog cause you're here in a fan's blog.


Melanie - Low Country LP (1997)

A reup. Take it quick before all my rs files are deleted. It's really a great LP.

1997 was a busy year for Melanie with Antlers at the end of the year (try it here) and Low Country at the beginning (the one we talk about). It's a shame that this album was not released with a normal distribution since it had everything to find a large audience. Actually this is the more American record she did in all her career. In a sense her Dylano-Springteenian album although it's hard for me to write it (I kinda dislike Springsteen). It's quite similar to what Ian Hunter's been doing in the late years. It seems so different of her other albums that it shows that Melanie has never been your usual country-rock singer as some would seem to suppose. The album contains some real gems and even if there are some rockers, most of the LP is quiet and lyrically real sad and desillusioned on almost everything, love included ("I'm Not In Love Anymore" is one of her most depressive texts). To the 12 tracks of the initial version, I add the unreleased version of "Prematurely Grey" recorded during the same sessions and that is one of the most moving songs of the whole. Strange she did not want to include it here. I would have liked to know the reason why. Musically, she is backed with her son and fine musicians and no more trace of the awful 80's sound that ruined her songs during the eighties and the first part of the 90's. Actually, this is not the style of music I prefer but Melanie could sing almost any style, I would be able to appreciate. I used the real cover sleeve for the front but created a back one to write the song names. Included in the rar file are the lyrics of all the songs. Thx to say thx in comments if you appreciate the work. Enjoy it here.

In streaming, I posted the rockest of the whole, "On The Lam Of The Law", not far from what Barbara Keith plays with the Stone Coyotes, and the previously unreleased one, "Prematurely Grey", for its emotional power. I added an interesting video (not good visual quality but sound is OK) in which she plays "Freedom Knows My Name" 2 years before Low Country, backed with a bass-drummer duo and by her daughter for vocals.

A Lam In The Law. I'm on the lam from the law boy On the lam from the law I never pick up no certified mail You never know what it's for If anybody asks you tell them I'm not home I'm gonna take my number Off this bugged telephone You see I never did, I never knew, I never saw On the lam from the law I'm on the lam from the law boy On the lam from the law As if death wasn't enough boy They never leave you alone If anybody asks you don't know where I am I don't know how I got myself into this terrible jam You see I never did, I never knew, I never saw On the lam from the law No dirty words in my song I drive with my seat belt on Got sued and lost what a scam See you in court Get in line what a jam I'm on the lam from the law boy On the lam from the law I never pick up no certified mail You never know what it's for If anybody asks you tell them you don't know where I am I don't know how I got myself Into this terrible jam I never did, I never knew, I never saw I'm on the lam from the law I'm on the lam from the law I'm on the lam from the law

Prematurely Grey. Too quick to smile And to easy to cry The first to say hello And the last to say goodbye A sucker for adventure A fool for the truth And I'm prematurely grey Absolutely blue And I'm prematurely grey Absolutely blue Too late to come And the last to go The first one to believe And the last to know A sucker for religion And all that is true And I'm prematurely grey Absolutely blue And I'm prematurely grey Absolutely blue



Melanie - Ooh Child Fake single (1970)

Today the daughter of my "bro love" rough mix  had a baby, a son, and this post is a way to celebrate this event. It's a rarity, an unreleased and unissued cover of the Five Stairsteps, a soft soul band signed by Buddah records, who had a hit with this wonderful song, here covered marvellously by my "singer love" Melanie (yes, I know I'm a little bit oecumenic tonight but let's be like this once a year), who shared the same label. Her version is honestly the most moving I heard and there have been quite a lot in the last 50 years. But I'm not objective. Why did this song never find a path on a vinyl release, it's a complete mystery since it deserved to find. I don't even know when the song was  recorded. Surely in the early seventies but I'm not sure. Didn't find any details about this song on the web or in the books about her I have. If you are a Melanie fan have some deeper knowledge about this song than me, don't hesitate to insult me for my ignorance and light my lantern. The version I found is rather of poor quality and derives from You Tube. I tried to improve the sound with a MP3 enhancer and the result is not so bad (but don't forget I'm not a sound engineer). What's very interesting is that it's more than 5 min long and that the atmosphere has the time to catch you by the ears and soul. And that there are true musical arrangements. For the cover sleeve I used a picture of baby Melanie of course. Don't see what could have been more relevant. If the song was initially intended to talk about the situation of black people in the US, it can today be used for almost every child born in a hard-living part of the world or in a poor area of any society, whatever his or her colour. And for today, it is dedicated to the rough mix grandson, hoping the lyrics will be his reality. Some words about the last post (rs inflated rates). It seems they have postponed their new rates to the 1st of July. Don't know why. What I'm sure of is that I won't be richer next month than last one so I won't pay their gangster accounts fares. Don't have found any alternative to this day but I keep on thinking of it. So hurry up to enjoy this fake single here.


Hurry up, only 3 days left before files deleted

As I wrote in a recent post, due to a totally prohibitive increase in the price rapidshare will ask for the standard plus formula, on the 15th of April all the files (actually singles, EPs or albums) uploaded on this blog will probably (cos' it's not clear what will happen for those who won't pay) be deleted since I don't have the financial abilities to pay monthly such an amount of money to these swiss thieves (49.99€, that means about 60$). Sad I know but got no other solution. Presently, no other provider seems to offer a decent service (in many, files are deleted when not downloaded for longer than one month or even less) for a decent price. If you have some suggestions, don't hesitate to write in comments, but I swear I've looked at many of those on the net and none of them fulfil my expectations. So, it seems this blogs lives its last moments. Don't miss the opportunity to get the stuff you would like to listen to. There's plenty of it I (modestly) think. So hurry up, even if you're not called Harry. dk


Jethro Tull - Bourée / Fat Man (1969)

A reupload of a single removed with my mf account and never reup on the rs one (first demand I got to have the link fixed). An opportunity to inform again this blog's visitors due to a totally prohibitive and robbery rate rs had decided to ask (about 60$ per month), I fear that all my uploaded stuff will disappear on April the 15th and I encourage you to dl the largest amount of material you can before it is not available. The link for this one at the end of the text I wrote in the first post.

That may seem strange to most of you, but in France, when you say "Jethro Tull", the only memory you obtain from your interlocutor is often "Ah oui, la Bourée!". This song (actually an instrumental, and moreover a cover of the 5th movement from Suite in E minor for Lute, BWV 996 (BC L166) written by Johann Sebastian Bach quite a long time ago, is a trademark of the band in my country. Quite sad actually but this is the consequence of the great success of this track when released in single in France. Actually, it was not released in every country (not in UK for example), and not with the same backing track (some have "Reasons for Waiting", others "We Used To Know", sureley the version that Don Henley had when writing "Hotel California"). But most often, it's the great "Fat Man" that was on B-side. If the song was such a success in France is surely linked to the fact that the bourrée is a French style. A way to remember our own folklore, quite forgotten compared to the English or Irish folklore. This single was released in the wake of the Stand Up album. I hesitated to post it since none of the songs are rare, but as a nostalgic gesture (I discovered the band, little kid, with this song, and their look and attitude totally caught me, see the first video below), I did it. Enjoy it here. Below, the French cover sleeve of the 7" and 2 pix from Claude Delorme-Philips from the band in Paris in September 1969. The last video is a totally live version.


Monochrome Set - He's Franck (Slight Return) (1978)

This is the band's first demo tape, recorded 13 May 1978, released in Dec 1979 on the band's one-off label "Disquo Bleu" (logo adapted from Gauloises Disque Bleu cigarettes), distributed by Rough Trade. This is what is said about this EP on Discogs and I believe them. Surely the objective was for Rough Trade to capitalize on the success of the band's first singles when they were leaving the label for Dindisc (a Virgin child label). But it was a welcome addition (and addiction too) to the band's catalogue since the version was quite different from the official one and the 2 other tracks impossible to avoid for a MS aficionado. This offering to thank the band for the great moment they offered me last week when playing in Paris (actually Saint Ouen, at the Mains d'Oeuvres). They are really one of the rare bands of this period not to seem useless and pure-nostalgia. Enjoy here. However, I just read that rs will uprise its price to prohibitive levels (50 € / month) on the 15 April 2014. I won't pay this so all my uploads will surely disappear. Not sure I'll have the courage to upload elsewhere. Did that 2 years ago when mf suddenly removed my account. So download the most of what you can from this blog before mid-April cos' it may be the last time material will be available. PS. Did a cover sleeve since there was none except the (ugly) Gauloise label.


JFG - Singles (2010-2012)

Here a compilation of singles from JFG (with the Irregulars or Winter of Love) released or, for most of them, that I created with songs I thought had the greatest hit potential and deserved to be issued on single with cover sleeves of their own. Unfortunately, our times seem not kind with people such as JFG and it's a real shame. But his time will come. Meanwhile, make this ten yours and tell me if you don't have here one of our finest singer songwriter. And please, go on his bandcamp get the official albums and EPs here. Enjoy this single compilation here. And it will be perfect for your saturday night party or your sunday morning jogging. Music for all good moments of life (and shitty ones too). I'm quite happy with the front cover sleeve I did (a little bit of autocongratulation for once).


Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones - Do I Love Thee fake EP (1975)

This song has never found its way on any single or album although it seems Bolan had some expectations about it, the proof is these 3 versions, the first one being the only one not far from being ready to be released (I found it on the A Paw Of Fur, An Air of Doom/The Midnight Sky of a Solid Mad Scientist bootleg compilation and, to my knowledge, not featuring on any of the various outtakes released these late years). It's maybe the peak of what I would call his "excessoul" period, removing all glam and even rock preoccupation. Not far from the way Steve Marriott would also approach black music. Both will fail to convince the little white teens that this music could be as exciting as these two artists were expecting it would be. Strangely, 5 years later, a guy called Prince would begin his triumphal march with a music that shared some similarities, but true that neither Bolan or Marriott had this little thing that could make crowds "shake their booty" as the Minneapolis wizard could do. So here we are with this song and its 3 versions (the alternate and the instrumental are from the vol 5 of the Unchained series). You may be surprised that I chose to create this fake EP under the name of Marc Bolan and GLoria Jones rather than T. Rex, but actually remember that on the Zip Gun cover sleeve it was written Bolan and not T. Rex, and morever, listening to the song, it's much more a duo than a band song, maybe the reason why it was not on the official LP. Some months later, seeing the weak reception of this US-oriented style, Bolan would make some various attempts to get back to a more rock sound and this outtake surely seemed to him not relevant anymore. Enjoy it here. I'm quite proud of the cover sleeve I must say. Happy to have found this picture taken by Norman Seef (I should have written it on the back cover, too late now, sorry for him).

Do I love thee in my heart like a jet black rose mighty thunder like my love in my head as it goes Shadow baby all the mansions of gold will be yours Do I love thee do i love thee like the secrets flow Have you seen her that girl like a cat in the storm he ever loved her since the day that the earth was born Do sing a rapture air supplied to our vibe that stay Flashing jet stream cruise on like the line of a team deep lagoon yeah trying to ride on the freighter dune Senseless times and trying to age like the youth of a claw Do I love thee do I love thee child of the gulls Jet lag rolls home night of thunder´s all that I know get in the back girl and put a kiss on it and it´ll grow


Adam and the Ants - The Decca Demos (August 1978)

One of the great news of last year was the Adam Ant come back, with a great album and, more strangely, a great look (and a good band to back him). If there was one of my ancient heros I didn't expect anything more, it was surely Adam Ant. But here he is and it's really a nice feeling to know he's with us again. So, these late days, I'm listening to his old stuff again, first because although I liked the Pirate period, it's rather certain than his beginnings with the Ants were artistically more interesting, and moreover because he has the great idea to play the Dirk Wears White Socks album in his coming tour and it's a manner to associates this blog to this event. Not that I post the official LP (this is not the philosophy of this blog) but I gathered from various sources the demos the band recorded in August 1978 for Decca (and not in December, that I will try to gather for another post), more than one year prior to the release of Dirk. During these sessions, the line-up consisted of Matthew Ashman on guitar and  Dave Barbe on drums, who would leave to form Bow Wow Wow after the Dirk LP, and Andy Warren on bass who would leave for The Monochrome Set. The music played here is rather rough and edgy, influenced actually more by some progressive bands of the seventies (with a touch of Krautrock and a Velvet Underground flavor) than by straight post-Stooges punk, but what's surprising is how this music has aged well and has been a source of inspiration for so many bands in the late 90's and early 00's (nice number for a decade). However, I've tried to rectify the sound the best I could, using the best sources for each song, but of course maybe there are better and it's still not equivalent to the sound of an official LP. But believe me, you will listen to that quite often once you played it the first time. It's rather addictive. Enjoy it here. I think the cover sleeve would have done a nice one for an official release. I don't remember where I found the picture but I immediately thought it was relevant to the content.


Humble Pie - John Peel Sunday Show (1970)

This show was recorded during the period the band was becoming the hard blues combo it would be most remembered for in the story of rock music, the band who left the famous Performance Rockin' the Fillmore (released in complete version last October, that means with the 4 shows the band played over their 2 day staying in the place) to the world, recorded 8 months later. Interestingly, here the band is only negociating its heavy turn and it's a less extreme approach of this so typical 70's style characterized by long long tracks with a lot of improvisation. The best moment of this show is the 18 min cover of Dr John's classic "I Walk On Guilded Splinters". Really amazing the way they carry the audience throughout a maelstrom of gloomy blues and voodoo atmospheres. No use to say more. Steve Marriott was really a sort of hero in his genre. And hearing the so particular John Peel voice introducing each song, as if we were still in 1970 listening to the radio, is a nostalgia shoot for old dogs like me. Enjoy it here. I created the cover sleeve with a Harry Clarke drawing (the illustrator of Edgar Allan Poe). Sorry for the picture on the back cover, it's the 1972 version of the band, Clem Clempson replacing Peter Frampton, gone for sucessful solo adventures. Below, the videos are not from this show but shot during the same period.


Kim Fowley - Gonna See My Name In Lights / Angel Of Fire fake 7" (1980)

Our beloved Kim Fowley is having a hard chemotherapy journey these days, in order to cure his damned bladder cancer. So here's a modest way to share a thought  for him with visitors of this blog. These 2 songs were composed and recorded with Kari Krome (on electric piano) from the Runaways, somewhere between 1976 and 1985. I chose to write 1980 but I'm not sure and maybe it was sooner or later. You'll be surprised to hear the quiet and intimate atmosphere of these gems, showing KF has never been this clown too many consider he was, but rather a touching and impressive multi-talented genius who, moreover, has this strange faculty to say a lot about human condition (pathetic, romantic, free, wild, doomed, damned, human, animal and so much more). I did the cover sleeve of this faked single with a picture of little Kim on a real horse for a ride who took him through epic and musical stories. Enjoy it here. Below, a picture of Kari Krome. A salute from someone who wears him in his heart for 40 years now and who never interrupted his constant support and admiration for the bad boy of rock'n' roll.