Kim Fowley - Born To Make You Cry / Thunder Road 7" (1970)

Some months after the "Big Bad Cadillac" single (see here), Kim Fowley released this new one under his name this time this time. Music's here has nothing of a joke or a style exercise as many Kim's singles, but is pure Outrageous style. Recorded with Steppenwolf members and friends (+ Mars Bonfire), it's more or less sure that it was actually recorded at the time of Outrageous (maybe prior to it) and could have featured on this LP but was actually recorded for Original Sound label. It was not released in the USA but was in UK and in France (the cover sleeve is the French one). Issued in 1977 on the Living In The Streets album, it deserves to be seen in its singularity. A gem to dl here. There a text about this single from the Julian Cope site.


Murkrat - Drudging the Mire (2011)

No problem, this will be one of the great albums of the year. This Australian duo (but only Mandy Cattleprod on guitar and vocals is a permanent member since on the previous LP she was with another drummer) proposes a music from the catacombs. It's apparently old school doom, the one we could find at the beginnings of the Rise Above label in 1989, but strangely the female dimension (Nico is not far but also other female doom preachers) is totally relevant to present times. More than that, here some of the classical climax you can hear in Schnittke masterpieces can be heard. There is even experimental passages that are stunning in their audacious approach of the genre. Of course it won't be everybody's cup. Some will find it too rudimentary playing and too monotonous on the lenght but I don't care, believe me it's great. I posted the previous LP here, it was fascinating and good but this one is much better, a kind of masterpiece in itself. First listen it here and then support in buying this fantastic LP. Such quality and authenticity in despaired music is rare.


Sandy & the Str.... - All Our Own Work (1967)

In 1967, Dave Cousins meets a young folk singer called Sandy DAjouter une imageenny and invites her to join his band. She accepts and some months later they are in Copenhagen, Denmark, to record a whole LP that they'll call All Our Own Work. Musically, it's not typical Strawbs and reminds me of the Mama's & Papa's meeting the Kinks with a strong US folk flavor. It's clear that the band is a vehicle for Sandy Denny's voice since she sings almost all the songs, but Dave Cousins composed most of them. He also sang 2 and it's apparent as early as that year that he is a great songer-composer. Sandy Denny will not stay long with them and next year they'll record their first LP without her. But we'll talk about it later on here again. Here I post the original album in its recent remastered version that you can find on a CD featuring 12 other tracks (out-takes and demos). But I always prefer to post original LPs as they were when released, than with all these bonus tracks. If you become Strawbs fans, you might decide to buy the LP. Meanwhile, enjoy here this first LP with its original cover sleeve (at least the front side) and not the quite ugly one made for its 1973 reissue. Below a stream of the Kinks-like "How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite" and a video hommage to Sandy Denny on one of the best song of the album: "Who Knows Where The Time Goes By", one of her only song on the LP and that she would sing again with Fairport Convention.

How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite. Half a bitter for the vicar He's here to save your soul He's looking fat and jovial Though he's nearly on the dole Anne Riley cooks his dinner She keeps him washed and fed She doesn't need much prompting To jump into his bed. And they all think they're so grand Yes, they all think they're so grand Yes, they all think they're so grand But they're not Oh no they're not. Dr. Watson drinks large whiskies He's nearly always high He supplements his income Aborting on the sly Mrs. Thompson is an angel In the W.V.S. Her meals on wheels are very cheap And she cooks the books for less. Sammy Cohen is the bookie Sitting over there Drinking three star brandy He doesn't seem to care No-one wants to know him They say he's been inside They say his dear old mother Committed suicide. Dr. Watson charged Anne Riley A fifty guinea fee For Mr. Thompson's peace of mind As far as I can see Mrs. Thompson envies Annie Cooking for the preacher And everyone thinks Sam Is a quite disgusting creature But if the truth was known It would shake all their foundations It seems the preacher lives On Sam's anonymous donations.


Kim Fowley - California Summertime / Hollywood Nights 7" (1974)

A 2-songs pack recorded in 1974 for a single released this time under the name of Lance Romance (strange idea this constant change of names). Recorded after the International Heroes, it's clear on the picture that he decided to jump in the glam wagon. But it will short-lived. These songs are not the best he did I admit and sometimes are not far from being a little jokey but they are good. Recorded on the same afternoon (always with unknown musicians), they are impossible to ignore for any real fan of unconventional music (and I know you are). "Hollywood Nights" in particular, could have been included on Outrageous or Good Clean Fun. This is Kim in his delirious genius. Enjoy it here. I took a Dennis Stock pix taken on a California beach at the end of the 60's to to the cover sleeve. Below the cheapest video ever made.


The Saints - Know Your Product (1978)

This single was the one associated with the Eternally Yours album (in February 1978). The brass addition show that the Saints were running away their punk roots (actually their Stooges roots) to incline toward their R 'n' B influences, more the Kuepper's than the Bailey's ones. The song is really a gem and is now a complete classic (lyrics below). How Ed Kuepper did to write so many standards in 2 years, it's a mystery? The B-side (unfortunately not a non-album track, featuring on Eternally Yours) is also a good one with a superb harp. Enjoy here. A very rare video shot below with the opening seconds in which the band presents the song.

Know Your Product. I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel allright!" Got some great new brand of smokes "Cool your head and clear your throat "Keeps you young and so in touch." Cheap advertising, you're lying Never gonna get me what I want I said, smooth talking, brain washing Ain't never gonna get me what I need "Our new soap that's peachy keen saves your soul and keeps you clean "It's recommended, used by the queen "Gonna improve your IQ, help in everything you do "It's economic, don't cost too much." Said advertising, you're lying Never gonna give me what I want I said, smooth talking, brain washing Ain't never gonna get me what I need (I said take it, Come on, Soul man. Let's shoot the professor! Alright!) I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel allright!" "It's a great new brand of smokes "Cool your head and clears your throat "Keeps you young and so in touch." Said advertising, you're lying You're never gonna give me what I want I said smooth talking, brain washing You're never gonna get me what I need (What do I care? Yeah! Hey man, Where's the professor? We need him now! Gonna tell you 'bout them Yeah we take it all the way 'round the world For that west coast feel Yeah man. Yeah everything, let it out It's not what you love Look out on the radio


Melanie - Garden in the City (1972)

It's a great pleasure to post this LP not in a-vinyl ripped version but after gathering the songs from various CDs that contained each a sample of this collection released by Buddha to cash on her when she left them to create a own label and release her first solo album under her own (the fantastic Gather Me). Impossible to overlook this LP since it contains many gems and is an important musical piece in any Melanie's collection. There are only 4 original tracks, others being covers, but I'm really fond of the treatment she prescribes to songs such as Dylan's Lay Lady Lay or the Stones' Jigsaw Puzzle. But actually I don't see any lowpoint here (I must be a fan). Several songs have an eastern flavor (eg. the splendid "Love in Mind"). And there's "People in the Front Row" and her incredible vocal challenge. This album has been issued with a smelly garden stick. So here's for you. In high sound quality (at least for MP3). Enjoy it here.

All sections written by Melanie Safka except "Lay Lady Lay" written by Bob Dylan, "We Don't Know Where We're Going" written by DeVorzon and Botkin Jnr, "Stop! I don't Wanna Here It" written by DeVorzon, Botkin Jnr and Safka, "Somebody Loves Me" written by Gershwin, DeSylva and MacDonald and "Jigsaw Puzzle" written by Mike Jagger and Keith Richards

People in the Front Row. I was out of love, and out of heart I couldn't quite stop something that I didn't startYeah yeah, the critics said "No"I didn't know how I came, so I couldn't go I was third on the bill of a second rate show The audience asked me what, but I didn't know Oh oh my predicament grew but now I got friends And I think that my friends are you, yeah.You know I looked around for faces I'd know I fell in love with the people in the front row My predicament grew but now I got friends And I think that my friends are you, yeah You can put me here and I'm all yours,Not for the money and it's not for the applause, no 'Cause after is nothing it's doing the song I don't have to hear a thing to know I've been grooved on These chords that I'm using are usually sad I had to use them, they're the best chords that I have Oh yeah, this progression is usually sad But it felt my sorrow and I wanted it to feel me glad, yeah.


Kim Fowley - Big Bad Cadillac / Man Without A Country 7" (1970)

Recorded in Sweden and released there under the name of King Lizard (didn't find any cover sleeve), these 2 songs could have been a good single by here but was not. It's Kim at it's rawest and we like it for this don't we? The B-side is still better, with a shouted final in the Kim's sludgy way. This man was really something else. Not far from Beefheart's van Vliet but with this something more sexy and glamour that did the thing for me and my alikes. More to come from this great mad guy. And the cover sleeve is an hommage to the Elvis who changed the music history. And the picture below is a one of Kim as a child near great big cars in the 50's. OK, you just need to dl ithere.


Saints - One Two Three Four (1977)

Rather than wait for their 3rd LP to issue a new single, the Saints released this 4-tracks EP with 2 covers (not cover sleeve but songs covered) and in particular a fantastic version of "River Deep Mountain High" that seemed to be written for them. The 2 other songs are from the 1st LP in slightly different versions. "Lipstick on your collar" the song's supporting this EP (a song made famous by Connie Francis in 1959) was not a hit 7" and maybe the band was desappointed after the quite good score of "This Perfect Day" but these covers did not possess the semantic consistance of their previous songs. I still remember the excitation of each Saints release at the time. It was really a band than was relevant for me although not strictly belonging to the punk scene. Enjoy it here.

River deep mountain high. When I was a little girl I had a rag doll The only doll I've ever owned Now I love you just the way I loved that rag doll But only now my love has grown And it gets stronger in every way And it gets deeper let me say And it gets higher day by day Do I love you my oh my River deep, mountain high If I lost you would I cry Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby When you were a young boy did you have a puppy That always followed you around Well I'm gonna be as faithful as that puppy No I'll never let you down Cause it goes on and on like a river flows And it gets bigger baby and heaven knows And it gets sweeter baby as it grows Do I love you my oh my River deep, mountain high If I lost you would I cry Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby I love you baby like a flower loves the spring And I love you baby like a robin loves to sing And I love you baby like a schoolboy loves his bag And I love you baby river deep mountain high

Pyramido - Salt (2011)

Let's have a break with some contempory noise. By Thor, this Swedish band offers here with its second LP (at least I think it is) an incredible unidenditified sludge object that doesn't suffer comparision with EyeHateGod if they had decided to play Autopsy when they were slow. But much more varied (listen for example to the strangely prog instrumental called "Saltstoder", or the splendid grande finale of "Onward", in streaming below in studio, and in live version via Youtube). It's heavy and muddy as you can hope when, like me, you like your metal with filfth and disgust. Strangely inappropriate cover sleeve if you want my opinion since it seems to be one for Robert Wyatt, but they surely had some hidden concept behind it (Pyramido is not either a real great name for such a music). However, the music here is top choice for you if you dig this genre. Don't miss it. Try first here and then buy. One of the great names to be remembered in the future and listened to in the present.


Kim Fowley - Motorboat / 25 hrs a Day 7" (1973)

This is the first from a series of posts about Kim Fowley. Previously I posted a single with "Bubble Gum" on it (see here) but there are so much more it would be a crime not to use this blog to share them with who-wants-it. Here a single issued in 1973 under the silly pseudo of Jimmi Jukebox. Surely because he was under contract with Capitol and that the label would not agree to release such unconventional songs. Recorded and released between the I'm Bad LP and the International Heroes one, it is Kim at his best. Both are actually very good. Enjoy here. More to come from the real bad guy of rock 'n' roll. I did the cover sleeve. Not a masterpiece but suits well with the sonic atmosphere I think.


Melanie - Live at Musikladen (1975)

A very interesting recording. Melanie here plays on a German TV show with a guitaris to back her, during a period she was more concerned by raising her children than having a career. Her albums were quite uneven at that time, and here she had only released one of them, the rather mixed affair entitled Sunset & Other Beginnings. Surprisingly, live, she's much better than 3 years ago, less embarassing since she had the bad habit to be in a quite naive and hippie flavored complicity with the audience, and to be too much in vocal demonstration when here she's much more sober and it's a great pleasure to listen. Moreover, she presents a version of "Virgin Mary" that she will record only for her Antlers album more than 20 years later. All in all, one of the best live testimony of her although the sound is mediocre. Enjoy it here. More to come from this beloved singer. The pictures below were recorded that year I think. The cover sleeve is a self-made from an artist using leaves. This recording has been released under an ugly covers sleeve and with the stupid title of Brand New Key.

Melanie Safka - Look What They've Done.. par piRjtull


The Saints - This Perfect Day EP (1977)

I listen a lot to The Saints these days. Bought the new edition of All Times Through Paradise and it's a source of pleasure to have all these gems again in my everyday life. Here the follow-up to "I'm Stranded", almost equivalent in genius, in its single version, rather different of the LP version that'll be included in the Eternally Yours LP some months later. And the lyrics are as relevant today as they were 34 years ago (an eternity and it seems yesterday, strange how life is). Moreover, on the B-side of the single was a non-album track, "L.I.E.S." And a 12" EP version was released with another track, "Do The Robot". Here the 3 of them. Enjoy this testimony of how wild and cyclonic rock can be when it's played by young Australians totally masters of their thing. And below 2 fantastic visual documents of the band miming or playing this song, that just failed to be a major hit because of stupid problems of label.

This Perfect Day. Don't talk to me about what's been done nothing has changed it all goes on & they'll keep laughing till the end I've seen them drive around in cars all look the same get drunk in bars & don't talk back we got no social rights This perfect day what more to say I don't need no one to tell me what I allready know We got no high times always flat if you go out you don't come back it's all so funny I can't laugh This perfect day etc etc...


OK. Here we go again. Let's have a try. Too boring to have no more the little pleasure to post rare records I love and that I know some of you find pleasure too in dling. So more gems to come soon. Hope I won't have to close again.