Walk Through Fire - Walk Through Fire (2008)

Four months ago, I'd posted the last EP/LP (difficult to say) from this great Sweden band (here)? But the previous one, released in January 2008, was also a stunning beginning, more experimental than the second one but no less thrilling. Don't need to add anything. Just take it here, shiver with the music and then support the band there.


Petrychor - Dryad (2010)

Yes, it's rather pure black metal for this blog, but the folk parts make me shiver like those on the 3rd opus of Led Zeppelin, and the Xasthur dimension of the music is what unload me from the heavyness of life these days (with John Cale, in another style). Here's the first demo of this one-man band apparently from California (when you remember this was the land of the Grateful Dead and other psychedelic peace and love combos in the sixties, it shows you times have changed). I'm not totally fond of the way this talented young man plays his solo (a little too much virtuoso for me) but this is not embarassing enough to preclude me to post this 3 track EP cos' it is very strong. Issued in February 2010, it was followed in May 2011 by a full lenght LP called Effigies and Epitaphs (it sounds as a King Crimson album title) that I'll post here later. It seems there was 2 cover sleeves, the more recent being the B&W one with the girl's silhouette, the brown wood the oldest. I discovered recently this man/band through the Chris Alfieri's (from Vattnet Viskar) mixtape posted on American Aftermath here. Enjoy it here. And support him there.


John Cale - I Keep A Close Watch / You and Me Fake 7" (1975)

In November 1975, Island releases the album Helen Of Troy against Cale's wish, who didn't like some of the songs and considered it was still a demo-to-improve versions of the other ones. More incredible, among them was what will remain one of the best songs of his career and one of the best love songs of music history: "I Keep A Close Watch", and nobody in this record company thought it was necessary to issue it in single. It's true that between 1975 and 1977 Island will not hesitate to litterally assassinate some of their artists by arbitrary and stupid decisions. Cale will be one of the numerous victims. "I Keep A Close Watch" is a gorgeous and moving love song, orchestrated with the grandeur of the best Barry Ryan or Scott Walker songs. Lyrics, melody and arrangements make it one of these great achievements of the history that make you cry and shiver every time you listen to it. It was actually release in single some years later (in 1982), but in a new version that won't reach the summits of this original one. Cale would have liked the song to be covered by Frank Sinatra but I doubt it would have had the emotive power of Cale's version. On the B-side, I added an non-album song only released on the Island Years compilation and called "You& Me". It was recorded during the Helen Of Troy sessions and surely that Cale would have liked to see it on the album rather than some weak song. Very raw, more in the Pablo Picasso vein, this You-Really-Got-Me-riff-based song does a contrasted but welcome addition to the romantic A-side. Enjoy it here (reuploaded on rs).

Never win and never lose There's nothing much to choose Between the right and wrong Nothing lost and nothing gained Still things aren't quite the same Between you and me I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I still hear your voice at night When I turn out the light And try to settle down But there's nothing much I can do Because I can't live without you Any way at all I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep a close watch on this heart of mine


The Reverend Of Despair - Spirit Writing (2011)

Here what the so-called Reverend of Despair (his real name is Victor Fisher and he's from a band called Shroud of Delirium) wrote on Encyclopaedia Metallum to present this album: "I have been working on this new solo project due to the absence of my band. Although plagued by mediocre production (alternate: although blessed with obscure production) I though this may interest some of you. It's doom-based eclectic madness! Heavy music has done me plenty of good. Maybe if even a single odd fellow will enjoy this effort it was well worth it.". So here is my answer. I'm among the ones to consider that this kind of production is a bless and not a plague. Moreover I not only enjoy this effort, I consider it as one of the best surprise of the year, and I listen to quite a large amount of music in doom-sludge-black metal-atmospheric post rock and other experimental delirium. But here, I litterally found in love with this unexpected mix of so much genres, styles and sounds that nobody had the idea to telescope. It's Black Sabbath meeting Roky Erickson meeting Buzzcocks meeting whatever has some sense of melody in doomland and even Nikki Sudden. And the fact that there is a real feeling of artisanal humanity that flows from it make it not only a worth but a mandatory acquisition. That'll be my last word. Do some more in the future please, we need such albums in our dull lives. Here's the bandcamp. Here the album. Moreover his favorite citation is said to be "In heaven all the interesting people are missing." from Nietzsche, and honestly, he's right. And visiting his facebook page, it seems to be politically quite rough and citing Stalin and Proudhon, not common in this country. Support.


Eno - The Lion Sleeps Tonight / I'll Come Running To Tie Your Shoes (1975)

This is the last testimony of the glam Eno, and actually he can be considered to be in his next period, pre-newavesque, since it was released in August 1975 and precedes by only 1 month his Another Green World album (the B-side is driven from it) that shared nothing with the previous glam sophistication. In this cover (composed by Solomon Linda in 1939 and sung by his band the Evening Birds), there is still the sparkling and weird approach of music of his 2 previous albums that, for me, will remain his musical peak (I'll surely be considered as a stupid ignorant but I don't care anymore of what others may think of me, in particular people I won't never meet, and even those who I meet and who make my living a hell). Since this A-side was only released on the vocal boxset, I think it can be interesting to some to get it here. My connexion is so slow these days (my provider is called Numericable and their stuff is shit, thief and robbery) that I'm not sure to have the patience to upload many things in the near future.


Alkahest - Milk and Morphine (2011)

It's time to get back to sludge & doom again. When time will come to select the best albums (or EPs) of the year (not long before this ritual from now), few should omit the last Alkahest. I had posted their previous EP here but actually this album gathers the 3 tracks from this EP with 2 new ones. The result is stunning. Everybody tells that they're playing Isis-like music but it's far less boring than most of the Isis stuff. If you want to try, take it here and then please go buy it there if you only want virtualcopy and there if you want hardcopy. It's only 9$ and for such a masterpiece, it's nothing at all. A must have.



The ChristPunchers - Conduit (Deprogramming In 3 Phases) (2011)

I've said all my euphoric excitation for this band from Detroit here. Think MC5 meet Black Sabbath meet the Melvins meet Pelican meet whatever can make your balls (or ovaries) torsated in pain and pleasure and you got the ChristPunchers. They don't hesitate to make their tracks long labyrinthic and atmospheric pieces of music truncated by drone waves, talking excerpts and other prime cut shit. This is all we ask music to be. Direct, rough, violent but also metaphysical. Don't miss them, they are stunning. Here their last EP with 3 tracks in one (you can listen below). Their facebook page's here. Enjoy them here and then go to buy their shit as they say on their site first page (there).


Slade - Mama Weer All Crazee Now / Man Who Speeks Evil (1972)

In August 1972, Chas Chandler decided to send in the charts the new single of his "protégés" directly to n°1. So, he provided the single to the radios before releasing it (a common way to do since this time) but it failed and the single reached n°2 the 1st week, having to wait for a week more to get to n°1. Actually, it's the beginning of the Slade routine, the song being a T. Rex rip off (of "Telegram Sam") with a little Beatles flavour (of "Savoy Truffle"), and the formula would then become a little tedious. But I still post it for the B-side, a non-album track being here a rip off of ... "Rip Off" from T. Rex too !!! Although it is played in a sort of Led Zeppelin goes glam way. A good one indeed with a rather dark lyrical content about politicians. One of the last time Slade would be a normal rock band. So enjoy it here.

His mind is hurt so with grief He sits and watches the grass or leaves He can tell when a new one grows he can And watches as maggots flee from the throat of a dead man Across two seas he can hear, And grabs your words before you speak them He hears the sound of drinking grass he does An the Arctic moves its gigantic load for his owner's sake? He's a man who speeks evil, he's a man who is evil He looks on evil as a good thing He can speek evil, he can hear evil, he really really lives it He can feel that all his thoughts are changing That all his thoughts are changing by the hour, he can feel This man is hurt so with grief, he sits and watches the grass or leaves He talks to them all an' they grow, he does And wanders like a God, made deep inside-out, down below you know He's a man who speeks evil, he's a man who is evil He looks on evil as a good thing He can speek evil, he can hear evil, he really really lives it