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What happened is that I cited Sigur Ros as an influence for the Russian band called 417.3. Muso, who engages legal actions for this band, has not read the post, but only saw Sigur Ros in the post and that was enough to imagine I proposed to freely dl a product from their music-makers. It isn't. They should verify before asking to remove the link. Here a message for them: "You can be reassure, I'll never post anything by Sigur Ros, I've never liked the soporific music played by these icelanders, it's not good enough to be provided here freely. If some want to lose their money to buy such shit, it's their problem, but get out of this blog please. I'll never ever cite the name of this band on this blog anymore. And now piss off."
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Forgo10 Songs - 10 Faves of 2011

A great year for music to my ears. If I was a little bit stuck to 70's and doom-sludge-dark metal, and surely have missed some stoner, mainstream rock, folk or pop gems (but I was not inclined to appreciate it this year), there was enough in this style to satisfy my ear appetite. Not sure they are the best albums (or EPs) of the year, but those I listened to the most or found the most impressive.

1. The Unthanks - Last (UK)

This album made almost half of my year. I was not hardly able to listen to anything else the months that followed its release. There was in it all that I was longing to find in the same album. The best of Rock Bottom and of Magic Lady, and this particular mysterious melancolic perfume that these 2 ladies can suggest with their voices. Their cover of "Starless" (here) is for me the musical peak of this year. I am so fixed on this album that I didn't find the courage to listen to their last one, covering Robert Wyatt and Anthony & The Johnsons, afraid to be deceived. To not find Last in the Best Albums lists of so-called musical specialists supports (for example Mojo, who put the last PJ Harvey as n°1 LP, is it a joke?) is for me the sign that all these guys and girls do not have any musical judgement anymore.

2. Uncle Acid & the deadbeats - Blood Lust (UK)

I didn't think it was possible to do a nostalgic, old school and revival doom LP and create an instant classic. Uncle Acid and the deadbeats did it. In mixing their Black Sabbath "fond-de-sauce" with Let's Active, they realized one of the best album of the first decade of the XXIst century. There are in this albums some classic songs that will be played by revivalists of the future. Post here.

3. An Autumn For Crippled Children - Everything (Nederland)

Another album I couldn't stop to listen to this year. Imagine Xasthur meeting the Cure with some gothic wings to fly over all the rubbish that makes our lives, and you got this incredible band who offers us here some of the most celestial music ever played. I would have imagined they were from very nordic landscapes but they are from flatlands. I can't wait to listen for more from them. Post here.

4. Battle Path - Storm and Stress (USA)

Each year, there's a massive, monstruous album of sludge doom that sticks you on the wall. This year, it was not far to be Guiltless from Indian but this US band had this something more that really did the difference for me. I know it's a high position for a new band, but each time I listen to this LP, I'm sure it's one of my year's faves. Note that they changed their name during the release of this album and that you can find it under the name of Black Majesty and then Battle Path. Post here.

5. Dark Castle - Surrender to all Life beyond (USA)

If the band really deceived me on stage, their LP was, after a period I didn't appreciate it, a highpoint for me this year. Once again, same as the 4 previous LPs (not of the band, but of this list), it was one of this album that I couldn't help to play again over and over, even if I don't think everything on it is a total success and if there were better albums musically speaking. But sometimes, there's something in an album that vibrates deeply with your inner self and this album has it. Post here.

6. Big Hurt - Comfort (USA)

I wouldn't have imagined to find anymore the excitation I felt when listening to the Bastards or the Hot Snakes some years ago. But Big Hurt (actually more a one-man band) was able to offer it to me. I used this short LP anytime I wanted to canalize my anger and my secret feeling to kill someone. Each song is a winner. And losers sometimes love to win. Post here.

7. Frequency of Butterfly Wings – The Butterfly Effect (Iran)

This year was the year I (rather lately) discovered Lifelover. And the year they lost their guitarist-composer and stop. A pity for sure. Meanwhile, in Iran (yes), Frequency of Butterfly Wings was proposing their Lifelover version of music and I love it. Free of any dogmatic categorization, they play what they want. This freedom, very few occidental bands show it. Maybe none. Deserves its place here. Post here.

8. Murkrat - Drudging the Mire (Australia)

When it comes to real funeral and medieval doom, Murkrat are for me the best. The music Carl Dreyer would have loved to backed his Dies Irae. The former LP was quite lo-fi but this one fulfils all expectations. You don't listen to such an album, you embark on a river of no-return. The lady conducting this project deserves to be considered as one of the great priestess, a sort of Nico of our times. Post here.

9. Dyskinesia – Dalla Nascita (Italy)

Once again, this album is here because of the excitation, jubilation and impression it made on me when listening to it the first time. Wild and mad, but also innovative and complex, it's anything you can dream post-rock could be. I don't see any other band, even those I really dig and posted on this blog, that could compete with this album. Post here.

10. Drear - We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer (UK)

Not very different from Dyskinesia, this UK duo provides the most intense and devastative EP of the year. Composed in 2009 but only released this year, it's difficult to imagine more electrocufying music. Khanate meets Skullflower. A must. Post here.


The Wounded Kings - In The Chapel Of The Black Hand (2011)

I don't want to see a wave where there's none, but with Blood Ceremony (from Canada), Devil's Blood (from Nederland) and this new version (they have a female singer with this LP only) of The Wounded Kings (from UK), it seems that in 2011 a certain 60's-influenced doom female vocally-driven revival is on the road to glory. What's incredible is the fact that they don't give birth to second-rate albums, rather obsolete and nostalgic, but first-class ones, strangely relevant, even if the demoniac and sulfurous satanic background is no more than a delicatessen imagery in which it's orgasmic to drown in. This 4 track-LP has really something of the 60's italian version of Black Sabbath. More Atomic Rooster (when they were doom) than the Iommi outfit actually. Sometimes, Curved Air is not far (but Curved Air was never doom). The voice of Sharie Neyland is priestess as you can imagine. And there's a little nasal sound in it that increases its thrilling power. Not a weak track, a weak part, thick as fog in the Hammer horror films. The title track is a complete masterpiece. All in all, one of the best LP of the year in a category I'm sure there will be a lot of emulation next year and maybe a big public breakout if one song suddenly made it in the Charts (actually internet). Enjoy it here. Their facebook page is here. You got all you need to buy the album and support them so that they'll offer us more more.


417.3 - _(-_-)_ (2011)

Under this numerological name is a Russian post-math-rock band in the vein of Foxhole and a rather soporific band from Iceland I'm not authorised to say the name without fearing to see my file remove, with reminiscences of Polyphonic Spree in the background melodies but also with a doom dimension that you don't find in all the influences (real or supposed) I proposed above. If I post them it's because it's not usually my fave style to listen to (too much manierism for me) but here, I don't feel this arty posture and it's really one of the greatest record in this style I've ever listened too. And I'm sure it will be for you too. So, don't miss this duo (they are backed by various musicians but it seems these two guys are the creative nucleus of the band judging by the pictures). And buy it everywhere you can. Russia needs that we support what will make of us all the same human community, and art contributes strongly to it in making us share the same emotion. Now feel a little russian as I feel when I read Boulgakov or I listen to Shostakovitch. Their myspace here, their facebook there. Enjoy the album here (new link)


Family - In My Own Time / Seasons (1971)

With this 7th single, released in June 1971, Family will at last reach the crest of the chart wave, peaking at n°4 in September, but more triomphantly, staying 13 weeks in this ocean of hits and misses. It is surely the peak of their career. This song (I mean "In My Own Time") has all I madly appreciate in the music of that 70-71 period. Something very basic, sometimes even rudimentary, not far from a back to prehistoric era approach, mixing trad. US music with some English folk reminicences. Think of Jethro Tull (Aqualung period), T. Rex ("Ride A White Swan" period), the Kinks ("Lola" and Muswell Hillbillies period) but also "Cuz I Luv You" from Slade or even Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime" or "Gonna Step On You Again" from John Kongos and you got the flavor of the period. But Family was much less commercial in its way to play this song and this is all the more respectable. Notice that the electric piano solo on the bridge will serve for Cockney Rebel on Mr Soft (funny when you think that the only member who will be in both groups, Jim cregan, was not on any of these songs). The B-side is a great one too, and the outro totally unexpected and amazing. You can't do to yourself no harm in listening to it here. Interestingly, none of these songs were on any album. 

Lay down easy, stars in my eyes
Try not telling too many lies
Wake up feeling, not foolish or wise
And life goes with me, no matter what size
Now some seek Jesus, of flags they can wave
Won't touch nothing, unless it's been saved
But I say your neighbor deserves much more faith
And answer to yourself when you misbehave
You may think I'm wasting my time
Think what you think, you know I don't mind
But if I don't pick up what you choose to find
I'll be with you in my own time
I'll be with you in my own time
Mine is my freedom you take, I'll defy
Laugh till I'm tired, sing till I cry
Cause life is a moment you pass with a sigh
Never comes back sure as yesterday's by


Meth Drinker - s/t (2011)

Sometimes you find a critics that say things much better anything you could ever think of. This is the case with this incredible album. A guy called IxI Killing wrote (here) "Have you ever put a record on and thought to yourself, “Since when did people inside insane asylums get to use instruments and why does it sound so fucking great?”. If you have thought that, believe me when I say you are not alone in this because when I listen to Meth Drinker’s self-titled debut full-length “Meth Drinker”, I get the same exact thoughts". And I had the same thought too. Honestly since the peak times of EyeHateGod or Autopsy I had not felt so disturbed by a band. Of course there has been some insane music proposed in the 2 last decades, more adventurous than this one (think of Khanate or Runhild Gammelsaeter for example), but here you can hear what's so specially fucking demential in sludge-doom, a sense of extreme terrorized vision of the world. It's crime being committed not related you feel to listen to. They are from New Zealand, a land that gives us more and more great bands and photographers and models. Impossible to miss if you're in real hate music. One of the highlight (actually lowdark) of this fucking awful year. Enjoy (not totally appropriate but I use it each time so let's go) it here.


John Cale - Live at the Lyceum (1984)

Often, talking about the Island years of John Cale is tantamount to the 1974-76 period. But there was another Island years period between 1982 and 1984, with 3 more albums, Music For A New Society, Caribbean Sunset and Comes Alives, the latter consisting of 8 songs recorded live at the London Lyceum on the 26 February 1984 and 2 studio versions of new songs, rather awful ones actually, more cos' of this terrible 80's sound than because of their inherent quality. For many, John Cale was only the shadow of himself on stage during these times but listening to this live testimony proves it was not. And it can be confirmed when looking at the Rockpalast concert that was boradcasted and easy to find on internet or in DVD. If the playing is not the one we were used to when Chris Spedding was in, you'll be surprised to discover how strong and powerful are the versions here of "Leaving It Up To You", "Fear" or "Heartbreak Hotel" (this one in a piano version that is one of the best I heard). But there's nothing to be ashamed in this set, at least in the part we are given to listen to. If I didn't post the original album (never released on CD) it's because the cover sleeve was hideous, and the association with the 2 studio songs are a nonsense and weakens the whole. So I created a cover sleeve with pictures taken during this concert and imagined this fake album. Enjoy it here (reuploaded on rs).


Family - The Weavers Answer / Strange Band / Hung Up Down single (1970)

With this 3-song single (an EP actually but since it was only released in small format, I still call it a single), Family enters in a new period of its life, rawest, wildest, a mix between folk and Led Zeppelin's way to approach heavy rock, but keeping an experimental dimension, more in the use of unusual intruments than in the song structures, rather classic. What's not classic here is the fact that the song that was supposed to enter in the charts ("Strange Band") and written in capital letters on the cover sleeve is on the B-side, just before the 3rd song of the lot. Strange band indeed. This version is not the usual live version that will feature on Anyway 3 months later. Not even the alternative live version that was included in the BGO double CD reissue of Anyway. It can be found on the A Family Selection by Rhino records. Is it useful to add that these 3 songs are strong and still as excitating today than 40 years ago? I don't think it is. So enjoy it here.


Sorry. Difficulty to upload cos' of shitty connexion. They take the money and leave me their rubbish.


Space Bong - The Death Of Utopia (2009)

Sometimes, you listen to dozen of bands that leave you cold as death and wondering if anyone has still some ambition in the world of stoner sludge doom or death and black metal, and if specialized blogs really do think all the good things they say about most of the rubbish they post, when you suddenly freeze these bad thoughts, sure that you found THE band you were looking for after more than 3 hours. This band is Space Bong (not a good name if you ask me but you don't), they're Australians and they're what I call a "larger than life" band, this life being rather death actually. Imagine a mix between Khanate when they play not too slow and Autopsy when they play slow, you have something of the incredible unsane climax rising from the musical tomb of this band. Honestly, if I had discovered this album when it was released, it would have been in my Top 5 of 2009, no hesitation. Actually, it was recently made available on bandcamp if I judge by my informations, but I'm not sure. What I'm sure of is that it's impossible, if you like true pure and extreme doom, to miss such a monstruously good band. If you're in Thou for example, this will be (if it's not since I'm a bit late this time) you're second fave present band. Enjoy it here and then support them on their bandcamp there. They deserve it. Note that it's their second LP, but the previous was quite different. Available too on bandcamp.


Family - Today / Song For Lots 7" (1970)

In April 1970, while the band was intensively touring, they released this non-album 2 songs single that will fail to capitalize on their growing live notoriety. Honestly, it's not a great lot and it's hard to understand the excitation for this band if one judges only by this single (that did not chart). Since I post here the band's singles in their temooral order, this one had to be posted but it's true it's a weak link. Try it here. The only cover sleeve I found (on the Bandstand site entirely consacred to the band) show the B-side "Song For Lots" as the A-side but it was not the case in UK.


John Cale - Guts (1977)

Few official compilations can pretend to reach the status of a great normal album. Most of them compile the hits (or at least, the most famous songs) and add some unissued ones as bonus tracks to trigger the buying reflex of the fans. It's not the case of Guts and although Island was not kind with John Cale at the end of his contract, one must recognize that they didn't cash on him with a low conceived compilation since, from the cover sleeve to the playlist, everything is prime choice here (except that it could be a little longer). What's so singular is that Island gathered the wildest and most violent part of Cale's production during his years in this label. Since these songs were recorded between 1974 and 1975, it could have been actually a real album, if Cale had the wish to offer a rude and raw music load to us. It could have been since he was feeling quite insecure and unwell during these 2 years although he was very creative. Since the production and playing is not si different between his 3 albums, it provides a complete homogeneity to this LP. Moreover, US fans could find "Leaving It All Up To You", removed from the US version of Helen of Troy because of the mention of Sharon Tate (what a ridiculous way to act, censors are really the scum of the earth) and "Mary Lou" an unreleased track from the Helen of Troy sessions. With all that, you have one of the most intense and burning musical album of history. Enjoy it here (reuploaded on rs).


Family - No Mules Fool / Good Friend Of Mine (1969)

In 1969, between Entertainment and A Song For Me (and included in neither of these albums) and after Ric Grech was replaced by John Weider (for the better), the band released this superb single whose both sides deserved to be hits. The A-side, "No Mules Fool" is the perfect example of what English bands could do with traditional American music in the sixties and the seventies, I mean recreating them entirely and extracting what was non seculiar in this music to britishize it (the Stones and the Kinks did that splendidly too but many others too). The Chapman's voice is a delight and there's something in this song that announces bands like the Pogues or the Waterboys (and of course the Undertones). The B-side is demonstrated the drama ability of Chapman, making him a brother of singers such as French Ferré and Brel, or Scottish Alex Harvey and English Kevin Coyne. All fabulous interpreters of our most tormented inner souls. Here begins a fantastic period for Family, in musical terms at least. And this music strangely survives without being too much affected by the effects of time. Enjoy it here.


Fire Walk With Us - Carriers (2011)

The Netherlands are now a land of high profile for the music I love. Recently it was An Autumn for Crippled Children, now it is Fire Walk With Us (and a land for long bands' names). Here we are in the soundlands of Isis, Pelican or Omega Massif, but when many fail to find their own singularity, FWWU succeeds and there is a subtle way to approach this genre that make it for me. It's instrumental, it's contemplative but it's talking to our inner anguish soliloquies. Music to swim in, sometimes to drown in too. Not to miss. You can support them in dl this album on their bandcamp here. Their site there. Don't keep stuck to the 70's, enjoy this contempory hot shit here.


Family - Second Generation Woman / Hometown 7" (1968)

Sorry not to have posted lately, I got some home problem, quite funny when you consider that today's post is a rare one consisting in the B-side of a Family single released in October 1968 (midway between Doll's House and Entertainment albums) called "Hometown". Actually, you can find this song on a lot of compilations or as bonus track of CD reissues but when you listen to it, it's always the re-worked version featuring on Old Songs New Songs (with the violin) that you hear, even when the liner notes say it's from the single. So, I had to find and buy the single (I didn't own it) to pursue my Family singles series. Sorry for the quality sound, not as good as the seller told it was on his/her description, cracks are quite invasive but I did my best to lower them while keeping the sound quality of the voice (often there's a choice to do between the 2, I don't know why). It's a nice song but not a great one. Better than the awful A-side, due to Ric Grech, who will leave shortly after the band, not before having laid some of the weakest tracks on their next LP. I'm quite severe but honestly, compared to the Whitney-Chapman tandem, he didn't exist. Enjoy this 7" here.