Television Personalities - A Sense Of Belonging / Baby's Turning Blue 7" (reissue 1994)

The reason this single was reissued on the Dan Treacy label in January 1994 (10 months before the reissue of "Prettiest Girl In The World") is not clear since "A Sense of Belonging" had been released in UK on Rough Trade (in 1983, and on FS there) and not only in Germany as "Prettiest Girl". It's true it's one of Treacy's masterpiece, although the title and cover sleeves (of the first single and of this reissue) are misleading, the song being not about battered or abused children but against war (with a desillusioned and bitter opinion about the fact to manifest). This reissued single deserves to be posted because the B-side is different from the first version, with an acoustic demo recorded in 1987. Not a gem but anything by Dan Treacy is of interest for some of us so here it is.


Television Personalities - The Prettiest Girl In The World 7" EP (1987/1994)

Now, I'm gonna post some missing records of the 1989-1999 era. This one, released in November 1994 on the Dan Treacy label Overground, compiles 4 songs recorded in 1987 and finally should have been released 7 years earlier. Instead it was only a single, said to be released in Germany only (but I found one in France and bought it), and featuring "The Prettiest Girl In The World" (should have been a hit) and "If That's What Love Is" (a wonderful song) on the B-side. "Apples and Oranges" (who can be more legitimous to cover a Syd Barrett song than Dan Treacy and who could do it better than him? Nobody of course) had been issued on a Tribute to Syd Barrett LP, and "Miracles Take Longer" (the weakest of the whole) on an album for the National Campaign For The Homeless. So it was an opportunity to gather on a single record these 4 songs and offer to UK fans an affordable EP. Wrapped in a splendid cover sleeve, it was, and still is, a perfect pop object. Enjoy it here.


Procol Harum - Nothing But The Truth 7" (1974)

No particular reason to repost, only the pleasure to have this single in bloglight again. The bridge is one of the most stunning thing I heard in my life and I heard a lot. So it's good to go back to the basics. I juste posted a large size cover sleeve, although it was not the UK one I didn't find in any good quality.

This is one of the best singles in the history of rock 'n' roll, posted here cause backed with a song not included in the current album of the moment Exotic Birds & Fruits. Considered by the whole musical press as the single that would reinstall the band at the top of the creampie, it was taken as single of the week by John Peel, not inclined to have taste for the band, and seemed a killer with its unstoppable Motown beat, with Chris Thomas producing what announced his production for Never Mind The Bollocks (the perfect choice for Sex Pistols I must say) 3 years later. Unfortunately, it was a failure and "Nothing But The Truth" didn't even chart. However, the song stands proudly the test of time and this is one of my fave one from the band, and with "Simple Sister" my fave rock one. The B-side was intended to feature in Exotic Birds and Fruits but was removed for "New Lamps", and maybe even in Grand Hotel since a drawing in the style of the inside booklet had been done for it, but you can read all this by someone more scholar than me here. This is also a rocky one and this single was a message than the Classicorchestral period of the band was over after 2 years focused on this style. The ghost of the Paramounts was back in them and it was a thrilling return. Again, you can learn a lot of things on this song if you're interested in reading this bunch of erudition here. For the 2 songs of this single (I show 2 different sleeves, above is the UK one, below maybe Italian one) click here.

Nothing But The Truth. It seems as clear as yesterday We saw it in a dream but dream became insanity an awful gaping scream So sad to see such emptiness So sad to see such tears And heaped up leaves of bitterness turned mouldy down the years Nothing but the truth. Common words in use Hard to find excuse Harder than the truth Like Icarus we flew too high We flew too near the sun They caught us in that awful glare Our hapless throats were strung But just before the final stroke They took us victims of the rope And cast us far beyond the deep To lie in never ending sleep It seems as clear as yesterday They cast us in the deep We lie in darkest night for good Never ending sleep A never ending bitter gloom Whose darkness seldom clears A God forsaken emptiness Which fills our hearts with tears


Television Personalities - When I Grow Up I Want To Be / The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming 7" (1999)

Although released in 1999, this single features songs recorded in 1994 (an apparent very prolific period for Dan Treacy, allowing his various labels to maintain artificially TVP name in the press). But nothing to be ashamed of since they deserved to be released, much old TVP style than much of the songs he did in the nineties. This would be the last (fakely new) recording trace by Dan Treacy until his comeback in 2006. Hope he's a little better each day even if I got no way to know it. Not a day without a thought for him. Enjoy it here (forgot to put the link yesterday, what a dumb asshole I am).


Peter Perrett & The One - Live at the Mean Fiddler (1994)

I didn't realize the One's stuff hadn't been reup after my mf account withdrawal. This is done (on rs). Thx to the visitor that left a comment about that. I honestly won't take the time to check all the past posts of 2011-12 to verify which ones I forgot to reup, so I'll do it when you mention some missing in comments. The 3 One's material have now been reup. It's seminal of course, as everything that did Peter Perrett. Enjoy it here.

Before the release of the Woke Up Sticky EP and LP in 1996, Peter Perrett and his One had done several concerts since 1994 and this is one of them. Very strange for an Only Ones fan as I am to listen to such a different way to back Peter Perrett. Actually, it's not totally different but it's clear that the band does not have this rocking decontraction and efficiency, either in the rockiest or the most dramatic sides, that was (and still is) the mark of the famous secular trio. In particular John Perry is really difficult to replace (but the drumming of Mike Kellie is too). Here the band is however quite good (maybe they play too much notes for me) and in no way it's one of these pathetic concerts that too often rock 'n' roll junkies have done for their comebacks. Peter Perrett has not lost his voice and his ability to make us shivers even if here it seems he's less "in it" than with the Only Ones, surely a little bit of stress and less confidence in his backing band. Some sound options (notably on keyboards) and playing options (on bass) are doubtful and don't fit with Perrett's universe but not often enough to be a problem. Interestingly, some songs here have never been released in studio versions ("Hearts on fire", "You gave birth", "Skin like armour", "Daughter"). This concert has been released twice (in 1999 by Dwarch/Vengeance and in 2000 by Burning Airlines), both under ugly cover sleeves. So I decided to do one more relevant (at least to my view) with the climax of the Peter Perrett's song.


Melanie - Oh Boy / Brand New Key 7" (1978)

Between 1978 and 1982, Melanie tried to reach some kind of success using covers of others' songs. There were "Knock On Wood", there will be "Detroit or Buffalo" and here was the classic Buddy Holly "Oh Boy". Honestly, I never found she succeeded in covering rocky songs when she triumphs in making hers ballads or sad songs. Here it's a rocker, and even if she sings it really well and with guts, behind, the band is too mainstream to make it a total success. But the interest of this single is the B-side. At least the US single (elsewhere it will be backed with one song from Phonogenic, "Running after Love"). A re-worked version of her biggest hit "Brand New Key". First you must know that in 1972, she initially wanted to record the song as a sort of Louisiana cajun one and was greatly disappointed to realize that Peter Schekeryk had done of it a much poppy song. So, here, it's not a version to fit in the 1978-mood (or sound, not a good period for sound actually) but the version she had initially in head. And it's true that it's totally different. Much better in a way, but the song has became such a classic, that it's difficult not to love the version that was a hit. It's interesting to post this lost treasure when Melanie re-worked it recently with her son in the (I fear utopist) hope that when this song will be used for ads (recently for HP) or in movies, she will win at least some money from it, since she has apparently no right on the hit version. So here I add another brand new piece to this puzzle. Sorry for the sound quality. It's a rip from my vinyl and the one I found is rather noisy and scratchy. I did my best to improve things but couldn't do miracles. Totally unbelievable not any of the hundreds of Melanie compilations included any one of these songs. The web allows to share them with Melanie's amateurs. Enjoy it here. There was no picture sleeve for this US single so I did one.


Kinks - Live at the Hippodrome / The Complete Concert (1974)

This is not a simple update, neither a simple reup, it's the real complete version of this set played for the BBC in front of an audience. The new BBC boxset released this month features the 14 songs (I forgot to remove the Dj speech that takes the place of a song), but the 2 new are small musical trait-d'union, nothing essentiel but it's normal to substitute this one to the incomplete 12-song version I had posted. Moreover the sound quality is improved. Not very improved, but sensibly improved. Below what I wrote in the initial post. This complete version here.

In July 1974, 1 month after a session in the BBC studios, and whilst releasing their rather weak Preservation Act II double LP (Ray Davies said it was released "yesterday" before on the "Money Talks" intro), the band played a show at the Hippodrome, London, mixing songs from their Preservation saga with older ones. But in no way, at that times, the Kinks were requested to play "You Really Got Me" or "Waterloo Sunset" such as it will be the case in the eighties and in the present concerts of Ray Davies. At that times, the Kinks were maybe not as wondrous as they were (the version of "Lola" is particularly a wreck and sometimes the band seems not to be on the same boat), but they were a living band, and we were waiting for their next musical change. It was unfortunately the last that will inspire some excitation, even if some further albums will be better. In this set, very well recorded (nothing here of the awful sounding bootleg concerts you can find here or there), the band is really impressive, in particular Mick Avory on drums (listen to him on "Here Comes Flash" below). And all the songs from the Part II of Preservation are very superior to their album version. The audience seems very receptive. All in all, bands such as Polyphonic Spree make me think of the Kinks of that era. Just that Tim de Laughter has better songs than the ones Ray Davies composed at the times. The songs from this concert can be found for 6 of them ("Victoria", "Here Comes Yet Another Day", "Money Talks", "Mirror Of Love", "Celluloid Heroes" and "Skin And Bone") on the BBC Sessions 1964-1977 double CD, and the 6 other ones on a bootleg CD called Kinks in Concert with a RCA logo on it but it is no way an official LP. Nobody seems to have pooled the 2 6-song sets in one LP, this is therefore what I do in this post with a cover sleeve taken from a gallery here. They are from a show played 2 months before but it's OK.


Television Personalities - Seasons in the Sun EP (1997)

Sometimes said to be released in 1996, other times in 1997, I can't say since I had no more interest in the band during the nineties. It's a shame I know but I won't lie. Actually, no matter since all these covers and several releases during the end of the nineties were in fact sessions recorded between 1994 and 1995, a much more prolific and creative one for Dan Treacy. Maybe it was to capitalize on the band using these old songs or keeping the name alive I don't know, but it's sure this one is not an immortal one. Based on the cover of the Brel adaptation of "Le Moribond" by "our" Jacques Brel with edulcolorated lyrics by American singer-poet Rod McKuen (and later a worldwide hit in 1974 for Terry Jack with still more edulcolorated lyrics), it is not a good vehicle for the singular Treacy sensibility. The musical atmosphere is quite cosmic and psychedelic but nothing to make any impact in 1996 (or 97). Then there's "Bike" from Syd Barrett, more appropriate but not a must. The best cover is without a doubt the Raincoats one. Since I want to be more or less exhaustive, I add this one to the series but it's true Treacy fans always prefer listen to his own compositions than to covers. Enjoy anyway this here. PS. I created the cover sleeve since it was a picture disc.


Third World War - 1st album (1971)

I was sure to have posted the 1st album by the great Avery/Stamp tandem that provided their working fighting songs under the name of Third World War, but a visitor told me that actually no. So here it is. A seminal album, one of those that ignoring makes you an ignorant. You can forget almost 90% of the production of 1970 (even if it was one of the greatest year for rock, the one with the sound I prefer actually) rather than passing-by this precious proletarian rock bomb that is more crucial for music of the further decade than all the glam, prog, jazz-rock, kraut, west-coast and folk stuffs together. And the miracle is that it's one of these albums (with the second one of course posted here) that can be listened today as freshly as at the times, since lyrics and music are as relevant to today capitalist shit that it was in 1970. Less well-produced than the second one, with more rudimentary songs, there's however the Rolling Stones horn section on it (Jim Price and Bobby Keyes) and also Tony Ashton, so nothing amateurish second-hand record. It's not garage, it's not pub-rock, it's marxist-rock. Take it, spread it, and honor to these working class heroes wherever they are. Enjoy it here. And sing along "Let's free the working class / We're tired of licking the Government's arse". And don't forget silly journalists like Roy Hollingworth (Melody Maker) were so unable to know the difference between their arse and a hole in the ground that they shit on the album when it was released. Just listen to "Stardom Road" and tell me if Joe Cocker (Terry Stamp often sounds vocally like him) has done such a moving song in his life?


Procol Harum - Conquistador Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra fake EP (1972)

Just a reminder that there are several albums, singles and EPs from this great band on Forgotten Songs. I'll post more in the near future cos' they deserve it. Meanwhile, all have been reup on rs and if one links doesn't work, don't hesitate to ask for it's reup. Below what I wrote in the original post.

This post is justified by the release, this month, of a new edition of the Procol Harum Live with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, first released in April 1972 and received by the press as a complete masterpiece. The attempt to mix a symphonic orchestra with rock music had been tried before but honestly, this was a joke compared to this fantastic fusion that one can listen to here. The album scored very well and fans might have though that the time for Procol Harum had finally come. That would not be true actually and the further years would not be marked by the triumph that this band deserved. Procol Harum is, since 1972, I was still a kid, one of my 5 fave groups of all the times and time has not attenuated my admiration for the Brooker - Reid duo (more important to me than the other more famous duos in rock), and also for my fave drummer of all times, I mean Barrie J Wilson, this album being maybe the one in which everyone can see why some of us place this musician at the top of their drumming pyramid. There was a single drawn out of the LP. "Conquistador" was chosen as A-side, and this revealed to be a good idea since the song reached n°22 in UK and n°16 in US. In UK, the B-side was a song that did not feature in the LP, an orchestral version of the delicate and sexually explicit "Luskus Delph". This is here what I call the forgotten song. In the US, they had decided to put "Salty Dog" and this surely contributed to the success of the single, being occupied by 2 of the most Procol Harum songs (and both des chefs d'oeuvres"). But, in bonus, I add the 2 songs that made it at the rehearsals but not at the show: "Simple Sister" and "Shine On Brightly". Both are actually not totally satisfying, in particular "Simple Sister", first because it is much shorter than the original one (that you can find in Broken Barricades), and second because the orchestra is not well integrated to the song. That will be corrected for the next orchestral evenings that the bands would play in the 2 following years such as with the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra in August 1973 (a bootleg with a superb sound I'll post later on). So, here it is, one of the most magical band of the world in one of the most ambitious record of the last century. It could have been recorded yesterday. Enjoy this fake EP here, and then buy if you can the Salvo LPwherever you find it not too much expensive.

Conquistador. Conquistador your stallion stands in need of company and like some angel's haloed brow you reek of purity I see your armour-plated breast has long since lost its sheen and in your death mask face there are no signs which can be seen And though I hoped for something to find I could see no maze to unwind Conquistador a vulture sits upon your silver shield and in your rusty scabbard now the sand has taken seed and though your jewel-encrusted blade has not been plundered still the sea has washed across your face and taken of its fill And though I hoped for something to find I could see no maze to unwind Conquistador there is no time I must pay my respect and though I came to jeer at you I leave now with regret and as the gloom begins to fall I see there is no, only all and though you came with sword held high you did not conquer, only die And though I hoped for something to find I could see no maze to unwind
Luskus Delph. Tulips lips oh Luskus Delph Your baking breath breeds body 'x' With silken measures try to gauge The inside sweetness of your cave. Peach preserve your simmering jewel Hid away like orphans' gruel Help me find the widow's crack Make me stick like sealing wax Almonds eyes my turkish pearl Burn me up sweet oyster girl Shove me in your steaming vat Make me split like chicken fat