Van Der Graaf Generator - Singles (1968 - 77)

Once again I gather on the same compilations all the singles I posted individually on FS previously. You may think I'm a little lazy to recycle old stuff through these kind of compilations but I know many prefer to have all the singles in the same file, and moreover it makes the band appear again on the front page, and last it provides me the pleasure to create a cover sleeve (guilty one would say some real graphic specialists). Here I used a photo-manipulation called Guarding the Graveyard by a certain Matt the Samurai. It's great and fits perfectly with the material. Moreover it is similarly incongrous for a single compilation LP sleeve than VDGG was as a singles band. And the devil knows some of Peter Hammill's songs featuring here could have been hits... on another planets, where people would have good taste. I hope songs are in their true original single versions, cos' I hate to provide a wrong version (LP one, remixed one or anything else). The only voluntary exception I did is to put the complete Meurglys III version and not the Edited one cos' it's criminal to fade this song. So you got the 20 min long one here. For the other ones, I trust my initial post where I did my best to find the real version that was on the original single (and some of the songs here have been released in different versions on the corresponding LP). Note at last that the last single was released with a different line-up and without the Generator in the name but I don't think it's a real problem. Enjoy it here.

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