Nikki Sudden - Back to the start / Ringing on my train 7" (1981)

This is the first of a series of posts about Nikki Sudden's singles and EPs discography. This is the first thing he released under his name after Swell Maps disbanded (he seems to regret this separation in the booklet's notes of the Waiting on Egypt/Bible Belt double CD). Recorded in September 1980, released in February 1981, only the B-side would be on his first LP (i.e., Waiting on Egypt) almost a year later (in 1982). NS amateurs won't find his Stones-era-Exile on Main Street style here but a cross between the Fall and Madness, and of course some Swell Maps remains. He said that "Ringing on my train" was an attempt to re-do T. Rex's "Free Angel" but I don't really see where's the link. Enjoy it here. A way to maintain NS's music memory alive.


Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Live in the studio (1976)

Under this title is a live in the studio set played for Musikladen  andrecorded by Radio Bremen on the 27th of January 1976. The band was on the eve to release his Timeless Flight LP, the 4th under Cockney Rebel name but only the second with this line-up. Once again, not the CR formation I like the best, the band having left his weird and singular approach of music for a much more mainstream one and virtuosity is what may seem the most antinomic with the band initial project. Here they are 7 on stage (2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 keyboard, 1 percussion, 1 drummer and SH) and sometimes sound as a cross between Santana and the Traffic of High-heeled boy. Not the funky treatment that would feature on the Face to Face official double live LP one year later but no more the glam-affiliated rock band we loved. This set was released 13 years ago on a double CD with a video CD of the show. Here the audio part. Not the best quality on the earth (could have been remastered but surely too expensive) but a decent one. And Harley's amateurs always appreciate to listen to all the steps of his evolution even to regret it. Enjoy it here.


Television Personalities - The Good Anarchist / She's Always Been There For Me 7" (2008)

First from the 4 songs that will be driven from A memory is better than nothing LP, released in January 2008, it's a strange choice since Dan Treacy doesn't sing it and moreover the song could certainly not have any impact anyway. But the B-side, "She's Always Been There For Me" is a non-album track and a famous one, the TVP-go-lo-fi-Motown as we adore them. Sad that the song was not a little bit longer. More to come. We miss Dan. Never forget him. Enjoy it here. PS. The guy/doll who post the B-side on Youtube (below) put the cover sleeve of the "People Think We Are Strange" single back cover sleeve. Yes I think he/she is strange.


Nikki Sudden & The Last Bandits - Live in Germany (2000)

Long I didn't post. Afraid I got less and less time (and envy).Tonight a live recording by Nikki Sudden, caught in 2000 in Germany (it seems this concert was captured on the 1st of July, at least that's what is written on the CD-R that someone gave me some years ago) backed with his regular band of the times, The Last Bandits. Hearing NS, it seems he was rather upset not to be paid for playing on that night. Don't know if this is the reason he doesn't seem very involved in the songs. Moreover the setlist is not full of gems. And the sometimes funky arrangements are not a brilliant idea. But it's always heart-shaking to listen to Nikki anyway. I'll post more from him in the future, and in particular will try to track his singles and EPs as I did for Dan Treacy (at least in the nineties). Enjoy this live set here. Of course I did the fake cover sleeve myself, not really a surprise. PS. No streaming, tilidom being "temporarily" unavailable (?).


Str... - The Deadlines Dublin Sessions fake EP (1977)

I think many Str... fans would agree that Deadlines was really badly produced, full of Jeffrey Lesser bad habits, mixed with awful sound options of the late seventies. Except for the last 2 tracks, it was often ruined by production. So it was a real pleasure to have 3 tracks from the Dublin sessions not featuring the Utopia studios sound and only the original mixes, much more in the traditional band vein. Although "No Return" is (for me) a very weak song and "Joey And Me" not a seminal one, it's good to hear them without the ugly sound decoration of the final product. And there's "Deadly Nightshade", one of the highlight of Cousins and Strawbs career. These were on the reissue of Deadlines. I encourage to buy it but if you can't afford, here are these 3 tracks under a fake EP with do-it-myself cover sleeve (from a young guy called Ruberman Rodriguez, his deviantArt page here).