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The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre (2011)

I learn only today that The Devil's Blood disbanded in 2013 and more dramatic, that Selim Lemouchi killed himself last April. Three years ago, I decided not to post anymore albums from bands in activities that should be supported and their music bought (there is much more direct way to pay them now than a few years ago). I had up this album and it was removed by mf. But now, I feel it's a way to make the Selim music lives throughout his death (same as Lifelover). So I reup on M (here) and hope it will stay. Really, this album is one of the milestones of the beginning of this century. And (for me) there are not much but I may be wrong, I barely listen to everything as I used to last century.

As a fan of Shocking Blue and doom, it's no surprise I definitively dig The Devil's Blood (could call themselves The Shocking Red) who often sounds as Shocking Blue turning doom. Both are from Nederland, the real 3rd country for music. But more than that, the band succeeds in creating real fucking good songs, and, as for Uncle Acid & the deadbeats, this deserves to be saluted. If we lived on a planet where people had still functional ears, this LP would have been one of the biggest seller of the year. We're far from this reality unfortunately. Here, you got 10 songs that I wouldn't expect a contempory band to be able to compose. OK, it's close to nostalgia but I don't care. Moreover, the singer, Farida Lemouchi has a voice I really like, a mix between (of course) Mariska Veres (on "Fire Burning") and PP Arnold, imagine my jubilation. And if all the sexist comments of the metal reviewers about her body silhouette could stop, it would be a real relief. Personally I think she's gorgeous. I missed them recently in Paris and I'm very angry against me. I must be more vigilant on the concerts in this city of no-fun. Some of the below pictures were taken from here.


Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow LP (2010)

A repost. Because this is surely one of the albums I've listened to the most often over the last 2 years. And that I've listened to it last week and thought that, with time passing by, I'm quite sure I consider this is one of the best LP of this first decade (and a bit more) of XXIst century (at least, it's in my Top 10). So, since Scott Conner said there would be no more Xasthur LP, and since bands are often quick forgotten when they stop their activity, I thought it was necessary to repost it. The vocal presence of Marissa Nadler all along the LP contributes to its success. Although many Xasthur's lovers considered that Conner had lost the touch with the 2 previous albums, I on the opposite consider he was reaching a peak and that it's a shame he quitted. So, if you never tried, believe me and get it here. It's truly a music that explores the deepest of despair but makes it so beautiful we even don't regret to feel it. Below what I wrote in the initial post.

Xasthur, the one-man band of Scott Conner (so-called Malefic) has been buried by his creator and this album is its testimony. As I said for Daughters LP here, this Portal of Sorrow will be for me one of the few albums that will mark this year and without any hesitation, will stand the test of time. Much better produced than the previous one (you can dl here), easier to listen (just a bit), it is the more faraminous relevant soundtrack of our deleterious times. Nothing is less than exceptionally good here. You enter in such an album as you slip in a bath of muddy water. With a sensual disgust from which you get out with regret. It seems this album sold quite well (1500 were pressed all's gone) and Scott Conner is not sure to do a new press of it (see it here). It would be a shame. He says he will go somewhere totally different musically. But this guy is so good I'm sure we will find to enjoy in his next project. Meanwhile enjoy this last but not least gem here.

Below some tracks. Some of my favorites but there's not a weak moment on this album.


Iron Hills - Famine (2012)

Let's go back to the real shit: sludge funeral doom at its best with this band from Saint Louis that offers us a sort of epitome of the genre, a new milestone in the road travelled to nowhere but death that this musical style digs for us for the last 23 years. In 3 tracks they mark their path in this muddy earth we love to bath our ears in. The style of music you don't only listen to when you're in violent mood but almost anytime life becomes a little too heavy to support without some sonor equivalent to exorcise your suicidal inclinations. These young guys succeed in creating this. Of course they borrow their style to the "grand ancients" but they do their own stuff with singularity and, at least to my non-perfect knowledge, do not copy anyone. Strongly recommended (you know I never recommend anything that would be mediocre or only half-good). Tense and intense, Iron Hills are there to stay. Unjoy here. And then support and buy on their bandcamp there, so that they can release any solid version. PS. It's their second EP. First one is in free dl on bandcamp too.


Uzala - s/t (2012)

Has doom found its Grace Slick(Jefferson Airplane singer for the youngest or most ignorant among you)? It is likely when listening to the voice of Darcy Nutt raising from your grave oops... your speakers. But this is not the only thing great about this band (is the name from the Kurosawa film? Don't know) since almost everything is great in it. It's doom as I love. Atmospheric but never arty, rough but melodic, traditional but never repeating an old and used formula, inclined toward religious incantation but pagan and down-to-earth, sad as the death of someone you affectionate but peaceful as your own death. The kind of music you can drown in, the one I'm digging as one day I'll dig my own grave oops... here we go again. Not a weak track, a sparkling version of the classic "Gloomy Sunday", this band from Portland adds its force to the batallions of the doom army that help us to survive through this uninteresting and bleak existence. Without any hesitation will be in my Top 10 of the year, at least in the doom category (and maybe all categories, it will depend on the releases of the next 7 months, times are quite luxious in great albums). Enjoy it here but you must support them the best you can in going to their shows and buying their stuff. It's not an advice, it's an order. Their bandcamp here.


Rituals - s/t (2012)

If, like me you're in the Skullflower era Orange Canyon Mind, your mind will be blown by the first track of this LP ("Cognitive Dissonance"). It's one of the most breathtaking thing I heard for quite a long time. Afterwards, the post-rock à-la Isis dimension is more pregnant but the wilderness of what's played (à-la Neurosis) avoids any rubbishness so frequent in this music style (but now frequent in most of what I listen to, whatever the school the newcomers adhere to). If you are users of this blog, you won't be surprised by my choice, cos' you got here what I love in this mix of extreme sludge-doom-noise I consider the only music providing a credible sound equivalent to our times. All else honestly seems to me rather out of subject (I'm half a century old but don't want to listen to recycle music and needs relevant music as I wanted it when I was 13 and listened to Black Sabbath or Procol Harum). Except some melancholic singers who explore their innerself with all the deadly content (from Melanie to Lana Del Rey). But here we have the soundtrack of our purulent times. There's something of a tribal approach (I'd said Indian, the civilisation and the band) in the drum beat that makes it sound all the more wild and non-WASP. Sometimes it's strangely very very calm and beautiful (the bridge on the end of "Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy", whatever Takotsubo may mean, or the first part of "It Was All Very Sudden").If you miss it, it's a real waste. Enjoy it here. And then go there to support them the best you can (they're from Washington DC). After Vestiges (here) and Alda (there), Replenish records show they are one of the best label of the times.


Ice Dragon - Tome of the Future Ancients (2012)

Surely one of the most impressive album I'll listen to over the year. Not without weak moments, not without technical approximations in the production and playing, but creating a really deleterious atmosphere all the way long. Imagine this album is about 73 min long (finally a double vinyl album) and keeps all along the way a doom path based upon Black Sabbath with a kind of Electric Wizard treatment, but with a much more artisan approach, I would even say lo-fi, far from metal actually and its obsession of efficiency, grandeur, pomposity, technicity. In other ways, I totally adhere to this kind of project. If you're in 70's old shit and you come on this site to catch some, please be curious enough to listen to this gem, I'm sure you won't regret it. And then go here to buy it please. Before, enjoy it here


Romero - Cough Lock 7" (2012)

I was sure I would find the music I needed tonight to consolate me from the load of bastards that live in my country and where 1 from 5 votes for a xenophobic and sub-nazi party (it was election day today, I loathe this stupid ritual but for once, I participated to it but it's again a disaster). So Romero does perfectly the game with this fantastic new single. I posted their previous one here and this one is again a gem. Actually, what I love with this band is that you never know what's coming next. They are quite unpredictable, sometimes Melvinians, sometimes Sleepians, sometimes Kyussians, always good, never in the pale copy. This single is free to dl so don't hesitate to ask it here or take it there directly.


Saint Ivo - Self titled (2012)

I don't know anything about this band and didn't find anything except their LP on bandcamp (and not even in an LP form but in separate tracks freely downloadable). And what I knwo is that I totally fell in love with their style. Which one exactly. Imagine Murkrat playing the slow part of Acid Bath (with the voice of Dax Riggs) with a Type O Negative flavor you got something approaching the played style. The perfect music for the sonor background of some mediaeval horror film. Can't say why I appreciate so much something that may seem so simple and repetitive but I do. If someone can give some light about this band I would be grateful. Don't hesitate to dl it and I assure you won't be disappointed. A perfect gothic doom climax for those who love to swim in these muddy macabre waters. Enjoy it here. Listen below and then go to their bandcamp there.


Malasangre - Lux Deerit Soli (2012)

A very long time I hadn't heard such a fantastic album of funeral doom. This is one. And I am all the most surprised to hear the mixed reviews of several so-called specialized sites who, apparently, have lost their aural taste listening too much second-hand shit for their chronicles. Malasangre is an Italian band, and this is their new LP after 7 years off. The black metal voice of the singer, the obessive and macabre construction of riffs, the growing intensity, the lyrism in the arrangements, all this makes this 2 tracks LP (35 min each) one of the best album of the year so far. There is also a certain Khanate flavor that makes things still more exciting. I can't imagine fans of Skepticism, Moss or Khanate won't adopt this new opus as the sonor coffin of their suicidal thoughts. Enjoy (if the term is appropriate)here. For me, it's pure masterpiece. In particular "Na Ma", the second track, one of the highobscurity of the year without a doubt.


Strage - The Fire in Hell (2012)

My second coup-de-coeur is for a band from South Africa called Strage, and who proposes freely his new (and first) 5-track album here. They are affiliated under the banner of Cult of Luna or Pelican but honestly, I think they do a much more "human" music. Think Sleep and Kyuss playing some Pelican-like themas and you got an approximate idea of the music played by this trio. Among the vast amount of new releases I listened to, this all-instrumental band is the only one (with Fire in the Cave, see previous post) I felt necessary to promote here. I would like that you dl these new shits the same as you do with old ones. Unfortunately, it's not the case. Music is not only for masturbating on souvenirs but for fucking with new stuff. Enjoy it here.


Fire in the Cave - s/t EP (2012)

I must confess (although I'm a complete atheist) that these last weeks, I was not able to find, among the dozens of new releases in doom/sludge/noise/dark metal I listened to, anything that deserved, at least in my views, to feature on this blog. After the fantastic LP from the Black Skies (here) and the excellent last offers from Valve (here), Spelljammer (here), Blood Red Water (here) and Witchstone (here), everything paled in comparison. This blog is not here to promote all the bands that require it (such as so many blogs about these musical styles) but to celebrate the bands I think are over the mass, the ones who propose something I think is exceptional. This is the case with 2 bands, the first being this monstruous quintet from Florida (Orlando) who reaches some summit when it comes of sludgy riffs, muddy symphonic accents, horrific and heavy as hell melodic themas. Mixing more genres I have the place to describe here, they are one of the most aggressive and killing music I heard since Meth Drinker last year (here). And they sometimes cut the climax with quiet parts that make the whole more sapid than we would have dreamed it could be. Don't hesitate to run (virtually) on their bandcamp to support them (here). Meanwhile have a try here.


Spelljammer - Vol. II (2012)

After KozybunX, here another unmissing LP for all Electric Wizard's Let Us Pray aficionados. This band from Sweden proposes one of the most monstruous and convincing contempory way to make perdure the Wizard heritage (and Sleep's one too, and therefore Black Sabbath's one of course). It's exactly the music you need when you like sounds that create atmospheres of voodoo, black mess and imaginary rituals dedkated to the devil. They do it with a richness of ideas that make them masters of darkness for sure. The stoner dimension of their music (in particular on "Space Reefer") should help to make them quite successful since this always catch more ears than pure sludge doom. Enjoy it here and then go to support them on their bandcamp there and buy in every format you want (except CD or vinyl I fear). A good way to bring back to life this blog after some days off and some thrill about its survival. Not sure it will last unfortunately. Take what you can the quickest you can before definite closing.


KozybunX - Practice Room EP (2010)

A hell of a piece of doom for lovers of the old Electric Wizard, the one we love (here more specifically Let Us Pray and its psychedelic flavor). This polish band has released this demo 2 years ago (January 2010) but I don't find anything about them since this release. Too bad. Imagine Sleep meeting Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats under the cult of Electric Wizard and you got this splendid sinister and demoniac shit. There's everything I appreciate in doom when it's far from metal and very close to the most tribal noise rock has ever produced. Mostly instrumental, the voices are often samples of films or some screaming vocals that still add to the terror of this music. Hope they'll reactive this patronym with something this good. I forgot to say they're from Germany. Enjoy it here. I promise you won't regret it. Their bandcamp there. No picture from them to provide. So I posted 2 pictures of Theda Bara who provided the illustration of their cover sleeve. Good choice they did.


The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood (2010)

I don't want to be too often apologetic since you finally won't believe me anymore but The Body is really what I'm desperately and enthousiastically in search of when I'm travelling on the web, in quest of something exciting to listen to. You'll say that I'm quite late this time since the 3xLP vinyl was released in July 2010 and I agree I'm not the most vigilant and trusty blogger for experimental music, but after all, the worst would have been not to discover them. They are 2, they are from Rhode Island, and they do one of the most inovative music since Khanate or Gnaw Their Tongues. As said one blog (here) "you could write a master's thesis on how awesome this album is". I definitively agree and it would much less boring shit than most of the theses. Consisting in 7 tracks that make us travel through incredibly various and unusual sonor universes, this would have been without hesitation in my Top 10 of 2010 if I had discovered it before. It's a rather tuff experience to endure, but it deserves to be tried. We have only one life after all. And as Bataille said, "without extreme life doesn't worth it". If, like me, you had missed it, enjoy it here. And please, don't keep stuck to the old 70's stuff, really, this kind of masterpiece is the great music of our times. If you like music, how comes you can't appreciate the one of our times. Do you imagine Bach's fans not appreciating Shostakovitch? (wrong example since I think there are many). Their myspace here.


Wreck of Hesperus - Terminal Dirge (2004)

Yes I know, some of you were maybe rather satisfied not to see anymore true rough and raw doom posted on this blog. It was only a brief absence since here this you-think-it's-boring-I-think-it's-stunning genre is back again with a rather ancient demo from an Irish band I had in my stock for quite a long time and that I can't imagine not to post here for those who are in old-school doom, the one mixing Sleep and Autopsy (but some others too). Its the first of a series of releases from them I'll try to post here since they deserve it. I didn't find a better quality cover sleeve so I kept it small. But the music is great. Their fb page here. This great first shot there.


Drear - s/t (2007)

You saw that We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer was in my 2011 top (forgo)10 (here) although recorded in 2009 but released last year. So, if you credit me of some judgement in matter of music, maybe you listened to it, and if you loved it, here their previous recording (don't know how to call these 3-track MP3 formats with 30 min on). I don't like the name of demo. For me, it's a finished work and could stand proudly next to so-called officially released LP with 60 min of rubbish or previously-heard-1000-times music. If this first shot is not totally the masterpiece of Fertilizer, it's still one of the best thing in the Khanate-influenced doom domain mixed with black metal I ever heard. Hope they'll be out of their relative unotoriety and become famous (and remove one day my file calling me a thief like do most of those who meet success even if blogs have first help them to be heard). Meanwhile, enjoy it here, you won't regret your travel in terror, anguish and chaos, specially the incredibly menacing "Paramount Crematorium"


The Wounded Kings - In The Chapel Of The Black Hand (2011)

I don't want to see a wave where there's none, but with Blood Ceremony (from Canada), Devil's Blood (from Nederland) and this new version (they have a female singer with this LP only) of The Wounded Kings (from UK), it seems that in 2011 a certain 60's-influenced doom female vocally-driven revival is on the road to glory. What's incredible is the fact that they don't give birth to second-rate albums, rather obsolete and nostalgic, but first-class ones, strangely relevant, even if the demoniac and sulfurous satanic background is no more than a delicatessen imagery in which it's orgasmic to drown in. This 4 track-LP has really something of the 60's italian version of Black Sabbath. More Atomic Rooster (when they were doom) than the Iommi outfit actually. Sometimes, Curved Air is not far (but Curved Air was never doom). The voice of Sharie Neyland is priestess as you can imagine. And there's a little nasal sound in it that increases its thrilling power. Not a weak track, a weak part, thick as fog in the Hammer horror films. The title track is a complete masterpiece. All in all, one of the best LP of the year in a category I'm sure there will be a lot of emulation next year and maybe a big public breakout if one song suddenly made it in the Charts (actually internet). Enjoy it here. Their facebook page is here. You got all you need to buy the album and support them so that they'll offer us more more.


Meth Drinker - s/t (2011)

Sometimes you find a critics that say things much better anything you could ever think of. This is the case with this incredible album. A guy called IxI Killing wrote (here) "Have you ever put a record on and thought to yourself, “Since when did people inside insane asylums get to use instruments and why does it sound so fucking great?”. If you have thought that, believe me when I say you are not alone in this because when I listen to Meth Drinker’s self-titled debut full-length “Meth Drinker”, I get the same exact thoughts". And I had the same thought too. Honestly since the peak times of EyeHateGod or Autopsy I had not felt so disturbed by a band. Of course there has been some insane music proposed in the 2 last decades, more adventurous than this one (think of Khanate or Runhild Gammelsaeter for example), but here you can hear what's so specially fucking demential in sludge-doom, a sense of extreme terrorized vision of the world. It's crime being committed not related you feel to listen to. They are from New Zealand, a land that gives us more and more great bands and photographers and models. Impossible to miss if you're in real hate music. One of the highlight (actually lowdark) of this fucking awful year. Enjoy (not totally appropriate but I use it each time so let's go) it here.