Melanie - Ballroom Streets / The 4 CD-forgotten songs (1978)

Melanie has been someone very important in my life, either in musical or in personal terms, but it's not the place here to talk about it. I've tried my best, in particular via the Crossroads/Xroads mag, to contribute to the public reevaluation of this incredible singer songwriter, maybe the most European of all US singers (to be Ukrainian may have helped). Here, we found her in 1978, and in a very singular phase of her career. After a long 5 years period during which her success faded away due to the release of rather uneven albums, Melanie seeming more interested to care about her children than her records, she missed a great comeback in 1976 with the Photograph LP, that surprisingly flopped. With Ballroom Streets, it seems that the project was to make of Melanie a sort of rock singer leading a gang of male musicians. It is to note that she's rather lean, and it will be, to my knowledge, one of the only times in her life. Honestly, this apparent commercial bet is a complete success. She reveals herself a great band singer, and shows a swinging genius that even her fans were surprised to hear. Behind her, the band is competent but could have been better. In brief, this double vinyl LP recorded in Live condition in front of a small assemblee, had a lot of qualities to convince the press and the public that the Photograph LP was not a one-shot. Unfortunately it failed to reach this objective and Melanie would then drown deeper and deeper in obscurity. The reason of the present post is that all the CD versions of this double LP have sacrified 4 from the 18 songs, and among them, I think that 3 should have found their way in the reeditions. First, "Groundhog Day", from Photograph, a gorgeous song with such a so delicate smiling despair colour in Melanie's voice. Then, "Friends & Company", also from Photograph, with its long and very good instrumental final, that closed the LP. There was also the classic "Any Guy" from the Affectionately album (her second), strangely omitted of the CD versions. And last, a rather weak song, "Holdin' Out" from the Madrugada album. You'll find them here on this virtual EP with a self-made cover. Sorry for the low quality of the vinyl rip, but my original one is not in quite good and my technical skills to produce MP3 from analogic sources could still improve. I hope however that you'll find some pleasure. Enjoy here.

Here the lyrics of "Groundhog Day"
"I've grown fat I've grown a beard I've grown alone Seems no one comes to stay in my loneliness Sometimes love and sometimes none I'm out of luck but I'm not done Today is Groundhog Day Take me to a party take me to a room Where there ain't no corner For me to run into I think I'm gonna have to touch everyone in the place A game of hearts playing face to face How long a line to a space Where I look at mine You know I'm gonna have to touch everyone in their place Feel every part tasting every taste How much more running in place will it take to find It's Groundhog Day I've grown fat I've grown a beard I've grown alone It must be a year Today it's Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day Oh take me to a party Take me to a party I think I hear the music playing, ooh Take me out of my room I gotta get to a party Take me, take me to a party Take me out I think I gotta get out of my place I hear the music playing"



Schlong - Stroker 7" (1991)

Between 1989 and 1994, I had a kind of compulsion for buying noise, sludge and doom US singles. All these bands were quite unknown at that time, and there was no difference for us between a new Unsane and a Schmortlurtz (or Schlong) single, since both were obscure bands from nowhere (remember it was a time without any web for the poor French spiders we were to gather some any information). Among them, some became famous (eg. Unsane) and sometimes more than famous (eg. Nirvana), and some remained in their eternal obscurity. Honestly, it was sometimes possible to predict their future and I can't say I'm surprised thant Schlong never made it. But I would not have bet a cent (a Euro one but in these times, it was still Francs) that Unsane would become so referential. All this to hide that I don't know a thing about this band from Florida... except that they are from Florida (and still, I'm not sure). I read that "schlong" and more specifically "schlong stroker" is the term for anybody practicing masturbation, the same way than a "branleur" in French "se masturbe" (you won't say that this blog doesn't contribute to help you learning foreign languages). Contrary to what you may think, I did not made the cover by myself as the Rikki Nadir one yesterday. This is the real one. If I post this 2 songs single, it is primary for the elegantly titled "Proctology disaster" (and I know what it is about, I've been operated myself of this sensitive area of our intimacy some years ago), an extraordinay piece, not of meat but of sludgy noise with some Drunk with Guns elements. The instrumental part of the second half of the song is gorgeous. The best now is to leave you enjoy this proctology disaster here, the other side being titled, quite similarly, "George Bush". I hope a French sludge band will take the idea and call one of his shit "Nicolas Sarkozy". He deserves it.



Fu Manchu - Slap A Ham EP (1990)

My fave music style is doom. Among various doom substyles, my fave one is sludge. Every sludger has his (her?) own definition of what is sludge and I won't give mine here in poor English. I wrote my own sludge story (in my native language on a collective magazweb and you can find the text about this EP here). For me sludge was born around 1989 and 4 bands seem at the source of this muddy sound. Here's one of them: Fu Manchu. This 3 titles EP released on the Slap A Ham label (6th one) represents the step from the Melvino-Sabbath style to what will become some months later the true sludge sound. The band will change direction as soon as the next single and will later cultivate a much more punky stoner approach (and less palatable to my ears). The vinyl rip (not mine) is not first class but with sludge it's not quite a problem. Consider that as an historical sonor document (but these are 3 fucking great songs too). Enjoy there.



Alain Kan - Radio flic / Killer Man (1977)

Here's the second single from Alain Kan's Gazoline band. Very different from the previous one. A real punk gem. For me, the only example of a successfull French punk single. The lyrics are in the file because it's not very easy, even for French speaking listeners, to understand exactly what the hell is singing Alain Kan. Honestly, I knew that this would not last. Alain Kan had a much more varied musical world than the one featuring in this single. That said, an LP would have been great and would have remained the only real punk album in this country. Here is a link about Alain Kan (in French). Enjoy (it is really short, don't miss the beginning).

Here's a picture (taken at the Olympia's punk night) showing that Fred Chichin (soon to form the Rita Mitsouko) actually collaborated with Alain Kan. They are both somewhere now, but where?