Alain Kan - Radio flic / Killer Man (1977)

Here's the second single from Alain Kan's Gazoline band. Very different from the previous one. A real punk gem. For me, the only example of a successfull French punk single. The lyrics are in the file because it's not very easy, even for French speaking listeners, to understand exactly what the hell is singing Alain Kan. Honestly, I knew that this would not last. Alain Kan had a much more varied musical world than the one featuring in this single. That said, an LP would have been great and would have remained the only real punk album in this country. Here is a link about Alain Kan (in French). Enjoy (it is really short, don't miss the beginning).

Here's a picture (taken at the Olympia's punk night) showing that Fred Chichin (soon to form the Rita Mitsouko) actually collaborated with Alain Kan. They are both somewhere now, but where?


Rough Mix said...

What a picture!
Where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

Rah, encore un échec! Je n'en aurai décidément que bien peu... Je t'en supplie, un lien, un lien! Tu ferais au moins un heureux. Et certainement bien plus...