Mark Perry - Whole word's down on me 7" (1980)

I repost this single since I found a CD version of it and it's a better sound than my ripp. Here what I wrote laste year "A single from 1980 more or less systematically omitted by anthologies or discographies of ATV, as is Snappy Turns, its LP counterpart, surely because they were released under the name of Mark Perry between 2 ATV incarnations, more precisely between The Good Missionaries and a fake reborn ATV with Alex Fergusson getting back with Mark Perry to please Miles Copeland from IRS, an old supporting guy that became a label boss and who told him that becoming a bit commercial was his last chance to get some chance to pursue a music career. This led to the uneven Strange Kicks album. Nothing here anticipating this commercial turn. Actually, the solo Mark Perry was not so different from ATV, except he abandoned all the rock content of the band and alternated more poppy songs (or reggae as here) and complete experimental pieces. This single has been added to the CD edition of Snappy Turns but honestly I don't think this CD is easy to find. This song is a cover of a reggae song composed and sung by Ken Boothe and that you can find on the Let's Get It On LP from 1973. When Mark Perry picks up reggae, he always turns it in something else, not the cuppa tea of Reggae lovers surely (but I'm not), taking all of the misery and leaving most of the fun. However, we find him here in quite a happy mood and this song fits in sunny sunday mornings, the way I'll hear it tomorrow morning. The B side is ATV as lots of people hate it. Something like free rock, Beefheart goes punk kind of thing. I like it since it fits my own destructuration but I can't hope everybody to adhere. Be it as it may, enjoy it if you feel to here"

The Whole World's Down On Me
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bendle said...

Hi there

weird finding bits of my past dotted on the net - I was involved in recording this (that's me on the left of that line of people) and in putting out a second Mark Perry single at the same time... more recentbits of me (and some old shit) at http://bendle.cbandcamp.com



dkelvin said...

This is for this sort of comment I do this blog. I'm very pleased you wrote a note under this post. This gives it a supplement of soul. I'll go hear music on your link. Thx for the comment

dkelvin said...

Please could you upload the complete Optimism/Squirrel/Absurd LP? The excerpts you put on bandcamp are very good and the fact there's Mark Perry on this LP makes it an important testimony for everyone of his fans. Moreover, your own work deserves to be more known and this could contribute.

Tom Hickmore said...

This is a great single, and I have made a recording to keep on my iPod. I joined the rump of the Good Missionaries without Mark, although I did play with him once. I saw him maybe 10 years back and the gig was great. I wish he'd done more of this pop stuff. He has a great soulful voice. Another Coke is a great example.