Alternative TV - My Baby's Laughing 7" (1987)

I read in a book about procrastination ("The art of procrastination" by John Perry) that to avoid procrastination on early morning, one solution is to make your alarm wake you up with the most happy song you ever heard. I had to think a long time before finding a happy song in my memory, and among them one that would not drive me to kill myself when playing, and finally the best I could find was this one by Mark Perry (more a solo song than a true ATV one actually). So, over the last 7 says, I got it as alarm music. Don't know if it works since I took some days off. But as soon as tomorrow, I will know. A good opportunity to reup it. Get it here.

This 7" is from the second reformation of ATV, a version of the band that lived from 1985 to 1987, the first one being after The Good Missionaries, in 1981 for The Ancient Rebels LP. After 2 strong EPs and an excellent LP (Peep Show, highly recommended), the band (Mark Perry, Allison Phillips and Steve Cannell), released this 7" with the great "My Baby's Laughing (Empty Summer Dream)") on A-side, a song featuring in the LP but with an atmosphere so different from the gloomy mood of the album, that honestly it would have been a better idea to put it out on a single only. I really don't understand why Mark Perry is not considered as a true genius (often ATV is conversely considered as a second rate punk band) and this song says it all. This happy refrain is one that few other than him may have conceived. The B-side featured 2 acoustic songs, not easy to find I think, since they are on none of the various compilations released about the band. They're both fine and, in complete opposition with the A-side, are filled with loneliness and sadness, the usual content of Mark Perry's lyrics, but nobody will throw a stone to him for that I suppose, everyone knows it can help crossing some river of life in our own existence sometimes. So, the only thing to say, whoever is now Mark (that I had the chance to interview some 10 years ago, during 3 long hours in a hotel bedroom where he was sick and had to cancel his show) is thanx. 


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