Asbesdosdeath - Dejection 7" (1990)

Another doom founding members, the quartet Asbestosdeath will become the trio Sleep after this second single (the first being Unclean). With Fu-Manchu and EyeHateGoAjouter une imaged, Asbestosdeath will edict the rules of the sludge approach of doom. Rising from the Black Sabbath muddy riff side (more the 1st LP than the further ones), they created a true musical equivalent to the disgust that overflows us when looking at this unholy mess that they call the world. Dejection is a good title. This is both vomiting and shiting our inside out. Contrary to the historical legend that uses to localize the sludge birthplace in Louisiana, this comes from San Francisco. Actually, the band was from San Jose in California, but it's a funny symbol of what the world has turned in, to see that the flower power craddle was 30 years later such a dirty coffin. What's great in this single, it's that both "Nail" and "Scourge" did not become historical document without much musical relevance, but are still as seminal now that they were almost 20 years ago (oops, so long?). I would like that more bands take this angle of attack of doom today. But don't be nostalgic. After some uncompromising achievement, Sleep disbanded and gave birth to 2 very different bands: High on Fire with Matt Pike (a kind of doomster Motorhead) and Om with Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius (Black Sabbath goes mystics without Tony Iommi). None of these 2 bands really touch as much as Asbestosdeath and Sleep did, but this is not the place to talk about it. This single has been DCfied on an EP with the Unclean 7", but as usual, I like to have it the way I bought at the time. Dear "saprophages", enjoy the dejection here.


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