Bastards - Shuddup/Parade 7" (1989)

And now two very rare songs by the great Bastards. They were both released on two 7"EP compilations edited by the Treehouse label under the common name of Scumbait. To my knowledge, none of them feature on any CD, but maybe I'm wrong (don't hesitate to tell me). "Parade" is the oldest song recorded by the band and it's clear that the final Bastards style is not totally mature (what a strange word for such a band). There's a Husker Dü flavor that would disappear later on. More an historical document than a true lost gem (and the sound is really crappy). Not the same story for "Shuddup (You Like 'Dat)", one that was forgotten from the Monticello sessions and it's quite difficult to understand why. This a fantastic piece of Bastards meatsound. The sleeve is a DIM one. Don't know why this picture makes me think to the Bastards approach of music, but so it is. Some among you would have preferred me to put the whole EPs online for dl. I've hesitated but my aim is to treat bands individually and I stick to this initial idea. Since I'm an Unsane and Drunks with Guns amateur, be sure that these songs will be on this blog one day or another. Meanwhile, enjoy these rarities on the compilation here.


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