Bastards - Who Cares/Shit for Brains 7" (1988)

This is the first single Joachim Breuer released. At this time he was the leader of the Bastards. "Who Cares" is emblematic of his particular approach of guitar and more generally of rock. Something rude, raw, rough, anything with "r" at the beginning and something hard at the end. It's muddy, sludgy, it is not smelling good but strangely there's something elegant in all this mud. Later, I'll post several Drunks with Guns songs, and here, there's nothing elegant. The B-side (but there's no really A and B sides actually) is quite in the same vein, but the title will stick to the band and honestly, it's one of the best song title I know, one who summarizes the metaphor coming to thought at the end of some tiring day where everybody seemed to take your head for their toilet bowl. There will be 2 more singles before Joachim Breuer stop the Bastards for Janitor Joe. All quite difficult to find but gathered on a LEP (long EP) released by Glitterhouse with the Fall sounding title of You didn' give a damn about the exploding man because you killed him (sic). Later, some CD versions of Monticello had this complete LEP as bonus tracks. But, you know the philosophy here, it's better to listen to songs in the context of their initial release. This is it. Enjoy on the compilation here


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