Black Heart Procession - Rats / Witching Stone 7" (2009)

Don't ask me what is the forgotten song of this post, there's none, except maybe that "Witching Stone" is for me an absolute classic that should be the biggest hit of the year and I doubt it will be. It's rare I'm so sure that a song is such a standard but here I am. Few are the albums I've listened so often in so little time than Six, and I did not know this band before so nothing to do with a fan attitude. Moreover, this Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave filiation is not my usual glassubeer but honestly, I'm sure that none of these great ancestors would have been able to compose such a wonderfull and varied collection of songs, with this morbid flavor and this dereliction that the BHP exhales over the whole LP. Buy it. For now, no other song that Witching Stone seems to be more appropriate for this blog so here it is. And don't forget to look at the video illustrating the song. It's a great one. You can see it here.


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