D(k)oom - Vol 1 (Autumn 2009)

I feel the need to publish a compilation of songs that could be affiliated to the doom style. There is no real explanation to do it here but this is the music that I listen the most to, and I want to share it with the few ones who take a look on this blog. Maybe they will find their happyn... sadness, in this 6 songs compilation. On the first side is doom as most describe it and on the second one, doom mood songs from 3 magnificent LPs I can't stop playing again and again (in particular the Rose Kemp one). Let's say that Black Heart Procession is a mix of Velvet and country doom whilst Rose Kemp and Unthanks are more folky doomish. These 3 songs are for me real masterpieces. On side 1, the Yob piece is from their last LP and is one of the most frightening piece of music I've heard in my life. Even Khanate is less "lugubrious". Unfortunately, the rest of the LP is weaker but still an excellent one. Sea Of Bones is a revelation for me and stands as the best sludgy doom band with the French Eibon and the German Omega Massif. But maybe I miss some other ones, I can't listen to everything, I got a work to live. This "Chapter IV" got all I love in doom. Last, in sandwich between Sea of Bones and Yob, a band called Ever Circling Wolves that I discovered in the Swamp compilation of the fantastic Doomed to be stoned in a sludge swamp blog. They are Finnish and the sound of the guitar reminds me the monstruous Entombed. This is the only track of this compilation (sorry for mispelling the name of the track, it's "Alone, Into The Silence of Ice") immediately found my own taste of shit (or of piss, it's up to you). A great achievement. For the DIY sleeve, I chose a photograph by Roberto Kusterle. His work is a perfect equivalent of doom music and must be explored by those who like these atmospheres. Let's have a look. I had to chose one song for the streaming hearing. It was impossible so I decided to put the one by the Unthanks. Don't ask me why, I dunno. For the next post, back to the old forgotten vinyl songs. But today is Sunday Doomy Sunday for everybody. So tear it here.



montysmusic said...

many many thanks for these three comps of your fav music ill enjoy exploring them and the artistes therein
heres links for a diy comp i put together.hope you enjoy

regards phil

Otto said...

Hi, and sorry for finding this post three years late.

First, thanks for putting our song to this comp! We really appreciate it.

Second, in case you were unaware; we are releasing a new full-length album later this year and on top of that, we've just released a live take of one of the upcoming songs: http://soundcloud.com/ecwdoom/coeur-live-at-studio

Third, in case somebody'll stumble onto this post again, could you please correct our address to ecwdoom.com? We haven't used Myspace for awhile.

Fourth, you misspelled the song's title in the track list. :D

Cheers 'n keep up the good work. -Otto from ECW.

dkelvin said...

Thanks for the comment. I had rather forgotten about you. Listening this track I wonder why I didn't follow your further stuff. I'll do it. THe problem is that I offer the music free here and not sure you'll like. I change the link of myspace in favour of http://ecwdoom.com/links.php.
Glad you've written

Otto said...

No prob! And we're ok with free sharing, after all we share our music for free ourselves!

We do also sell CDs for people who actually want to support us. :) But free sharing is a-ok with us.

And thanks for that link change too!