Sea of Bones - The Harvest (2007)

Not enough doom on this blog, that's what I was thinking this evening looking at it. Doom is the music I listen to most of the times. I must say that I began to listen to doom (and sludge) as soon as the "genre" was born (around 1989). This is not a reason to believe that I got better judgement about what is a good and a bad doom band, but I can sure tell what I consider to be a band I respect and a band I despise. And the US Sea of Bones belong to the former category. This LP, was released in 2007 but I only discovered it some weeks ago on a blog (sorry I forgot which one) and it was immediately one of my fave records. Some say that it sounds like the French Monarch but I don't find this is true. It's a perfect mix between the post-Neuro(I)isis school and the more sludgy approach that I find so tasteful in bands like the French Eibon and the German Omega Massif. Yob and Buried at Sea can be cited but in fact I find Sea of Bones more sapid that these bands. The "Chapter IV" that opens this 3 songs LP (and that I've included in my first d(k)oom compilation here) is in particular a kind of masterpiece, a war climax reigns on it with a sense of danger that is the great achievement of this style of music, next to which all the rest sounds often so bleak and weak (not everything but so much, in particular this pathetic old school post-Zeppelin style wrapped in Stoner suits or, worst, in the stinky Rock attitude). The fact is that this record is great, that's all, and that the 3 chapters are instant classics. Doom may have seemed to be a musical cul-de-sac at its birth since the codes could have made inovation quite difficult. It was, and it still is not the case. Each month a great doom record is released (recently the Manatees and Flood) and I surely must miss some other ones. Don't hesitate to go to the Sea of Bones myspace here. The album is free to download on their site, which is great, but I hope this band will publish CDs and sell them by millions soon (you may say I'm a dreamer....). Enjoy it here.



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They have a new album out. "The Earth Wants Us Dead" https://seaofbones.bandcamp.com/

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