The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Framed live (fake 7") (1976)

A request for re-uping this fake single gives me the opportunity... to do it actually. I'm not adding anything to the long initial post below. Catch it here. Alex forever in our heart. Someone has put the song on youtube using my cover sleeve. It's OK for me, I don't claim to be cited for these self-made covers but that was not me that posted the clip (see below).

This is a fake single. But when the British Tour 1976 album was released, 5 years ago, everyone had to admit that it was a shame that the band did not publish this one instead of the weak official live the year before. I don't think they would because Hugh McKenna did not play at this show (and for most of the tour I believe) due to a sort of nervous breakdown, and was replaced by the talented Tommy Eyre (who had played in a great band called Riff Raff). So, sure that Alex would not have agreed to edit a SAHB album without his co-composer. Sad cause really the versions of the classics were played with a power and a madness that were lacking to most of the other live recording I know. And more than that, the 3 songs from the rather uneven SAHB Stories, released the same year ("Amos Moses", "Boston Tea Party" and "Dance To Your Daddy") are given a much more punchy treatment here than in their studio versions. But the nail (it's a French expression that does not have its equivalent in English I suppose but I don't care) of the show, was the "Framed" version Alex played in Adolf Hitler. Few are those in music that had the courage (or craziness) to do with Hitler what Chaplin and Mel Brooks had done in films, I mean derision revealing as much as drama the horror of someone we have to call a human. Alain Kan (in "Devine qui vient dîner ce soir" from his Whatever Happened to... LP), and Serge Gainsbourg (in his Rock Around The Bunker LP) did it in France. Alex does it here, and it was sometimes not well understood by the press and even the public. One year later, punks would do the same (specially the Vibrators, who were not exactly punks in fact) but even provocative as it was at this time, I don't think this could be possible today. And I'm not sure that this Hitler's version of "Framed" can be tolerated in the politically correct atmosphere of our occidental world. No matter, times will change again.  This is the most abrasive blues ever played on this planet. On the (virtual) second side, I chose "Amos Moses", in a great version.

No lyrics here, but open your ears, it is worth.


Pete L said...

I really enjoy coming here, not just for the rare Harvey and others but for the story behind the disc. Being in Canada we never had the exposure Europeans had to see this most amazing performer. I really wish I would have been able to see him live, but after reading your post, I kinda went there for a moment.
Your command of our language is excellent. Yours I can understand...my son's???? Thanks P

dk said...

Ooh thanx for the nice appreciation from Canada. Much more to come next from Alex, and in particular, something that haunts me for 30 years and will be at last "repaired".

Jinx said...

Thanks for this great Blog

Love the Alex Harvey stuff and the Mandy Morton. Any chance of having this fake single re-upped please.

Many thanks

kingpossum said...

Brilliant. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the Alex Harvey stuff you've taken the care to put together here. I've blathered before about how we in the US weren't as privy to Mr. Harvey, and and I'm pleased to get the story here. Cheers.

dkelvin said...

Thnanx but I only post complementary stuff, the stuff to get in priority is of cours his studio albums that I don't post (except Rock Drill because I offer the real version) here to avoid any deletion of my accounts or of this blog.

dkelvin said...

Excuse for the mistakes, I wrote too fast