Simon Finn - Zoo / Party Lines fake 7" (2009)

In a perfect world, Simon Finn would be a respected artist, one of the few able to turn the misery of our human condition in words and music. But the planet has much better to do, for example to wonder whether the n Neil Young is better than the n-1 one, or whether Bob Dylan will concede some of his precious time to record a decent album. So, to imagine that a single could be released from the new Simon Finn is surrealistic. I don't care, I've done it. I've made my subjective choice (a pleonasm actually) among the 14 songs and considered that "Zoo" could be an A-side of a French single since there is something of the tradition of what we call here "la chanson Française" in this song (if Simon Finn reads me, he'll understand since he talks a bit French). The B-side would be my fave song of the album (after all, this is me the boss in this virtual affair), "Party Lines". The sleeve may seem a little mysterious for you but here's the story. Actually, I had the privilege to show the house of Gustave Moreau, the symbolist painter, to Simon Finn some days ago, during the week he spent in Paris between his concert in Gennevilliers and his next in Lille. He seemed to appreciate what he saw, and since he showed me one painting he told me was his preferred one. I was quite surprised since it's not a typical Moreau's one but I thought it would be a nice hommage for this fine souvenir to take it as the cover of this fake single. It represents the sirens, not quite the same as a zoo, but after all, the zoo Simon is talking about is linked to the relationship with women, so it is much more appropriate that it would seem at first. Enjoy here but then please buy the Rats Laugh Mice Sing album, and also the masterpiece he released 2 years ago and called Accidental Life. Exceptionnally, I decided to put both songs on streaming below.

Zoo. All of these years that I was with you I felt like I lived in a zoo. Caged and contained and though it seems very strange, it was I that fed you. Oh days come and go, in this land of so-so, are our numbers now many or few? So in the pit of the night, in this place of unlight, if you should find yourself feeling blue, knit your toes into knots, think of millions of dots, and pretend you have friends in the zoo. Daytime, nightime, flay time, night crime, in my slight line. So if life seems somewhat sparse, here on the perimeter's arse, just remember, don't cause a to-do. For it's just vibrational forms, that trouble our dorms, over time you'll adapt to the zoo. Whatever you try, best pay no attention to cries, or wolves with sad eyes, or pacing cats with so little to lose. No, don't trouble yourself by life abusing itself, it's quite normal here in the zoo.

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Americana said...

A so emotional, fantastic artist and a splendid cover also!
Accidental Life is for me a special album