Skafish - Disgracing The Family Name 7" (1979)

Among the large amount of singles from the punk era (I'll say 1977-79), the first one by this american man-band was one of the best and most fascinating. Honestly, I was sure that Skafish would become a star, at least that he would do a real and long career. Musically and visually, he had all that was needed to take a place in the music history. Something like a missing link between Zappa/Rundgren/Alice Cooper/Alex Harvey and Marilyn Manson/The Cars/The Liars. But that turned wrong. It is true that he failed to fullfill our hopes with his first album (and it must be specified that the 2 album versions of the songs from this first 7" are quite different and not as good). Over was the salvage and transgressive approach of music, the LP was weak and some songs rather embarassing. But here, in 1979 (in fact it is the formation of 1978 who recorded it), we have an undying classic that has never been obsolete since it was released and that I can always listen with the same excitement and thrill that when I bought it. It's not the case for all the singles from this period, lots of them being dear for me for personal reasons (because I was young most often). The B-side is also excellent and provides an insight in the more Zappaesque (but still punk) aspect of the band. It seems that Skafish came back in the music world and here is his blog and here the Skafish site. Enjoy this first great single here (rather honest rip from my own vinyl single).

You can find a clip from the song here (this is made of archives of the band from various eras but a nice illustration actually)



Zen said...

Much thanks for this. I'd always heard these versions were superior to the LP cuts.

Also, I must say your site is a fucking amazing source of well-curated musics -- the John Lee Hooker posts have me foaming at the mouth.


Hazy Dave said...

A very cool song that actually got some radio play in Chicago back in the day. Not sure if I ever heard an album by him, but, as with Wazmo Nariz, the 7 inch seemed to capture the essence...