Alternative TV - Sex Love EP (1986)

Yes my own self-made cover sleeve was very good but there was an actual one and it's more appropriate to illustrate this re-up with its true cover sleeve (although I post below mine). The same for the back sleeve. This EP is still better than the previous one and it was really a great time for Alternative TV. Soon a new album as you may know (a trailer here). Catch this re-up here.

One more Mark Perry offer for your collection. This is the second EP from the 4th incarnation of Alternative TV (the 1st one with Alex Fergusson, the 2nd without him, the 3rd with him again and this one after a 2 years gap during which Mark Perry went back to the normal life, doing modest jobs and facing the sarcasms of his ex-punk mates and of the press). This incarnation produced a rather different music than the ATV we all cherish, the 1st and 2nd ones. Actually, with this EP and the previous one (Welcome To The End Of Fun, that i'll post here too) are more in a Felt, Wire, Cure style, I'm talking about what these bands recorded during the eighties of course. This was a fine return although not so essential than before. This EP contained 3 songs. "Victory" was quite maintream indie rock but with Mark Perry on vocals, mainstream is not the right word. The musical arrangements are much more sophisticated they were with the previous ATV releases. My favorite track is "Repulsion", the one I put in streaming and where I find what I like so much in Marl Perry, an intensity, a presence, a proximity I hardly find in most others. Last was the long and unusual "You Never Know", based on a Shocking Blue riff (a kind of ATV plays "Venus") and on which Alison Phillips (a female drummer) showed her skill and inventivity. Although there was a sleeve with this EP, it was actually so poor (unfortunately it has been the case with Mark Perry except during the punk area) that I propose mine. I know it may be not everybody's taste, but it's my own way of seeing things. These songs have been captured on CD for the edition of Peep Show, and, strangely, mixed with other songs of the LP, a bad idea I think, since the rest of the LP is not quite in the same mood. So, here are they in their original context. One more contribution to make Mark Perry heritage lives.

Here above, the sleeve I had conceived for the EP when I first posted it 6 years ago (God, 6!!!!). You can listen to "Repulsion" in looking at the woman vomiting on a target drawn on the floor (don't try this at home... or try it, it's not really dangerous after all).

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