Alternative TV - Welcome to the End of Fun EP (1985)

To help my dear visitors to wait for the new Alternative TV album Opposing Forces (to be released at the end of July, a teaser with the eponymous titre track here) here a new re-up, this stunning EP from 1985 with my cover sleeve pictured by my own small-self. I'll do the same with the next one, Sex/Love in some days. Meanwhile, listen to this gem, more depressing than most doom would never be but a one that gives you a sort of delicate and exquisite pleasure. Catch it here.

I should have posted this prior to the Sex/Love EP since it was released some months before. Actually it was the first thing released under the Alternative TV name since the (not quite successfull either in commercial or musical terms) Strange Kicks experience 4 years earlier. Nothing here in common either with the punk, the exprimental or the pop versions of Alternative TV. We are in the eighties and there is a New Wave perfume in it, but not the synthetic new wave, we're more in the Wire, PIL and Killing Joke universe. In fact, it's only Mark Perry following his own path throughout the fashions, only adapting the current sound trend to his idiosyncrasy. And it's, once again, great. Particularly the 2 non-titles songs. "Anti" has this same power of evocation than in the punk days, and "Death Time" is in line with the reggaeing songs that were so cathartic in the first Alternative TV days. Except Mark Perry, the personal of this formation is entirely new, and will feature on the Sex/Love EP and on the excellent Peep Show LP released 1 year and a half later. Yes, when talking about Alternative TV, it must be remembered that there was more than the 77-78 punk era, and this is one more example you can find here.


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Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to find out this one was a dead link.
Just discovered the existence of the album with this post.
Enjoyed the 2 songs that were linked.