Bastards - Frank/Loser 7" (1988)

This is the last of our Bastards forgotten songs lost on splits or in singles. This single was the second one from the band, just between "Who Care/Shit for Brains" and "Scenes at latest battle..." that you can find elsewhere on this blog. This is the weakest of the 3 for me since the 2 songs are confined in a rather academic punk style and this is not for that I think they were a better band than most. Actually I don't possess the vinyl of this single but got the songs on the CD version of Monticello and on an EP compiling the 3 official singles of the Bastards and called "You Didn' Give A Damn About The Exploding Man Because You Killed Him" (there's surely a story behind this title but I don't know which one). If Joachim Breuer reads this blog, I want him to know that he's been one of the greatest guitarist songwriter of the decade. Enjoy this last deliverance on the compilation here. Later, other noise bands from this exceptional era on this blog. Below, a collection of pictures taken by Antoine d'Agata (the photograph I used a picture for the Groundhogs single), summarizing quite well the atmophere of the Bastards songs (for me).


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