Bastards - Groovy Space Man Pills 7" (1991)

Another rare one for your complete Joachim Breuer song compilation (left on the picture above). This is from the Endangered Species 6 x 7" box released by Glitterhouse Records, a German label that "used to take care of the SubPop Ger and Amphetamine Reptile" as they said. You can find the whole box to dl here. There are many interesting things on it, such as the fantastic cover of Led Zeppelin's "4 Stinks" by Unsane. But my idea is only to add another one Bastard gem (cause it is one) and so I post the song they provided for this compilation, "Groovy Space Man Pills", which is a thrilling good one. The other 7" side was occupied by the Cows, not a band I truly digged, but no band in these noise scene was bad to my ears. More to come from the Bastards in the next days. En attendant, enjoy this one on the compilation here.


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