Bastards - Scenes at the Latest Battle in the City Market Area 7" (1989)

One more 7" Bastards and we will be soon arrived to the end of the journey (a singles ticket). This featured a Monticello song on A-side (the fantastic "Neighbor") and an "unavailable anywhere else" song on B-side (the good but not exceptional "Motor City Kid", which had been added in the CD version as bonus track). The sleeve and the title referred to a battle that apparently occured between the police and civils on a market but I don't know the details of this event (if you do, tell me in the comments). On the back side of the sleeve, one could see the genitals of the transexual of the Monticello cover but the quality of the sleeve was awful (a basic photocopy) and I only reproduced it here for historical reasons. This would be the 3rd and the last of the official Bastards singles before Joachim Breuer formed Janitor Joe (and not Genital Joe). The 1st one was "Who Care/ Shit for Brains" that you can find here, the 2nd one was "Loser/Frank" that I'll post later on. Many would find all the songs of Joachim Breuer either in the Bastards or in Janitor Joe to be quite similar and that his approach of rock lacked diversity. But this is one thing I like in this guy, the way he explored the same vein until the blood pours out in our ears. This is probably this cerebral characteristic that made him follow a scientific pathway afterwards and be a PhD. Enjoy it on the compilation here.


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