Crawl Back In - Hang All Hope From The Nearest Tree EP (2009)

A doom band as I like them. Not stuck in formulas, not kitch and mimicking used musical codes but creating their own universe, and one that I find perfect for my own way to feel life these days. There are sometimes thrash traces in their music, something also coming from old school doom (Entombed but also the forgotten and excellent Cerebral Fix). Some may have some difficulties with the voice, much more sludge and thrash than doom, but I don't. This fits superbly with the backing sonic assault. The intensity is impressive (listen to the end of "A Heart The Size of a Family Tomb"). This EP can be downloaded freely on their myspace here or on their site. I hope they will soon find a label to release their records on solid support since the cover is really fantastic. The last (and longest) song ("Amid Laughter Let Us Perish") is more Pelican-like (let's say Ocean-like) but once again, they achieve a great piece of music in avoiding any mediocre riff or thema as too often doom bands indulge themselves. The calm and long part has an interior tension that sustain the attention and it's a "tour de force" I'd say. Try it now here.



Rough Mix said...

So there ...
Ma-gni-fi-que.the bass is monstrous and the martial ending is an ultimate high-flying ..

SuperDahu "Sphere" said...

Bon je l'ai pas encore pris celui-la, je fonce !:)