Grey - Sisters of the Wyrd (2008)

Doom by women. There's more and more doomsteuses (as we'd say in France) in the world, I think in particular of Dark Castle, Murkrat and of course of the great Runhild Gammersaelter (either in solo of in bands), and Grey has released last year a very fine old school doom record. It's like it was 1990 again. Most of the time, I'm quite allergic to this passeist approach of doom but here I find the taste OK for me. I prefer to inform those not familiar with doom that although it's a woman who sings, the voice is not feminine and respects the roaring codes of doom. I've understood that this blog is not visited by doom fans (just a look to the dl stats is clear on that), but I'll keep posting doom album between my old and weird rarities because this is the music I listen to most of the time and this style is unfortunately confined in a sub-category, and I regret it. Please have an ear to these ladies of the dark spirits floating in the dead of the night, here.


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