Neanderthal - Fighting Music EP (1990)

Let's dig deeper and deeper in the mud that was the craddle of sludge. With Asbestodeath (here) and Fu Manchu (there), Neanderthal was the 3rd band that introduced me to this style in 1989-90. Then I would discover the great EyeHateGod and UpsideDownCross but it's another story I'll tell you one day if this blog still operates. Neanderthal was a 2-man band actually, consisting of Eric Wood and Matt Domino. The first will form Man Is The Bastard. Neanderthal only released this 7" EP to my knowledge. This is really ugly and dirty, sick and nauseous as sludge was in its baby's years. And among the 3 cited bands, this was the less influenced by riffs and rock. In an interview you can find on the blog Burning down the dreams forever, Eric Wood stated that "In Neanderthal’s case [...], we were about humans desecrating their very Garden of Eden through psychological torture of themselves". Nice way to describe what we can hear on this 5 "songs" 7" EP. The political content is quite unusual in sludge. Another difference with orthodox sludge, is the fact that all is not slow and muddy, most "songs" have a rather speed thrashy and even grinding pace. A something of Napalm Death can be found in Neanderthal. The opening track, "Crawl", is the only real sludge song of the whole. Consider this as a contribution to the untold story of sludge. Enjoy it here.

I've scanned the central pictures of the vinyl. Don't open it when children around. They could try this at home.


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