The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Delilah / Soul in Chains 7" (1975)

Not the one I wanted to re-up tonight but after all I'll re-up all the rare material so why not this one. The B-side was a single-only track, a version of "Soul in Chains" recorded at the Hammersmith the same night than the Live album. Here is the version released on the set box so in a far better quality than the my-own-vinyl rip I posted previously. Here the complete version (more than 7 min) and not the shortened one that one could find on the single. So a nice adding to the series I think. Catch it here. Below the text is, as always from the first post (in 2009 !!!). Above the UK cover sleeve, below the German one. The "Soul in Chains" in straming below is the sortened one from the vinyl rip and not the newly long digital one re-up.

Here's a rather problematic single for any Alex fan. Actually, covering "Delilah" was more a joke than anything else for Alex and the band, but the live success of this version led Moutain to release it on a single, and it was an unexpected hit (n°7 in UK, the highest position of any single in SAHB's career). Honestly, the joke dimension of the song is what is left now when hearing it and it has not the deepest meaning Alex was able to raise from any song he covered. Posting this single is primary motivated by the B-side, a live version of "Soul in Chains", not a great song actually, featuring in Tomorrow Belongs To Me and whose live playing is scandalously interrupted after 4 min. Since I never found it on any SAHB compilation or on any blog, I think it is my duty to rip it from my own single and to provide it here. I did my best to improve the sound quality and it's rather good. Published in July 1975, a Live album was released, as it could be guessed, only 2 months later.

Below is "Soul in Chains" in streaming with the lyrics transcripted.
Soul in Chains. Did you read my letter published yesterday Looking for a brand new piece of meat to pass the time away So if you've got the money I certainly got the time Just bring your baby with you and I promise you I'll bring mine You freed my body but you left my soul in chains You freed my body but you left my soul in chains You say you love me but you don't even know my name. You used to call me sweetheart and paid my rent You blew me kisses when you shared my tent I used to buy you tickets for the biggest gas in town And tasted your tomato everytime you brought it 'round. You freed my body but you left my soul in chains You freed my body but you left my soul in chains You say you love me but you don't even know my name. I called you baby I mixed your stew I used to seal my lips and tie my hands for you Up until the last time I sat you on my knee You drove my brains into the wall, you tortured me



Portlandbill said...

I always thought that this rendition was better than Tom Jones" Thanks for this, any more to come? cheers PB.

dk said...

Oh yes, better than the Tom Jones one of course, but it's the song I don't like. The more to come is for soon, and more essential than this one. Thx much for commenting.

Peter Manock said...

Hi my friend, great article. The cover you imagine with "bare bottom" ladies is actually SAHB performing "Cheek to Cheek" off Penthouse Tapes. Probably at Londons Victoria Theatre from memory. Cheers, Vambo Rool!

Braincapers said...

Delilah is great and I have it many times but I'd love the live Soul in Chains. Any chance of a repost?

dkelvin said...

I'd like to improve the sound quality before to re-up it. So thx to show a little patience since I must be back home to do it.

Braincapers said...

Brilliant. Great to hear it again. I wish it was available to buy or download


dkelvin said...

Re-up it tonight