This Weary Hour - No Hand To Confort You EP (2009)

It's never too soon to go back to doom. And this fits my evening mood (doom reversed). One more discovery for me this Irish band from Cork. This is doom with a sludge perfume but the drumming and the general instrumentation are not quite the usual sludge glass of mud. There is something old school and gothic in it, that reminds me of the old Paradise Lost or Anathema (before these bands completely lost my interest, or is it the reverse?). Actually, there is not much need to write a text about a new doom band when the reader can listen to their myspace here and dl their EP here. But don't forget to support these bands (it's a political act in the best sense of the term). And the sound is much better than in the MP3 format. I feel (when looking at the dl statistics) that the doom posts are not those that the visitors of this blog are the most interesting in (is it english?) but try again, maybe you'll finally find the same vibration I found in this style 20 years ago and never ceased to find. I chose to post the last song of the EP, not on the myspace and with a splendid final. Listen to this guitar, it's 1st class. PS. The complete cover painting is in the rar file.



Rough Mix said...

It's never too soon to go back to doom.
Wouhaaaou, de la rime riche en plus!

Effectivement,c'est assez "aeré" comme texture musicale, donc moins sombre..(The Lure of Prominence)
De toute façon, je me jette sur tout ce qui Irish..
The weary hour ,is the morning hour.

dk said...

Vive l'Irlande, et shame on the French football team