Alternative TV - Punk Life LP (1998)

Recorded and released under the protection of Overground Records and in particular of Steve Albini (producing 4 tracks among the 13), Punk Life precedes Apollo by one year but the 2 albums are quite different, Apollo being more a solo Mark Perry album than an Alternative TV one whilst Punk Life gathers several persons in a more democratic way it seems. The album covers almost every style Mark Perry approached in his career, from trad. punk such as the songs recorded by Steve Albini to pop or even experimental (the tribute to Throbbing Gristle). Heterogenous as an ATV album has never been, it is finally a good one that is always exciting to listen to. There are some reprises of ancient ATV songs such as "I Had Love In My Hands" or "You Never Know" in very different versions but nothing here that sounds as a nostalgic shitty trip in punk's past. More an endpoint to the whole thing. Unfortunately, Mark Perry will have to deal later with punk again since he will be invited to play primary for his old punk hits and not for his late work. But it's another story that maybe we'll see here. But beforehand, enjoy Punk Life there.

And in streaming below, "Purpose In My Life", a great song in which we can all find ourselves concerned I bet.

Mark Perry with Yvette Eady and Mika Mizushima

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possible to re-up? thanks so much for your blog and introducing to me Mark Perry's later work.