Arms of Ra - Arm of Ra EP (2009)

Too long without doom down there. Life's needs it. And even if you don't, you rare visitors, this blog must have the music I listen to much of my leisure time (not much) on it. Today is another superb sludgy doom band called Arms of Ra, an evocation of Egyptian rites, and actually the doom here is quite luminous, celestial I would say, but a blue more than a dark sky. And the great news is that they are French. Long is gone the time when French music was only a pale copy of Anglosaxons bands. With Eibon or Arms of Ra (and many more), France is as much the city of Rock (to paraphrase Mark Perry on "Viva La Rock n' Roll") than any other country. And the most fascinating is again that in this genre that may seem so narrow and unidimensional to amateurs of prog, trad rock, metal or blues rock, all these bands have their own singularity (I promised not to use anymore the word idiosyncrasy. You can cite several bands, from Neurosis to Omega Massif about them but as soon as their first EP, they sound like Arms of Ra. Hats off. This EP (that can be downloaded for free on their myspace) is a 25 min 3-tracks record (my fave is "Taxidermie" that you can listen to below but the first part of "The Colour of My Life" is prime meat) and should feature in any collection of a real sludge-doomster, but more largely, of anyone who likes powerfull music since for me this is the only style that maintains the intensity and the excitation of heavy music. Enjoy this great piece of music here and buy anything you can from them anytime they'll give us the opportunity (and in particular in buying this EP on their myspace here).
Here below a fine picture of the band's vocalist in september 2008 at La Miroiterie by Amandine Duarte


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