Beneath Oblivion - Beneath Oblivion EP (2009)

Christmas time is a good time for doom don't you think? Apparently not since my doom posts are not much popular looking at the dl rate but it doesn't matter. This year 2009 has been a fantastic one for doom and more particularly the one I appreciate the most ie. sludge. Here again a new band (even if members were in other bands previously) called Beneath Oblivion and this is, I think, their first EP, released one year ago but it's written 2009 everywhere, so maybe there was some delay before a real release. It's the darkest version of doom you have here but not like Stumm or Moss, since the instruments are distinct and the musical world still belongs to trad. rock in a sense (but not so much, it's not trad. Sabbath doom as more and more do now, a quite boring tendancy I find). From Cincinnatti, this band brings his own personal universe to a style that might seem to have all represented. But no, there's still place for new ones and it's a good news for all doomsters. The instrumental bridges of these two tracks should rejoice 70's lovers since they could have been issued at the times. With only 2 tracks, this EP could be considered as a single, but each is more than 8 min long so we'll say it's EP. Suffer it here.


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