Boat - Lately fake 7" (2009)

Over the last 20 years, pop has more often bored me to death than excited me. But this year some bands have changed my views, and among them Boat is my fave. They are from Seattle and would merit the success of Nirvana with their Kinks-derived pop full of gorgeous melodies and with a delicious simplicity. I encourage everyone interested in pop to listen to their wonderfull Setting the Paces album. Of course, you will say that its sometimes not far from plagiarism of the Kinks but although this exasperates me in the case of Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear (for them, its a Beach Boys plagiarism), dissimulating their overindulgent and indigent melodies under useless complexity, the 4 boys of Boat take the risk to be judged on the sole merit of their simple songs. And its impressive. Here I created a fake 3-song 7" with "Lately" on A-side, not because its my fave but because this is the only one they posted on their myspace, a sign that it is their choice for a possible single. However its an instant winner and it would be actually a good idea to release it as single main track. On the B-side, I've added 2 of the songs I like the most, two very Kinksy ones (but I listen to Village Green Preservation Society very closely these times, for a reason linked to this blog, so its not a surprise). I specially love the last one (of the single and of the album), "You're Muscular". I encourage everybody to have the curiosity to dl this fake 7" with a cover I created from drawings issued from their myspace. Hope Boat will receive the reward of their talent. If you want a taste of it, try it here or listen to the 3 tracks below.

Lately. I was eating nachos, sitting with my mother, talking about nothing, talking about nothing, talking about growing up in NJ, a state without a hero. Who could be our hero? Drive into the city! The subject of the day is how can we repay this debt of all the money, money we aren’t making. Lately, lately, lately, lately I’ve been on my back. Move up to Seattle, not up to Alaska… my teeth won’t ever chatter, it doesn’t really matter. The subject of the day is how can we repay this debt of all the money, money we aren’t making. I was there, I know (x4). Well, what do you know, where did you go, and what were you doing? When you got home, you smiled real big, tell me what were you feeling? Send in the troops, everyone hears you, but nobody’s listening! Lately, lately, lately, lately I’ve been on my back!


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