Forgotten Songs Compilation - dk's faves of 2009 LP

2009 was a great year for songs I think. Or maybe it's me who was more receptive to songs since the last decade I was quite obsessed by unmelodic music (sludgy doom mostly). And blogs helped me a lot to discover bands I surely had missed without them. I would like to write my gratitude to Bolachas where everyone can go fishing (or hunting) what's palatable for him/her. And then buy the record if he/she has the money (not always the case for me, but I'll try to improve this point next year, although in this country it's becoming quite difficult) or if they think it is worth spending the "nerf de la guerre" (war nerve, a French expression saying that money is the nerve of the war) on it. My selection was not difficult to do since these songs were the only important aural friends this year. They shared my days (and most often my evenings) during this or that period of 2009 (some I listened to quite obsessively during days and days such as "Witching Stones" by Black Heart Procession, "That Close" by Madness or "Parisiennes" by Soan). I omitted "Coward" by Vic Chesnutt since it seems difficult to put this song in any compilation. It's too rough, too intense as experience to stand next to lighter songs. For this reason, I hesitated to include "Party Lines" by Simon Finn, but there is something ironic in Simon Finn's voice that makes it easier to hear. I closed with JFG's "Sleep". Don't try to find it anywhere, it's a demo but I did not resist to put it on this compilation since I had its melody in my head often this year. This is my own selection and not rough mix one (he'll be more contributing in 2010, I promise) and maybe he'll offer you his own later on who knows. The choice I did for the streaming song is for him, since it is the wonderfull Beach Boys and Kinksy "Friends Since 1989" from Boat. And I'm friend with rough mix since...1969 ! Yes, we were two unhappy kids joined by our growing passion for music. This is my tribute to this 40th year of friendship. Enjoy all this and more here.

For the sleeve (sorry, I mispelled Tweak Bird but it's too long to change it now) I chose a picture by Helen Levitt, a great photographer who died this year at 95 on March the 29th. There is something of the quality one can find in the best rock music in her work. Life's palpitation, the energy of those who possess not much more than their life, the smiles that shed a light in the grey of uncertain destinies. For ending the year, this picture below which, in the year of the Obama's election, is still semantically stronger that it was when published.



Jean Rhume said...

Motherfuck, le download re-déconne, pourtant je n'ai rien télétruché depuis Rapidshare ces derniers temps... Je ré-essaierai plus tard.

dk said...

Je crains hélas que ce soit assez souvent le cas si j'en juge par les mails que je reçois. Je n'ai pas d'idée sur le pourquoi ni de solution. Certains y parviennent s'y j'en juge le nombre des télétruchages mais j'ignore pourquoi oui et pourquoi non. Bonne année sinon.

Jean Rhume said...

Mais oui, la bonne année à toi itou !

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