Ian Hunter - England Rocks 7" (1978)

This song was released on a single in july 1978 (at least that's what's written in the Great Rock Discography of Martin Strong), that means 1 year after the deceiving Overnight Angels LP. It sure has been recorded with the same team, and in particular, the rather boring Roy Thomas Baker (Mr Queen) producer, who really salvaged the songs (some of them great) of this album. It could not be worse since in 1977 the sound was more garage than symphonic and Ian Hunter paid an heavy tribute to this mistake, having to wait for Mick Jones from the Clash 2 years later (ie., one after this single) to release a new album. On this later one, "England Rocks" had been changed again for "Cleveland Rocks" (apparently its working title), but this is the same song. It's interesting to compare the two, the England's one still belonging to the glam world whereas the Cleveland one is much more the feet in the Springsteen fields (but Ian Hunter will always be more exciting than the so-called boss). In the England one, the references to punk are clear (more ironic than enthusiastic) whereas they're none in the Cleveland one. This song has only been released on some Ian Hunter compilations and as a bonus track of the Overnight Angels CD reissue, so it fits perfectly with the aim of this blog. Sorry for the sleeve, which is ugly, but this was the original one it seems (cos I don't own this single and never saw it, in 1978, I had other preoccupations). Enjoy the 7" here.

England Rocks. Energy calling me, back where I came from It's such a crude attitude, it's back where it belongs All the little chicks with the crimson lips go England Rocks, England Rocks She's living in sin with a safety pin England Rocks, England Rocks (etc) Momma knows but she don't care, she got her worries too Seven kids and a phoney affair, and the rent is due All the little kids growing up on the skids Going England Rocks, England Rocks American dreams, moody James Deans Going England Rocks, England Rocks England Rocks, England Rocks I got some badges from World War II I wear 'em just like my Granddad do He was a villain and I am too Oh England Rocks, England Rocks So grab a place, find a space And yell and scream for more England Rocks, England Rocks England Rocks, England Rocks (to fade)


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rough mix said...

Ok the sleeve is awful,but even though it's a drawning, it's a rare Ian's representation without glasses in other words,the holy graal.