Public Image Limited - Memories / Another 7" (1979)

I'm in the very exciting John Lydon autobiography and I listen a lot to PIL production and really it was a fantastic band. So I re-up this single (see more below) with its non-LP B-side. I think I'll post more soon. And I'm not OK anymore with my old statement below: John Lydon is not a boring bloke since then. I enjoy who he is and even the today version of PIL. Since he was my model, reference and hero in 1976-79 (with Mark Perry of course), it's a pleasure, 40 years later, to be able to write things like this on him. Catch these memories here.

Writing some album reviews for the special Xroads issue (a French music mag) on the best records of the eighties (from 1979 to 1987), and in particular on Metal Box from PIL, I take the measure of the influence of this band on the (good) music of the nineties, more specifically God, Scorn, Terminal Cheesecake and so on. Based on Can meets dub (the music) meets Kevin Coyne meets Nico (the voice), this post Pistols project of John Lydon was a winner and a rebirth. Here is the 3rd single with a non album track ("Another") that was only released on a special CD issue of the next album, Flowers of Romance. It's a way to pay hommage to this short-lived version of PIL, 3 guys with more ideas to sell than most of their contempories and who contributed to pave the way to music of the next decade (after the awful New Wave years were over). What a shame Lydon became such a boring bloke since then. Enjoy this 7". The lyrics of "Memories" are reproduced down there and it's not impossible it concerns his old pals from the Pistols.

Memories. You make me feel ashamed At acting attitudes Remember ridicule It should be clear by now clear by now Your words are useless Full of excuses False confidence Someone has used you well Used you well I could be wrong It could be hate As far as I can see Clinging desperately Imagining pretending No personality Dragging on and on and on and on And on and on and on and on I think you're slightly late Slightly late This person's had enough of useless memories Always remember Twisted amenities Could be wrong This person's had enough Of useless memories Always remember Twisted amenities Out of order Out of order It could be worse You're losing all the time I could be wrong Could be worse You're losing all the time I let you stay too long I could be wrong Could be wrong Whatever pass Could never last All in your mind Where it all began You're doing wrong It's not the movies And you're old


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