Roy Wood - Main Street LP (1976)

A series of re-ups inspired by jfg who posted some songs from Boulders on his facebook page. It's an opportunity to re-up Roy Wood material and notably this label-refused LP that could have helped the bearded master not to fade away from view during the further years after a rare series of hits. But that's the way musicians careers are. So catch this first one here. Details about it below.

Who could have imagined in 1972, when Roy Wood was the leader of ELO after being the leader of the Move, when all he touched turned gold and finished at the top of the charts, that 4 years later, his colleague Jeff Lynne would reach superstardom with ELO and that he would see his new album Main Street refused by his label, beginning a never ending fall in oblivion. Not that Roy Wood was as inspired than he had been before but listening to this rejected album, only released in 2000, it's difficult to understand why this was considered so impossible to publish it. Actually, Roy Wood is still backed by most of his Wizzard orchestra and this is not far from what the band proposed on the B-sides of the numerous hit singles they released between 1972 and 1973. There is something quite outdated in the way Roy Wood arranged his songs, something that recalls the music played on cruise ships and this is not what is the most interesting on this album. The influence on this album is primary the Brian Wilson's one and sometimes it sounds as the Beach Boys with John Bonham on drums and a whole brass in the background (and on "The Fire In His Guitar" as the ghost of Jimi Hendrix). Actually, I don't know why I have such a great affection for Roy Wood but this is the case. And even if I think anybody should begin with Boulders or Wizzard' Brew, this is a fine way to complete the exploration. Have a try for this uncommon artist.


No lyrics to provide, just a nice pic of Roy Wood with Wizzard at the peak of their glory



montysmusic said...

thanks for this very hard to find album

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this.
I didn't know this existed.
I'm equally fond of Roy Wood without knowing exactly why. I love his "Mustard" album although it's the most self-indulgent egotrip I've ever listened to - I just love that terrible drum solo to end all drum solos on "Get down home"...

dk said...

"I'm equally fond of Roy Wood without knowing exactly why". I could have written this sentence. Actually, there is everything in it to loathe it, but I really love it.
I'll post Wizzo someday since it's really a forgotten album.

KDNYfm said...

dk...thanx for this. I have the vinyl as well as many other Woody LPs, but no way to listen to it at this time. I' also equally fond of Roy...but my fave is Boulders. I just wish I could find a clean opy of Mustard digitally. The only one I've found sounds like it was chewed by dogs!
thanx again!

dkelvin said...

No problem. I post Mustard asap
Thx for the comment
Roy lives

pipzing said...

thanks very much for this. pretty much an education as i am not too familiar with his material. Thanks in general for all your work here... a very important blog in my life.