The Soft Boys - Give It To The Soft Boys 7" (1977)

As requested by a visitor some weeks ago, this is the first re-up of the early Soft Boys singles. The delay cos' I was in String Driven Thing and Strawbs. Quite a change of musical universe. I'll try to up some new Soft Boys material in the future. When my Robyn Hitchcock period will be back again, which is not the case presently. Anyway, here the first one. A one with a cover sleeve (a real one, not a did-it-myself) that wouldn't be tolerated on fb or Instagram. Or even on deezer or itunes I suppose. What a shame. And even on Youtube, as the video below shows: they put a sticking plaster or the tit. Ridiculous. These bigots deserve our despise. If they feel to wank anytime they see tits, they'll have problems when their wife or daughter will have to feed her baby. Go to hell.

This is the first of several posts about 7" or EPs, released under the name of the Soft Boys or Robyn Hitchcock, and only reissued on various compilations or as bonus tracks of CD versions of albums. It appears that I discovered the Soft Boys with this first 3 songs 7" in the summer of 1977, and never stopped to buy their stuff uuntil they disbanded in 1979 so I can provide all the original covers. For the quality, the best is to take the CD versions of course and not rip my vinyls. I immediately loved the voice, melodies and musical style of this band, quite different from the usual punk one that was my fave in this particular year that was 1977, and mainly based on the musical heritage of Syd Barrett, the Byrds and Groundhogs. The cocktail was OK for me (even if I've honestly never liked much the Byrds). This first single is much more punch(k)y than the further ones, and what is striking is the incredible technical skill of the musicians, in a time that this was not the priority in rock (the other band playing with such an aptitude would be the Only Ones and I'll post soon their first single too). Furthermore, the texts were marked by surrealism and had nothing in common with the usual political antisocial or sentimental ones of that era (which is an anagram of ear). The sleeve reminded strongly of the first Supertramp album (or the second Flash one) and although I really find women chests the most wonderful landscape to admire, I don't feel these various attempts to put them on a front of a record were a good idea. Among the 3 songs, my fave is "The Face Of Death" that I put as the streaming one below, with a rather rude text for someone young as was at the time Robyn Hitchcock. Don't forget to buy his last solo LP, Goodnight Oslo, one of the best records of the year.

The Face of Death. The face of death is my best friend He lurks behind my favourite vent And though we meet we never speak I've got a feeling he's unique He looks so crushed but he's alright He eat his food He sleeps at night His leather jacket's quite like mine I'm we two would get on fine But some someday I'll make him mine I'll wear your face I'll come to tea My place or yours And then you'll see It's like walking through a mirror He tried to hard It never came to anything They burn his name They threw him out Cause he was wrong And left him trapped inside this song

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