Sound Asleep - Sound Asleep EP (2009)

It's quite hard to post something after the Real Rock Drill. It's like my work was done. But I got other things to post here in the future that are also of value, and moreover if this blog dies Rock Drill will do too. So let's go on. But all I can do tonight in the state of mind I am (not too fine in fact) is to post a great, great, great doom record, released recently from a Canadian band called Sound Asleep. I discovered it on the Sludge Swamp blog but they took it from the Ribs Out one (see next for direct links). I find it so exceptional than I feel the need to provide it for you to dl if you liked the previous doom bands I posted (in particular Sea of Bones) even if this band has its own personality, and this one is loud as hell, a sludgy hell of course, the one I like. Moreover I love the sleeve of their EP. Enjoy this painful pleasure here, and if you have the money for, buy it here. The sound is worth to have it in a better format than the mp3 one.


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SuperDahu "Sphere" said...

Ah oui !
Je crois bien que je vais l'adopter ce vilain-là...
Et en effet la couverture est superbe.