Steel Pole Bath Tub - Lurch EP (1989)

On request, a re-up of this major noise band of the 90's and maybe their masterpiece. Not a thing I'm listening to these days but good stuff for sure (writing that in listening to it, that's quite a joke). Always was among my faves (with Unsane, Bastards, Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Buzzov'en and Drive Like Jehu). But after all you reasonably don't give a shit about what I liked best in that times. So catch this one here. Sad there's neither "Lime - Away" or "Hey You" on Youtube or any other video provider. I should open someday a Youtube page but too much time consuming. PS. Gosh, it's been 6 years since the original post. Help me I'm getting old too fast.

When I think of Christmas, the picture on Lurch of Steel Pole Bath Tub is what comes to my mind. Ugly face of fake smile with hypocrisy and familial nonsense dressed in oecumenical love. Gives me nausea and wanting to throw up. Alone with my beer, I can post this fantastic (but really fantastic) EP from this band, their best for me (but I need to hear again all of them to be sure). Their second one, very near the Drive By Jehu style (but I think the first DLJ album was released later). We'll have many more SPBT on this blog, even if visitors don't come here for this kind of music. I think it's not logical to love some 70's acts and not find that bands such as SPBT are the proud bastards of the best music of the seventies, and not these awful retro bands trying to mimic the past and produce a stupid nostalgic bullshit. This is in this EP that you can find a cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid (not a bad one I can say), but more than that, there's 2 masterpieces, "Lime- Away" and "Hey You", that anyone who say knowing rock music should know before dying (and for some of us, it will be in the next few days, don't forget it). Last, in this EP, there was a comics I included in the rar file. And more SPBT to come.



Jonathan said...

glad to hear you like this.
it was a hell of a lot of fun to record and mix.
i think it was the 2nd one i did for SPBT... butterfly love, the first is cool to... so are the later singles we did.

jonathan burnside

dk said...

Very honoured to have a comment from you. Yes, I'll post some singles and EP tracks soon cos' SPBT was among the greatest of the 90's. Thx for the comment

jonder said...
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