Forgotten Songs Compilation - rough mix's faves of 2009 LP

This is a much more difficult exercise than usual for me, because music , although omnipresent in my life, has been more often present in its nostalgic form than associated with a true desire for exploration. Let’s dispose of nostalgia immediately, with what will be my album of the year, the Ray Davies’s Kinks Choral Collection recorded with his child neighborhood choir (Crough End). All the titles get a new "grandeur" with this choral treatment and all should listen to it. I cheated a little (just a little) to insert The Go-Betweens, a wonderful group whose poetry and music led me to work their repertoire.The city council of Brisbane decided to give their name to a bridge of the city ; I would have chosen a street or an avenue, that is why I’ve extracted "Streets of Your Town" from the sublime 16 Lovers Lane Acoustic Sessions. Then two albums from which I expected a lot and for who did not disappointed me. Ian “still alive and well” Hunter's "Up & Running" from his Man Overboard LP (this man definitely improves with age) and Prefab Sprout 's "Let’s the Change The World with Music" (which isn’t a new album but an LP rejected by the label in 1992) and which is nevertheless a true solo album by Paddy McAloon whom magical talent exploded again in "Sweet Gospel Music". Then Elvis Costello, for an astonishing foray into the world of bluegrass and his energetic "Complicated Shadows", and Solas with "Seven Curses", a song from their amazing 2008 album Love & Laughter but with a version recorded in October 2009 (so this is relevant to this compilation) at the Festival Mandolines de Lunel (which, I remind you, John Paul Jones is the godfather). For opening, The Nits (the most underrated band of the pop planet) whose nickname is "the three Beatles", and "Hawelka" does not lie this adage. To close with individualities, Mr Patterson Hood (singer, guitarist, composer and soul of Drive by Truckers) taken from his second solo album Murdering Oscar, ”Screwtopia", a quite funny title, but he tells anyone that he ‘s a die heart Todd Rundgren fan since he is twelve. This year was musically characterized by a rather "laid back" attitude as you see (hear), but I bet that 2010 will bring me back to more electric sounds such as those one can find in the fantastic Trail of Dead’s last opus The Century of Self (band of the decade definitely). I hope the Conrad Keely ‘s genius ,which is condensed here in "Isis Unveiled" will be acknowledge before the band split. My last musical choice for 2009 (but the order of this presentation is not the order of the songs on the compilation) is an edited one. I actually just gathered the first and last tracks of the Baroness Blue Record, the way I'm sure it was recorded during the sessions. And here it is, as a complete track. The pictures for the virtual sleeve were chosen by dk and were taken by Peter Franck (his site here). For the songs, it is here. Below, the streaming is the Nits song.

rough mix



montysmusic said...

many thanks for your fav tracks here is a d/l for a comp i put together


Shinju Gumi said...

Le dernier "Trail of Dead" m'a aussi beaucoup impressionné (j'ai des souvenirs plus mitigés des précédents, il faudra que je les réécoutent). Le dernier Baroness est une semi-réussite (un morceau bien/un mauvais du début à la fin, leur 1er opus était plus homogène) mais j'adore la pochette (comme d'habitude, le chanteur/dessinateur nous resserre du Mucha sauce Pushead du plus bel effet). Mais je pense aller au concert (vu 2 fois et toujours excellent). Will you be there ? Pour le reste de ta sélection, je suis aux abonnés absents.

dk said...

Il faut demander à rough mix à qui cette compilation est due.