Huata - Open The Gates of Shambhala EP (2009)

God of Hell (the only one I know), Huata is the best doom band this side of the ocean since the death of Robespierre (my hero for ever). Incredible. I've waited for such a band in this country since I discovered EyeHateGod, Buzzov-en or UpsideDownCross 20 years ago. This is exactly the music I consider the flower of evil, the rose of death, the cream of blood. All else seems so useless compare to this fuzzy walk of neanderthals getting out of their graves to make us know that we ruined their project of a peacefull and loveable world, and that religion, specifically christianism, has led us to the worst divorce between brain and body in animal world. But all my prose is fucking nonsense and what you need to do is listen to this great EP. It's in free dl on their myspace and you can also dl it here. It's all dirty and extreme, an evisceration of sounds, it makes your archaïc brain vibes and shakes your nucleus accumbens (this I fear, will only make sense for the students or searchers in neurophysiology who read this blog, probably not much). There's also traces of Mudhoney or Tad in it, a grunge smell in some way (real one, not the rubbish called like it and played by Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilot). It seems that they're searching for a new drummer to go on. Hope they'll find it quick and release a full time LP on a normal label soon cause they are a revelation. The second decenny of this 21st century after the birth of the Christ is theirs.



SuperDahu "sphere" said...

Eh beh vu ton enthousiasme je prends direct !

SuperDahu "Sphere" said...

C'est génial, je l'ai commandé en CD !!

Jean Rhume said...

Oulala oui, cette marche Néanderthalienne est assez fameuse.
Et la chose serait Françoise ?

SuperDahu "Sphere" said...

Dk, sauf erreur de ma part, tu n'as pas laissé le lien de leur MySpace. http://www.myspace.com/huatastonerband (Sur lequel on lit en effet des noms françois)
En fait c'est une pré-vente que j'ai acheté ( 6,66 euros ahah !! ), j'ai pas fait attention... (j'espère que ça sortira pas dans 1 an non plus )

Anonymous said...

Nan mais on a eu des couilles vite fait mais dans la semaine on doit recevoir les cds donc tout ça va se faire normalement !

Merci beaucoup pour l'enthousiasme ! On en a bien besoin ! Ça fait vraiment plaisir !

Cheers ! And doom on motherfuckers !


Anonymous said...

Pour ceux qui aiment le physique : le cd est sorti sur throatruiner, ça y est !