Jay Reatard - I'm Watching You fake 7" (2010)

Jay Reatard is dead. After Vic Chesnutt and Rowland S Howard in 3 weeks (and I may have missed some other ones), it's a hard time for good music. And in the case of Jay Reatard, it' seems all the more injust, that he seemed to be on the way to become at least a sort of star, not in the sense that Beck, the Strokes or the White Stripes have been. No, this kind of star born only by the common vibration between a man and people via a certain arrangement of notes. In a way, it was more as Kurt Cobain became one 20 years ago. But it will not be the case. Those who looked at my songs selection for 2009 here saw that I chosed a song from his last album in the 14. It was "I'm Watching You". An infectious melody I had in my head days and days when I got the album, and that I still listen to with pleasure (and today with a great sadness). I think it would have been a great single A-side. The one I fakely create today (act of derision but what else?) with another great track from the splendid Watch Me Fall album, "Nothing Now". The 2 can be interpreted differently now he's dead. If they don't represent the main atmosphere of the album (much more pop punk that this, and when I say punk, I mean the one played by the Adverts, not grunge or college rock), they show where Jay may have been able to go if he had been left the time. A real waste. When I listened to this album (and reading some bad reviews made me mad and wonder what kind of shit have some self-claimed critics in their bloody ears), I also think of bands such as Polyphonic Spree (for the voice) and Sparks (for the voice too but first for the melodies) and the 2 songs posted today are both anthemics of these comparisions. I was too very touched by the constant self-depreciating lyrics, an elegance I appreciate although many simulate it more that they feel it deep inside. No more words. If you have the LP, this fake single has not a single interest but if you never had heard about Jay Reatard, try it here and share our regrets, with reatard.

No lyrics, but for streaming, both songs. And a video of "I"m Watching You" live from a show in Brooklyn raising one question: did they play in front of statues or of real humans? Seeing how the "things" in the audience don't move their ass on this fantastic song, I bet it is the first hypothesis.



rough mix said...

Encore et encore des mauvaises nouvelles

dk said...

L'une qu'on n'aura pas, c'est quand ce sera notre tour. Mince consolation.

Shinju Gumi said...

Rajoutons Jack Rose... et Eric Rohmer (bon OK il a pas écrit de chansons mais c'est pas une raison, il a quand même tourné le clip de l'inoubliable rengaine de Rosette "Bois ton café, il va être froid" ). Who's next ?