Lumberjack Feedback - Mein Gebush Hat Hunger fake one side 7" (2010)

Here we doom again with Lumberjack Feedback. Strange name for a band and strange name for a track. There must be an explanation but I ignore it. They are French and someone advised me to listen to them recently, and I immediately found myself convinced how good they were. Since I am an Omega Massif amateur, it was difficult not to succumb to the assaults of their atmospheric and sludgy instrumental doom, less Pelicanesque that I feared at the onset of the track. They have played recently with Kylesa and they should find a way to the international scene soon I think (but in doom, the impossible and the possible walk hand in hand, the "hands of doom" of course). Sad that they did not propose at least 2 tracks, it would have been easier to create a fake single (or more exactly EP since the track is 15 min long). And moreover they could have released a CR-R with a sleeve and so on, for weird old men like me, nostalgic of the object. If I feel free to post this track, it's because they propose to dl it freely on their own site. Moreover, I'm sure that to be posted on a blog in MP3 is better for a band than to wait for a potential buyer, rich enough to spend money on a record he listened to 30 s only. So bath yourself in this muddy darkness and enjoy it here.



rough mix said...

Altough a 15'long track doesn't seem necessarily appropriate,the rise of the theme is masterful.
We really want to ear more..Great great sound

Anonymous said...

go ahead boys! and don't give up...
bravo, in delivering such poesy in your music, I really
enjoy it !

Anonymous said...

It's easy to get more , you only have to follow the Lumberjack Feedback link on "myspace" or "Facebook"...

Tarridec Sebastien said...

The Lumberjack Feedback will release a new EP "Hand of Glory" on Kaotoxin Records.
The band is now driven by two drummers !


Pre-sales on June 3th
Europ release on 2nd of July
Digital & Worldwide on 6th August