MurkRat - Self-titled LP (2008)

Too long without doom's never good for health for those whose food is death. So here's another band, actually an Australian one (wo)man-band whose first (and last) LP has been one of my fave of the year 2008. Categorized as old-school doom, the music of Mandy VKS Cattleprod (and a drummering woman) is for me much more inherited from Nico fronting Black Sabbath (try to imagine) than from Pentagram as usaully said. However, don't expect the Iommi's riffs except the slower ones that he played on Master Of Reality. The album is quite in the same bloody vein than the Rose Kemp LP released the same year, Unholy Majesty, although less inventive and more contemplative, much darker and deleterious (see the cover to imagine the atmosphere) than Rose universe. There is something of Esoteric in this macabre cocktail but you'll add your own references if you are a connoisseur of the genre I'm sure. To summarize, you will appreciate it if you like depressive music sung by desperate and angry women (there is a real anger under the apparent resignation). Only the 3 first tracks (30 min the whole) compose the LP, the 5 next are demos recorded previously, but the best is to listen to this as a whole LP. Not impossible that it will be the only release of Miss Cattletprod under this name since I found no news (even on their unofficial myspace) of MurkRat. I added the video of "Believers" you can find on youtube, a very interesting visual object, perfectly in line with the aural atmosphere produced by the "band". I chose another song for the streaming "The Predatory Herd". Suffer it here.

Here's a rare picture of the band.


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SuperDahu "Sphere" said...

Je crois bien que c'est ma tasse de sang, ça...merci pour la découverte !