Procol Harum - Live At The WPLJ-FM radio (1971)

A re-up of this fantastic radio set. No need to improve the sound since it is good enough to be listened not only for its historic value but also for pure pleasure. Catch it here.

Often known as Robin's Last Stand, and sometimes (wrongly) announced recorded live in Dallas, this set is from a radio show recorded in live conditions, but standing in New York. The title (Robin's Last Stand) is due to the fact that this is the last appearance of Robin trower with the band before their late (and bad) reunion in the nineties. The band had issued Broken Barricades some weeks prior to this American tour, and Robin Trower had announced his decision to leave but accepted to join the band for this tour. At first it did not seem a tragedy since Trower and Brooker musical pathways were more and more diverging these late years, but it became a putative disaster when it appeared that Trower would have liked to take with him B.J. Wilson (not a surprise, it was the best drummer in the world and sure than many other bands had thought about asking him to join, and some did actually). But B.J. declined the offer (I don't know whether he hesitated or not) and Procol Harum could go on (Gary Brooker later told that without B.J. Wilson, it would have been the end for the band under this name). This live set is really extraordinary because there is a raw atmosphere in there and Robin Trower produces some of his finest moments with the band. It's particularly spectacular on "Whaling Stories" (the song in streaming below), on which he takes one of the most intense solo (surprinsingly more in the Paul Kossoff vein than in the Jimi Hendrix, his new hero, one) he would take with Procol Harum. I'm not really amateur of the music he would do once gone solo, but here he's a master of the axe. I did the sleeve cover myself and I'll do it for some live Procol bootlegs since the original ones are often absolutely ugly. I've not the ambition to make artistic ones but at least ones that respect the band's music. In a further post, we'll listen to the band 8 months later, once they'll have their new guitarist, Dave Ball. You'll see how they will change their sound and more spectacularily their setlist. Enjoy this fantastic moment of music here.



Ernest said...


Thank you so much for this great gig!
Greetings from Nenest

Anonymous said...

Well, it's quite strange to go backwards in time.... I discovered Procol Harum in 2005 in a joint concert at the Olympia with Manfred Mann and Hot Tuna. It was really amazing. I stupidly thought they only had done one or two good songs, a Whiter Shade of Pale and Fires which burnt Brightly... How stupid I was. And then I started rediscovering their songs on plenty of Live Cd's I bought (I almost only listen to Live records) and it's fantastic to discover here some more live recordings from this amazing band !

Happy smiles and thank you for sharing,

Derek from Paris