Ray Davies - London fake EP (2009)

This fake EP only to provide to visitors a bonus track featuring on a special version of the Kinks Choral Collection and entitled "Postcard From London". Sung with past-lover Chrissie Hynde, it's a really moving song, full of nostalgia and sadness, but as always with Ray Davies, sweetened by a gently smile, far from any pathos. Finding such lyrics and such a melody, hommage to a city and a woman he loved long ago, is a tour-de-force that no-one better than this great artist could have achieved. Honestly, I don't want to compare, but I doubt Dylan or Lennon-McCartney (I don't even speak about the pale copies most consider as songwriters these 20 last years) could reached such celestial horizons in a 4-min format song. Only Brian Wilson was able to do it. The idea of this EP is to gather 3 songs that Ray Davis wrote about London during the last 40 years. The first is "Waterloo Sunset", one of the 5 best melodies of all times (and it's not only a subjective judgement, it is often the result when some polls are driven among various panels), here in its choral version (from the Kinks Choral Collection LP released this year). The second is "London Song", a fantastic and under-rated song that closed the Storyteller album released about 10 years ago. And the last, this year, "Postcard From London". Enjoy it here.

For streaming, you can hear first "Postcard From London" (take a handkerchief with you) and then "London Song". You can also watch the video and read the lyrics (if you click on the youtube video) of the former below.



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