Rose Kemp - Wholeness Sound fake 7" (2008)

Since I discovered Rose Kemp's Unholy Majesty, I became quite obsessed by this singer, presently the most talented female singer (why "female"?, actually both sexes confounded) of these times. You could hear one song from this album on my (unsuccessfull if I judge by the dl rate) d(k)oom compilation here, but if I created this fake 7" it's because you can help her in pre-ordering her next album here. She wants (and I think she's right), to shunt the record labels and sell directly her music to the listeners. She needs the money to do the promotion and the tour (lately she opened for Porcupine Tree, not the kind of band she should be associated with I think) and you can contribute to it (I did it yesterday) by this simple act. You're sure that the money goes to the artist and you are active and not just the spectator of the difficulties of your fave artists to create in this sharks world that is music biz. I chose these two songs for this fake single because they share a common contemplative atmosphere, less doomy or acoustic than other songs of the album, and because there are on youtube 2 live documents of their playing live onstage shot recently. So it's a good package. But of course if you have the album, there's nothing new for you. Enjoy it here.

If you don't have the album, buy it the quickest you can (not dl it in poor MP3 format, it's a great waste, this music warrants the best quality to provide its full dimension).

Wholeness Sound. As the wholeness sounds Width and omens resonate Tell me how to see Talk to me without your tongue Chandelieralarbra Chalk board in a red / black room Oh, you're the wallpaper Flattened in a vain cartoon Never leave my side There no direction I can look I've never been afraid To stand beside myself before Tell me I can thrive here Although I'll never be a part Of the soud of eight people And only one beating heart

Saturday Night. The leer on your face And the colour of the cocktail remain in my mind Why? It's been years / And I thought the bruises would fade And I'd look back and I'd smile It hasn't happened yet and I fear it my take a while Because we're all lairy and lost and this is such a pointless cost Because it's young and I'm saturday night and I'm last train gone Because it's young and I'm saturday night and I'm not all bad But this is the worst weekend that I've ever had Because we're all lairy and lost and this is such a pointless cost Because we're all lairy and lost and this is such a necessary lust


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Anonymous said...

Encore une découverte pour moi !
J'aime beaucoup sa voix......Il va falloir approfondir un peu plus et ainsi combler mon ignorance.